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What are YOU doing here, Yoyo?!
~ The description of the first post with Yoyo.

Yoyo also known as Cartoon Girl, is a girl created originally by Shen Comix but adopted by Trevor Henderson

First Appearance

Yoyo looks like a normal human being with a bear mask. She has a height of 5 foot high and has human arms and legs. She wears a long girl dress and socks on her legs. In many images, the hands are not visible. They´re hidden beneath her dress. The dress has yellow flowers on it. However, Yoyo's face is not a human at all. It looks like a drawing of a bear's face with two large cartoonish eyes and two barriers. The face is yellowish like a bear. The face resembles a kid's drawing. This appearance is the initial form of cartoon girl as a devil. There's a second form which she turned out to be a demon.

First Description

Yoyo was a human before she turned into a monster. As a human, she was avoided many times. Other people would think she was boring. Yoyo felt very sad that this was happening to her. After a while she stopped playing with people. She slowly stopped going outside. Her parents were too busy at work. So they didn´t realize Yoyo was having issues. Yoyo spent all her time alone in her room. She started drawing to pass her time. She drew everything around her. As days passed, Yoyo began losing her mind and her mentality. She lost control over her emotions and was becoming difficult for herself. Yoyo was turning into a mess. Yoyo had so much anger and pain inside her, she wanted to scream very loudly. She hated the world and her life. One day, through her window, Yoyo saw all the kids, playing around. She couldn´t control herself. She wanted to harm them.

So she put out a drawing of her own. It was a drawing of a bear. A yellow bear. Yoyo used it as a face mask and stormed out of her room. She went downstairs and yelled at the kids like a bear. She wanted to scare them. At first, they didn´t give much attention to her yelling. But within no time, Yoyo picked up a knife, and ran towards the kids. The kids screamed and ran away. Yoyo didn´t leave it there. She followed each one of them and killed them. Yes, she murdered all of them! All of the kids were brutally murdered! After this, Yoyo was not a human anymore. Her bear face became permanent and she covered her hands from inside her dress. After this, Yoyo was now nicknamed ¨Cartoon Girl¨. She ran away from her place. No one could find her. Yoyo roamed all around the places where she saw kids. She´ll watch them play and get angry again. And out of nowhere the kids will be attacked and killed by her. She hates kids. She does not want each kid to be happy in the earth.

Yoyo feels like her right to be happy as a kid was snatched away from her. And her friends didn´t help her in any way to make her feel better. Yoyo believes that no kid in this world deserves to live happily as because her childhood was not good. They all should be dead. If she sees kids but with their parents, Yoyo will lure the kid, showing them candy and take them away from their parents. And then, she´ll kill them. Yoyo will not eat the kids. She kills them only to satisfy her anger. Yoyo is never seen eating food or drinking water. How she survives is unknown. It is believed that even though Yoyo is a devil, deep inside her, she had a part of her innocent life. And she felt guilty for killing her friends. This is the reason why she hides her hands.

Second Appearance

Yoyo has a second form which she turned out to be a true devil. Her bear mask lost it´s color. It is now more black than yellow. The eyes are bigger. Not only that, the eyes are just two black holes. The bear face is fused with her own face and she can open her mouth. The mouth has sharp teeth and a wide creepy grin. Her arms are now out with three fingers on each hand. The fingers have claws on them. Her dress is now shorter and reveals her legs. She has big black feet with toes and claws on the toes as well. She is now 8 feet tall and weight increased with 200 extra pounds, that makes her even stronger.

Second Description

Yoyo now lives in abandoned forests and buildings. She gives poisonous candy and venomous spiders to kids and kill them. That is her job now. If she sees any kid alone, she´ll attack them physically like a bear and kill them. She makes growling sounds like a bear. This form not only attacks kids but adults as well. She´ll confront lonely travelers and stand in front in 4 legs like a bear. She´ll extend one hand for a handshake. If the person gets scared and start running and screaming, Yoyo will kill them on the spot. if the person gives her a handshake and stays without fear, Yoyo will let them go. This is what she does.




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