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People see this as strict reading order, it's not. Paraphrasing Dark, "They're more like guidelines than actual rules".


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The Wildfire Giants are a large group of mysterious Giant creatures made by horror artist Trevor Henderson. Each of the eight titans have their own unique appearance, abilities, sizes and behaviors. They are said to lurk in the U.S. state of California, as they were caught on the wildfire cameras in the aforementioned state, hence their name. Their massive size, intimidating presence, and dangerous abilities make them a true force to be reckoned with.

The wildfire cameras caught them even before the reports started coming in. By then, they were everywhere.
~ The news report showing the first two Giants

it’s gender time
~ Trevor Henderson, in response to a Tweet asking people to post a image in their gallery with the aforementioned caption. The image he chose was that of the Hexapod Giant.


The Hexapod Giant, depicted in the first picture is a gigantic, four-armed bipedal creature that is seemingly humanoid in appearance.

The body of the creature is quite large and burly, especially at the chest region. It has an unusually short and thick neck, which connects to the contrarily proportioned head, which is noticeable smaller and stumpier than the rest of its body. It has extremely long, slender legs which have two knee joints like a human would.

The upper arms appear to be connected from slightly above the creature's shoulders, which almost blends in as a part of the neck. It appears to be forming an A-pose of some sort. The the lower arms appear to be hanging down directly from the creature's shoulders, where they would normally be. They are positioned dangling straight down. All of the arms are about the same length.

We do not know the color of the creature due to the photo being taken in black and white. We also do not see any of the facial features of the beast (if it has any) due to the quality of the image.

The creature appears to be standing as tall as twice and the height of the trees it is next to. Assuming that those are Pine Trees (which grow at an average of 100 Feet/30.48 Meters), we can estimate this monster’s height to be around 200 Feet or 60.96 Meters.

Behavior and Origins

Although the creature depicted in the images is of an enormous size, it is not fully confirmed if it is actually a member of The Giants, the group of titanic creatures that have invaded Earth from a second Moon with the goal of observing human behavior, ascending worthy humans to salvation or to eradicate unworthy humans and mass cause destruction. However, it is safe to assume that it is, since there have been other similar Giants to this one.

The Hexapod Giant (as well as most of its peers) likely fall into the third category of Giants, given that it does not appear to possess the height or means of ascending people nor does it have any noticeable eyes to watch over people. The creature does however, appear to be observing the human civilization below, though it is likely just looking for targets before an attack, or maybe even admiring the amount of destruction it has caused, suggesting signs of intelligence.

As we can see from the caption, it was spotted by wildfire cameras even before people reported to have witnessed them to the authorities. By then, the Giants were already high in number and roaming around the California countryside, as well as larger human settlements like towns and cities. What is interesting to note is that the news report did not appear to question the appearance or nature of these creatures, suggesting that the other Giants were already roaming the Earth when these ones arrived. Though, the fact that they needed to report their appearance suggests that these ones in particular were the first instances of Giants in California.


Obviously, the creature’s enormous size would allows for it to cause large amounts of destruction on properties and buildings alike. It would also be effective and efficient at doing so due to its four arms, which would also be able to be used to grab dozens of people at a time. It is unknown if it eats these people, or merely kills them en masse.

Given the creature’s proclivity to appear in forests and being caught near wildfires, it is possible that the creature may have some sort of pyrokinesis or other fire-related abilities, similarly to the Fire Giant.


The wildfire cameras caught them even before the reports started coming in. By then, they were everywhere.
~ The news report showing the first two Giants


Root Head depicts yet another enormous humanoid creature of unusual proportions, this time being noticeably taller and slimmer than the first.

It has a very thin, almost skeletal structure with dried out skin and lumpy bones. It has two very long arms which reach down to its feet. The legs of this creature are surprisingly thick and muscular, given its overall structure. Its limbs are comparable to that of a regular human in terms of location and joints.

The most interesting part of this creature though, is its massive, root-like “head”. In place of a neck and head, this creature possesses numerous thin spikes, resembling the roots or stem of a plant. These roots vary in length, thickness and also appear to be a darker color than the rest of the creature’s body. As with the previous image, we cannot tell what color the creature’s skin is due to the camera.

The creature is incredibly tall compared to the first one, appearing about as large in the image as the previous giant despite being farther away. The height and body structure of this beast is comparable to that of the infamous Breaking News, another humanoid titan.


Very little is known about this creature’s behavior, but we can assume that it behaves similarly to the other titan photographed in the previous image. Given their similarities, it is likely that this creature is also a member of the aforementioned Giants, which would thereby imply that he behaves in one of the three behavior classes of The Giants.

This Giant in particular would likely behave either destructively or collectively, given that it also does not posses any means of directly ascending people, nor does it have the height. While the destructive capabilities of this creature is definitely apparent, it is also possible that this monster falls into the Collection category of Giants, given that Trevor says that it “Might be good! We don’t know!” This statement raises ambiguity about the behavior of this creature, as well as the other Giants, as they have been known to cause bad things to happen.

Another interpretation of this strange statement could suggest that the presence of this creature is a good thing because it may imply that the humans will be ascended to salvation by existence of the Giants, if not this one in particular. It could also be Trevor simply making a joke.


Like the previous creature, the large size of this titan would allow it to easily decimate cityscapes and forests alike. Since it has a very human-like body structure, it has the ability to be very flexible and maneuverable, possibly being able to run or even crawl very quickly compared to other Giants.

The creature’s root-head may be quite flexible and able to be extended to indefinite lengths, being able to be used for grabbing prey. It could also be horns of some sort, which would be used to ram and demolish structures or possibly other Giants if any conflict arises.

Once again, the creature’s proclivity to appear in forests and being caught by wildfire cameras makes it possible that the creature may be able to start fires by some unknown means.


After officers reporting to the scene found the bodies of eight men and women, security cameras were scoured. While much of the tape was unusable, An aerial “anomaly” was witnessed for a few seconds hovering far above the arranged bodies. On playback, the anomaly was gone.
~ A report describing the discovery and aftermath of this Giant's presence.

“-frantic laughter” as reported by multiple people in the area at the time, “high-pitched laughter, but with no source you could figure out. It was ear-splitting, but it only lasted about 30 seco-“
~ Another, cut-off report describing what the creature had done.


The Meatball depicts a large, round mass of flesh that seems to be drooping down like a sack of some sorts. The main portion of the creature (which will be referred to as its “head”) appears to be able to expand and contract, which can change the overall shape of the organ. This is also where its main features are found.

The skin covering the creature appears to be extremely wrinkly and fleshy, with many visibly thick veins and strange lumps bulging from within. It has a pale brown color and gets darker and redder near the mouth, which could be due to blood.

Near the bottom of its “head” is a large, gaping mouth surrounded by thin and fleshy lips. The creature’s gums and inside of its mouth has a very dark purple-red color to it. Disturbingly, it appears to have several sets of human-like teeth, with one being seen clearly in the front of the mouth, and another being a little further back inside the mouth. It is unknown if the creature only has these two sets of teeth or if it possesses more further back.

Second Image

A few days after the initial drawing of the creature, Trevor posted another image of what we can only assume is the same being or a related creature. This time, we have a clearer view of it above the forest. It is worth noting that the appearance of the creature in this image also differs from the previous one, though the general composition is still present.

The Meatball in this image appears to be a more dried-out variant of the original creature. It is considerably thinner and small than the previous appearance. Its head is covered with a number of veins and is sagging and decomposing. The mouth is also closed this time, and it is now located at the side of its head rather than at the bottom.

The most interesting part of the second image is that the number of large, root-like veins on which the creature’s head is directly attached to. The veins are spread out upwards, resembling the roots of a plant. The veins hold the head in place, preventing it from falling. They also get thinner and thinner as they go up. It is unknown where or what the veins are attached to, if anything at all.


Similarly to Root Head, not much is known about this creature’s behavior, but we can make a few assumptions based on the captions given.

First of all, it appears to be more intelligent and directly nefarious than its fellow Wildfire Giants, as it has been observed to laugh directly at its victims, as well as directly killing smaller groups of people in violent ways, rather than simply causing mass destruction to civilization and passively causing damage, like other Giants.

It is also seems to have previously devoured some people or possibly animals, given the blood surrounding its mouth and the ground, however it did not appear to consume the deceased victims mentioned in the reports, meaning that it may have been full at the time and was saving the meal for later, or possibly thought the people were unworthy to ascend, so just killed them regardless of its hunger state. Another possibility is that it is a highly sadistic being who only kills people for fun.

Finally, the Meatballs we see between the two images have drastic visual differences, with the second one being much more veiny and dried out. It is a possibility that these are two separate creatures of similar species, hence their slightly different hunting tactics. It is also just as possible that it is the same creature undergoing metamorphosis over a period of time. This would explain how it would have acquired additional abilities in the second image.


The Meatball possess many abilities, including levitation allowing for quick transport. It can also bite larger targets to cause severe damage along with leaving a large amount of saliva, which can potentially drown or slow down creatures. If the target is small enough, or in a large group, it can descend and devour crowds before ascending into the clouds. It is unknown if it is capable of sending people to salvation, as it appears to be a Destruction Giant rather than a Collection Giant.

It also has disorienting laughter that resembles more of a repeated shriek that can cause temporary deafness, disorientation and can potentially rattle organs. As previously mentioned, it may be able metamorphose to gain new abilities, and increased movement speeds. These abilities combined make a very powerful giant that can cause even greater damage when combined with the pyrokinetic abilities of it's fellow Wildfire Giants.


signal interrupted
~ A message about the creature disrupting some sort of signal


The Signal Bug is the second tallest of all the Wildfire Giants, being quite a bit taller than the previous three Giants. The height of this creature is comparable to that of Tree Head.

The creature itself appears as an abnormally large insect-like humanoid, with numerous bony and grey appendages which protrude from its torso. Similarly to The Darkness, it is a tripodal creature that walks on two arms and a single appendage on its lower half. This appendage could also be a tail, possibly leading to a long stinger.

The general upper body plan of the creature is very similar to that of a butterfly, with a number of bony ribs resembling wings spread out in a root-like pattern and eventually cover a large area where wings would normally be, very much similar to The Angel. The torso is also skeletal in texture and appearance, and is also segmented like a butterfly or moth’s abdomen.

This creature presumably has no eyes, skin, nose or other sensory organs whatsoever. It is likely merely an exoskeleton used for protection against danger, like most arthropods, with the vulnerable squishy organs hidden on the inside. This creature's exoskeleton would also likely be very thin and in order to allow for a creature of its magnitude it to fly using its wings, although it may also have physics-defying properties to it, like other Giants.


This Wildfire Giant has several tactics of destruction to complete it's goals. Speaking of which, the creature’s angelic appearance may also suggest that this is a Collection Giant rather than a Destruction Giant like its peers, it would also have the means to do so, unlike the others. This one is definitely much taller than most of the others, and has tendrils to boot.

This is further solidified by the fact that the creature’s body appears to be rather delicate and thin to cause much destruction, unlike the other Wildfire Giants, and even other regular Giants, which are visibly much more muscular and physically built for attacking. It is possible that it uses its many appendages to not only fly, but to also grab dozens of people at a time in order to ascend them. It is also not too much of a stretch to also assume that it has some capabilities to kill unworthy people by itself.


This creature is absolutely enormous, letting it cover huge swathes of land in seconds. It's travel is expedited even further by it's ability of flight, and it is resistant to most weaponry except extremely heavy artillery or nuclear weapons due to its tough exoskeleton.

Its mere presence is also able to corrupt digital interfaces, radio signals, and other electronic devices to prevent it and its peers from being documented well or to prevent people from communicating with each other for help, rendering them even more helpless to succumb to the path chosen by the Giants. The flapping of the creature's wings may also cause minor weather disruptions, adding onto the already destructive abilities of this Giant.

Finally, as previously mentioned, it may also have some sort of ability to completely defy gravity like other Giants, as it should not be able to fly due to its ineffective “wings” and the sheer size of the creature would be very difficult to move. In fact, it should not even be able to walk at all, as it balances all its weight onto three extremely thin and long appendages which would not hold its weight.


darkness on the edge of town
~ Trevor Henderson, introducing the creature(s)


The Darkness depicts three titanic humanoid entities far off in the distance, and appear to be moving quickly towards a small town. As is the case with this group of creatures, they have been caught on tape by a wildfire camera.

The creatures themselves appear to be human-shaped figures with broad bodies and enlarged heads. These heads are not connected to the body via necks, in fact, they lack any sort of necks at all, similarly to the Hexapod Giant. Their arms are also rather long, with some signs of musculature near the shoulders. Interestingly enough, these creatures appear to lack any hands or legs. In place of a lower half, their torsos are connected to a large tube-like appendage which get thinner and thinner until the base. The appendages are also rather flexible and can swerve and bend around akin to a snake or worm. It is unknown if their base is affixed to a single point in the ground or not.

Another thing to note about these Giants is that their entire bodies are completely pitch-black with absolutely no signs of light reflecting off them, even from the sun, a detail which gave them their name. The way their bodies appear to be unnaturally fading and spreading gives them the appearance of a formation of some kind of gas or mist. The way their arms and lower appendages get smaller, wavier and touch the ground with no visible hands or feet also give them the appearance of a tornado.


Out of all the Wildfire Giants, these creatures have the least amount of information and apparent clues as to how exactly they behave, however we can make a few assumptions based one the behaviors of other Giants.

It is very likely that The Darkness is a group of Destruction Giants, given their theme of darkness as opposed to the heavenly nature of the Collection Giants. The way they are positioned and appear to be quickly crawling towards the camera, and therefore the town gives us an impression that they are rather aggressive and persistent compared to other Giants.

The fact that there are multiple near-identical Giants in the image may also imply that the creatures can reproduce asexually and create duplicates of themselves. Their dark tornado-like appearance could be a representation of the sinfulness of the people they most likely come after, or the large amount of dark and obscuring smoke that results from a wildfire.

They could also be another type of Elemental Giant, having control over gas or wind. Overall, these Wildfire Giants appear to be more hostile than even the Meatball, although does not seem to have the same sadistic tendencies or intellect than the Meatball.


Besides their enormous size, these Giants may have the ability to control weather judging by their appearance and theme of darkness. Their dark, colossal appearance and mist-like properties could be enough to block out the sun when nearby, surround the edges of the town and disorienting their victims. Unlike the first two Giants, these ones might have control over winds instead of fire, given their aforementioned appearance and properties. Their misty properties also lend them to be able to fit in any crevice, as well as negate most attacks, as the matter would simply pass through them.

The fact that they appear to be more focused on the town and using their properties to their advantage could suggest signs of minor intelligence, although definitely not as much as the Meatball. Their overall composition and flexibility, combined with the way the move will also help them move much faster than the other Giants, proving them to be a very big threat.

As previously mentioned, they are also able to possibly multiply in numbers via budding or regeneration, as they don’t seem to have a solid form. This means that they may also be able to create as many clones as they like, although there only appears to be three in the image.


4124 feet above sea level, facing northeast.
~ A report describing the position of the camera.

-autonomous camera array out of service- -last available photo 22:43:10.65- -service team requested-
~ A person requesting for a service team to fix a camera that the creature destroyed.


The Fog Riser, or at least the portion we see of the creature depicts an enormous human-like head shrouded in deep darkness. The creature’s encompassing skin is a deep blue-green color. It appears to be almost completely bald, with the exception of a few hairs on the top of its head.

In terms of facial features, It has no eyes, leaving only dark empty eye sockets. It has a mouth that appears to be completely empty and agape, and is positioned very low on the left side of its face. The left side of its face also appears to be slightly more drooped down than the other, and also seems to be more rotten or damaged.

Upon close inspection, there does appear to be some sort of neck and body that the head is connected to. It appears to have a very thin and bony structure, although this is only a mere guess, as it is too difficult to see even when the image is brightened. The image is also covered in static and is seemingly slightly glitched, which makes it all the more difficult to understand.

Possible Second Image

A possible second image of the creature was released by Trevor, this time showing a large arm reaching from below a platform on which a wildfire camera is placed. The arm is very thin and bony with only a thin layer of skin protecting it. The hand has eight extremely long digits (with the exception of the thumb), each of which appears to have three joints (barring the thumb and the equivalent of the pinky finger) ending in sharp claws. The arm shares similar colors and is proportional to the size of the head, although Trevor did state that the creature that the arm belongs to was "pulling itself up", which the Fog Riser would not need to do, given its size.

The caption of the images states that the wildfire camera that captured the head of the creature up-close was located 4124 feet (which is about 1.26 kilometers) above sea level. We can assume that the creature is about a similar height, which would make it the tallest of the Wildfire Giants.


Very little is actually known about the behavior of the Fog Riser since there is practically no information about it given to us by Trevor, and the images themselves are also uninformative due to their obscuring surroundings. What we can assume however, is that it behaves rather similarly to the other humanoid Giants, as most creatures in that category do share many behavioral similarities.

This one in particular is very likely a Destruction Giant, as even though it is extremely tall, it still might not be tall enough to meet the estimated required height to ascend humans to salvation. The creature also does not seem to posses any sort of extendable tendrils which it can use to collect the worthy people. This lines up with what we know about the Giants, as the humanoid ones are almost never Collection Giants (with the minor exception of the Giant Puppeteer).

This is further backed up by what we can only assume is the second image of the creature, in which it appears to be aggressively attempting to claw at the camera. Although there is some evidence to suggest that this claw does not actually belong the the Fog Riser, as Trevor stated that it belonged to a creature that was climbing up a signal tower, which the Fog Riser would not find the need to do, as it is impeccably tall.

The creature is known to be very aggressive, and would relentlessly ravage any cities or other human settlements it would come across, destroying buildings and killing people not deemed worthy for ascension by other Giants. It may leave behind the faithful to be collected by other Collection Giants like The Wandering Faith, or just kill them as well due to its aggressive nature.


Aside from the obvious power that comes with the creature's enormous size, the Fog Riser could also possibly have an extremely long and sharp set of nails on all eight digits of each hand. This immensely powerful weapon could slice through a human with ease.

Like the other Giants, it is able to function properly without needing to see, or eat and drink. It also seemingly manifests fog and mist around it when present, a trait which many Giants posses.

Due to its massive size and humanoid build, it would have human-like hands to grab things with, and even allow it to walk on all fours at any given time to gain additional speed. This may also come with the possibility of somewhat advanced intelligence, akin to that of The Darkness, but maybe not not as effective as The Meatball.


Moth on the wire
~ Trevor Henderson, introducing the creature


The Giant Moth, as its name suggests, depicts a seemingly normal moth, except magnified, leading it to be much, much larger than it normally would be. The moth in the image is seemingly at rest, as its wings are closed and it does not seem to be moving. It is landed on a large signal tower, and is expectedly being filmed through a nearby wildfire camera.

The creature has a relatively long,  pale yellow-ish abdomen, which is segmented like a normal moth, except the segment lines appear to be somewhat horizontally diagonal instead of just straight. The segments are also a bit less pronounced than that of a normal moth's. The creature's thorax is not visible in the image, as it is being blocked by the wings. On first glance, the creature may appear to have a stinger on the end of its abdomen, but when brightening the image, we can see that it is just a part of the signal tower.

The head of the giant insect is black in color, containing two large, beady eyes on each side and large mandibles on its mouth, as one would expect. Although, what one might not expect is that this creature does not seem to posses any sort of antennae. Upon closer inspection, what appears to be antennae on its head are actually just wires from the cell tower.

Finally, the wings of the Giant are a light brown-ish color, not uncommon for moths. Since it is at rest, only the forewings of the moth are seen, but they appear to have a pattern of a single large circle pattern with a small dot within and a curved line near the wide end. This pattern makes it resemble a Polyphemus Moth. Speaking of the wide end of its wings, the left one appears to have many holes and tears on it, and the right one also has small tear on the side.

The creature overall resembles a normal moth but enlarged. It is about 10 feet/3.04 meters tall and 11.5 feet/3.5 meters long, making it the smallest Giant that Trevor has made, although it is still larger than an average human, and is definitely a giant when compared to a regular moth.


Not much is confirmed about the behavior of the Giant Moth. However, despite its small size, it is still a member of the Wildfire Giants, which therefore make it a member of The Giants. From this, we can make some good assumptions on how it acts based one what we know about the behavior types of other Giants.

Being a Giant, it can either be a Collection, Destruction, or Observing Giant. Even though it possesses eyes, it does not appear to be using them to observe humans, so the latter is out of the question. While the possibility of it being a Destruction Giant is not entirely ruled out, the creature's soft body would not make it good for destruction, and it would be somewhat inefficient at killing many humans at once. This leaves us with the possibility of it being a Collection Giant, which ascends people by flying them up to 'salvation'.

As a Collection Giant, it would likely wander around, flying through cities and towns in order to find humans that it may deem worthy to ascend, and then grab them and fly them to the destination, making up for its small size and lack of tendrils. It would likely roam in areas where the other Wildfire Giants have been, searching for any survivors that its peers may have left.

This creature also notably has many tears and holes on both of its wings, which may suggest that humans have tried attacking it before, shooting at it, or that it may have gotten pierced and caught up on some trees or some other structures.


The main ability of this creature is its distinct ability to fly, which not many Giants posses. It uses this ability to its advantage, allowing it to move quickly and easily fly people to 'heaven'. This increased mobility and small size allows it to reach places where most other Giants are unable to. Like the Signal Bug, it may also be able to minimally manipulate the weather from the flaps of its wings.

Even though it is likely a primarily collection-oriented Giant, it may still attempt to kill unworthy people by biting them, impaling them with its legs, or dropping them from high places.

Since it is a Wildfire Giant, it might also have some sort of pyrokenisis, although this is unlikely, as moths are very vulnerable to flames and bright lights.


~ Trevor Henderson, describing the creature.


Bloomer depicts a grotesque, strangely shaped creature that vaguely resembles a tree, except its branches have been replaced with massive arms. The creature is seen standing alone, just outside a dark forested area which leads to a long, empty road. The creature is being filmed through a night-vision wildfire camera.

The main torso(?) region  of the creature somewhat resembles the trunk of a tree. It is thick, tall, and is vertically thinnest at the middle, but not by much. While the base of the torso is not visible in the image, we can see that it does get exponentially larger from the middle of the body, to the point where it is wider than the top of the torso. It may also have roots that connect it to the ground, or maybe some sort of feet.

The most interesting and dangerous part of this creature however, are its many, disturbingly long arms. These arms are separated like dead branches of a tree, leaving a small concave in the middle top of the torso.  They initially all extend upwards, but eventually bend and slump towards the ground.

These arms, much like the torso, are thick at the base and get thinner the further it goes. Each arm (except for one) appears to have three elbow-like joints on them. On these joints, we can see bones slightly making a mark on the skin. There are four arms in total, three of which are very tall and are about the same size, while one on the left is much shorter and only possesses two joints.

On the end of these arms are large human-like hands. The hands only posses three digits; four fingers and a thumb, and are seemingly clawing at thin air. Each finger only has the same amount of joints as a human's, however they are freakishly long and quite thick.

The creature's entire body is covered with a near jet-black skin that does not seem to reflect much light, similar to the skin seen on Breaking News. The creature overall resembles a horrific tree made of flesh and arms. It also appears to be slightly taller than the Conifer Trees around it, which are about 40 meters/131.2 feet tall on average. From this, we can assume that the creature is about 45 meters/147.6 feet tall, making it the second shortest Wildfire Giant.


While very little has been directly revealed about this creature in general, its inclusion in the Wildfire Giants gives us a relatively good idea on how it may behave.

Since it is a member of The Giants, we must first identify which of the three behavior types it belongs to. The possibility of it being an Observing Giant is ruled out, as it lacks any eyes (or a face, for that matter). The possibility of it being a Destruction Giant is present, as it may be able to grab people from the roads to kill them using its many arms, although the creature does not seem very mobile and would be stuck in the area for a while.

Another possibility is that it is a Collection Giant, whom uses its arms to grab worthy people on the road to ascend them. Even though it may not be tall enough to do so, it is also possible that it has the ability to extend its arms to greater lengths in order to do its task. Since the Giant seems to be non-mobile (or at least very slow), it would not be able to catch the people it seeks, which is where the extendable arms may come in.

The position of the creature, near a road in the outskirts of civilization, is somewhat strategic, as it would be have many targets to grab at once, especially if it is a busy road. It may also be a sort of filtering method, as only worthy humans would have survived the rest of the Wildfire Giants long enough to flee the town via the road, leading to the Bloomer to easily find and catch them.

The creature does not appear to require sustenance like certain Giants, as there is no visible way for it to intake food, air or water. It also does not sleep during the nighttime.


Its massive size and many extendable arms is an obvious asset of the creature, allowing it to easily reach and seize any passing vehicles or people unlucky enough to encounter it. It may also have some sort of pyrokenisis abilities like the first few Wildfire Giants, as the area surrounding it in the image does seem to be on fire.

The immobile nature of the beast is a clear weakness of it, but it may also use this to its advantage; by blending and camouflaging as a regular tree, given its somewhat similar appearance. This would be especially effective when it is nighttime, decreasing visibility for its victims.

Finally, its namesake, "Bloomer" may suggest that it is more plant-like than just its appearance. It may be able to reproduce asexually via spreading seeds, or have a quick growth cycle. It may also undergo metamorphosis, which occurs when it 'blooms', so to speak. It may also be able to quickly grow or regenerate arms, as the leftmost arm of the beast seems to be growing to the size of the rest of the other arms.





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