The official Trevor Henderson Inspirational Wiki chibis! And maybe unofficial or fan-made or not...

And some SlimySwampGhost's chibis. Only EvanVizuett makes good ones. (Message from DS: Hey mine are 'sort of' good!) (Message from Bobnumber/Lubsst:Doodoo face just because you made the page doesn't means you can lie that you're good!) (Ds: are you talking to me? I did not make the page, dum dum! And mine are good.)

Trevor Chibison is a chibi version of Trevor Henderson, created by EvanVizuett, and continued by DSInfinite and CatherineTheMidnight. You can make chibis to add in this gallery! just stop

Even Though there's barely even any rules about this page, we please ask that people don't demand or over-pressure anyone who is participating in this project to make chibis of creatures. Most of the people who made chibis on this page are tired over the amount of creatures people have been throwing at them to make chibis out of, so please be respectful. We're looking at you Hope.

If your/youre section has not been updated in the last 7 days and it doesnt has more than 5 chibis, It will be deleted.

Characters and Creatures
Please note that since this is a multi-person project, this gallery will be split up to different sections for the image's respected artist(s).

EvanVizuett's Chibis

DSInfinite's Chibis Trevor Henderson's

CatherineTheMidnight's Chibis (Notice: This gallery is a LOT of images!)

Underrated username's Chibis (STILL IN PROGRESS)


Xenomorph151's Chibis (STARTING)

Official Skulls Chibis

HamburgerMan37 / HamburgerMan38's Chibis

_yReaper Chibis (They may not look like really chibis but they are still supposed to be.)

12349999eeeeeee9S99's Chibis

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