Spirits are monsters that appear in pictures but can't be seen by humans. They are dead humans that die by monsters like cartoon cat and any other monster that kills and wonders alone and helps others reach the afterlife once they die if the body is gone or not, or they seek revenge on the monster that killed them or they life there rest of their life just staying on the earth and watching their loved once live a happy life and protect them like garden angles. But rarely a Spirit can form if they died without any monster killing them. It was found that monsters can see them without cameras or anything. Also Spirits can be all shapes and sizes but the cool thing is that Spirits can fuse with other Spirits to create a being that is very powerful and the more Spirits in the being the more powerful it is!


Spirits have powers like ghost have like moving tro walls or flying and teleportation but Spirits can touch things without anything going thro the Spirits!

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