CC: Where am I?

Vide Checker: You have been sent to the house of video for your VIDE CHECK state your name?

CC: Umm Cartoon Cat.

Vide Checker 2: And is true Cartoon Cat that you have been murdering humans in a non renewable mater?

CC: Ya I guess.

Vide Checker 3: HRUUU-

Vide Checker 4: It is so ugly and evil I just can't!

Vide Checker 2: Discousing! Gorey!

Vide Checker 5: And Gorey is NOT A VIDE!

Vide Checker: NOT A VIDE!

CC: I am a vide! I need to eat something and I don't only eat humans I eat dogs as well!

Vide Checker 3: HRUUU-

Vide Checker 4: Not only you like the suffering of humans BUT a man's best friend!

Vide Checker 2: And someone who does that is NEVER A VIDE!

Vide Checker: NEVER A VIDE!

CC: Look at least your not dead where your standing right now!

Vide Checker 6: Wow so not only your a child murder but your extremely rude!

Vide Checker 2: Plus you never even clean your home ONE BIT.

Vide Checker 6: I know you a cat but geez at least be more clean!

CC: So? I like it and it you try to change my taste then you're SO DEAD!

Vide Checker 3: HRUUU-

Vide Checker 6: Its SO mean!

CC: What is wrong with you humans?!?!?

Vide Checker 2: There is nothing wrong with us darling we are just so VIDED.

Vide Checker 4: And you sur..

Vide Checker 6: ARE NOT A VIDE!!!

CC: wtf...

Vide Checker: Cartoon Cat you have drot gore and HORROR to this house! AND THAT'S A FAIL IN THE VIDEO CHECK!!!

CC: *sarcastically* Oh no what are you going to do with me.

Vide Checker: Take him to the CUCUMBER ROOM.


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