The disappearances at nighttime had everyone concerned, and so, nobody ever doubted it's existence, they know what he wants, what he craves from our poor people
~ A caption describing people's experience with the creature

Pencil Massacrer is a creature made by Necksnap.

NOTE: This is a user blog of mine i made to conserve a page about my old fanon creature i made back when this wiki accepted inspiration creatures.


The creature represents a tall and slender being, the creature appears to lack any internal ribs or organs, and is more similair to a pencil drawing, the creature stands on two legs, and has a set of 6 arms, it's far right arm (our left, it's right) appears to be longer than the others, and the creature has a gray-skinned head, with luminescent purplish/red eyes, and a wide-open mouth, there appears to be blood stains on two of the creature's arms (on the first picture) which might suggest that it has killed several people before.

Behavior & Origins

The creature is known to travel between malls, parks, any empty space at it's disposal, and preferrably at nighttime, there have been some evidences that Pencil Massacrer was not biologically formed, or escaped a drawing by some sort of immersion, in fact, it was made by a cult using a demonic spell, no remains are left of said cult, suggesting that it might've killed every memeber of said cult.

Any bypassers that come across this creature, are killed, however, there is some sort of "chain" keeping the creature away, and it's that if the creature was handed a drawing made by ink, pencil, they become immune to the creature's attacks, the creature then appears outraged, pulling out roars that can be heard from 20 meters away, a person might get temporarily deafened by the screeches if they were closer than 10 meters to the creature, but they don't get deafened if they had an immunity by giving it drawings, any person further than 10 meters won't be deafened, even if they don't have the draw immunity.

It has been shown to have a rubber-hose 30's cartoon behavior, capable of shapeshifting, enlarging it's size, stretching it's limbs and it also has Semi-Immortality, (it can't be killed by an unlimited number of bullet shots, so it would require high-tech powerful weapons such as bombs, or just keeping it away by the drawing spell) However, these physics have been shown to be weak compared to that of Cartoon Cat, and other Cartoon Monsters.

The creature, when killing somebody, makes a portrait of them, along with the missing parts and blood traces they have, the portraits then are vanished once a human views them. It is unknown why it does this, but this could be the reason of it's bloodlust.


  • It is very kind to animals, contrary to humans.
  • It looks similair to TOTL (Turn Out The Lights) That could suggest they are relatives, despite not having the same behavior.
  • It is not related to Cartoon Cat, Cartoon Dog, or creatures of such.


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