I have improved my creations Aweirdgamer1

Valentines Day

"You break my heart"

Monkey Man

"🎶Monkey Man, oh Monkey Man, what have you done to us, we haven't even sinned one bit~🎶"

Jail Graffiti

"That place is horrible! The food sucked and everything was straight out of an abandoned building, I never want to go back there again!"

VHS Creature

"-Lost tape found in the Scotts family vault, the tape was named 'Face', it caused whoever watched it to see faces in everyday objects. A suspect named Lucario Anfur was sent for questioning, but then-"


"He is finally back"

Banned Giant

"16:36, 2 July 2020: Reports of people being picked up by hands were reported, one of the victims were named Robyn. THIS IS --- A TEST, I REPEAT, THIS IS --- A TEST"


"RayRay is watching you"

Under The Sea

"Reported sightings of dead whale parts are common at the nearby beach, obviously they're not sentient creatures"

Door Peeker


Cinnamon Twist

"Choke em' down and you get a special reward"

The Slide Thing

"Is this what real fun is?"

Go Home

"I just wanna go home"

Door VHS

"VHS of an abandoned mansion showed a black figure standing at each door. The person who went there was found dead outside, with no injuries, it's like he just died of a heart attack. But autopsies didn't say that it was a heart attack..."

Daddy Long Legs

"Daddy long legs are so annoying! Why do they even exist, at least we don't have huge spiders"

I have improved my creations Aweirdgamer1, anyways, here is the page, no vandals, you know i'm an admin, right? (and dark, if you're planning on deleting this...) (also wait up, i will delete this when i am done copying this somewhere else, so don't worry!)

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