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People see this as strict reading order, it's not. Paraphrasing Dark, "They're more like guidelines than actual rules".


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(This page is a work in progress.)

Calling the world from isolation

'Cause right now, that's the ball where we be chained

And if you're coming back to find me

You'd better have good aim

Shoot it true

I need you in the picture

That's why I'm calling you (calling you)

I'm the lonely twin, the left hand

Reset myself and get back on track

I don't want this isolation

See the state I'm in now?

~ Gorillaz, singing their song Humility.

Hello, I'm The Great Lucario. I'm a Canadian who doesn't even know what they're doing in life anymore, lol.

Things about Me!

  • I am a HUGE fan of Trevor Henderson - I have been a big fan of Trevor ever since I found out about him and his Siren Head creature. I'm really glad that I decided to look more into his art, because I wouldn't be as much as a fan I am currently.
  • I'm somewhat of an expert on Wikis - I have been on Fandom and have been working on wikis for a long period of time now. I have a lot of experience on this website, but keep in mind that I am still learning. There might be a few things that I may not know, so please don't always come to me asking for help on how to do something, because there's a chance that I may not know what your talking about.
  • I like listening to Gorillaz - I really like listening to Gorillaz's music, and hence why the quote I displayed at the top is actually some of the lyrics from one of their songs, Humility. I find most of their music great and amazing to listen to. Some of my favorite songs include (and not limited to): Humility (if not my most favorite song from them), Clint Eastwood, 19-2000, Let Me Out, Ascension, Rhinestone Eyes, Andromeda, Plastic Beach, Feel Good Inc., We Got the Power, and much more.
  • I'm a DOOM fan - Even though I am a teen and not old enough to play Doom (according to Steam), I still enjoy Doom a lot. I listen to the game's OST and it bops. My favorites are The Only Thing they Fear is You, Rip & Tear and BFG Division. And call me crazy if you want, but I like the gameplay of Doom, I just like the fact that you kill demons lol. Also, just remember that Doom is Eternal.
  • (I will add more to here later.)

My Favorite Characters Trevor has Made (Still Working on this.)

To-Do List:

(Note: to figure out if an item on the list or not, completed items on the list will be marked in Green Text, if an item is in the process of being completed, it will be marked in Orange Text, if an item has been in the process of being completed, but production was halted, it will be marked in Teal Text, and if an item is incomplete, it will be marked in Red Text.)

  • Add a new set of Rules to the Trevor Henderson Inspiration Wiki, and re-do the Wiki Updated Rules.
  • Remake pages of Trevor's creatures that were deleted for being low effort.
  • Attempt to adopt the Wiki.
    • Promote multiple people to moderator.
    • Protect at least most of the current pages, blocking anonymous and new users from editing to prevent vandalism.
    • Block vandals.

You want fun? Wario show you fun!

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