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Cartoon Cat is the most (𝘿𝘼𝙏𝘼 𝙀𝙓𝙋𝙐𝙉𝙂𝙀𝘿) of all the (𝘿𝘼𝙏𝘼 𝙀𝙓𝙋𝙐𝙉𝙂𝙀𝘿)!
~ Cartoon Cat Fact Sheet!
~ The description of the fourth and fifth post with Cartoon Cat, and conveniently also the quote that shows at the end of a episode of Looney Tunes.

Cartoon Cat is a hostile cryptid and an urban legend created by Canadian horror artist, Trevor Henderson. He originated from a twitter post on August 4, 2018.


Cartoon Cat appears as a tall, antropomorphic cartoonish black feline-like creature with a slender body, and white, beady eyes with pupils that can presumably dilate sometimes, and it also has a grey nose, his gloves are white and very similar to that of a typical 30's cartoon character with three black line patterns on each glove, and his teeth are bloodstained, affixed under a set of red, bloody gums. The creature doesn't appear to have feet for it's legs, instead, it only possesses a set of footless, sharp legs, the arms are disproportionately long, and while it size varies, the height of Cartoon Cat can reach that of a two-story building.

On a drunk AMA Trevor did on his Twitter, he revealed that Cartoon Cat loves to commit vicious violence. While Trevor hasn't revealed much on what exactly Cartoon Cat does, it's very likely that he's trying to imply that Cartoon Cat is an amoral or misunderstood villain, and that he is instead keeping Cartoon Cat's true crimes hidden to further the enigmatic nature of his mythos, to perhaps imply that Cartoon Cat is simply too horrible for words.

The photogenic nature of the entity has revealed an extraordinarily elastic nature, can stretching and squashing his limbs and body parts on a whim, which could explain why he is so dreaded even among other monsters; he doesn’t obey traditional laws of life, he’s “malleable”, acting like a shapeshifting cartoon and using these powers for sinister and violence means, as often evidenced in the "rubberhose" style cartoons from the 1930s era that it resembles.

Behavior and Origins

Further information can be uncovered on Trevor’s responses to people’s questions on his Tumblr. In these, Trevor states Cartoon Cat is the most dangerous monster in his collection. He also states Cartoon Cat is so dangerous, the other monsters actively avoid the dirt mall he sometimes resides in. When asked why he is so dangerous, Trevor simply responded: “unchecked limitations.”

These images and inconsistencies in Cartoon Cat’s appearance and his size such as his feet repeatedly changing from points into those resembling shoes and his size that ranges from towering over a building to being only slightly taller than a person seemingly imply that like an actual rubberhose 30s cartoon, Cartoon Cat can change his form, size and body at will, stretching and squashing his limbs and body parts on a whim, which could explain why he is so dreaded even among other monsters, considered so dangerous that everything (assumedly other monsters) avoid the mall it inhabits, he’s “malleable”, acting like a shapeshifting cartoon and using these powers for sinister and violence means. If his backstory is true, then it is possible Cartoon Cat attacks people for revenge (if not, then he might possibly be defending his own lair when people are in or around it).

The creature is similar to Cartoon Cat, otherwise known as Cartoon Dog. There's a resemblance to the tissue, but these crooked teeth would seem to rule that out, suggesting this is just one of many monsters similar to Cartoon Cat, or perhaps one of Cartoon Cat's alternate forms.

Trevor has revealed that Cartoon Cat and any other cartoon monsters can take the exaggerated form of almost any animal, but since dogs, mice and cats are generally the animals that come to mind when cartoons come to mind, those are the forms they are “most likely to latch on and form into.” If the majority of the population focuses on a specific character for a cartoon, Cartoon Cat can possibly take their form. Based on this, we can assume that Cartoon Cat’s current form was taken after a character from some old show in 1939 that was later abandoned. In short, Cartoon Cat is most likely some sort of cosmic entity that took the form of a 1939 cartoon in order to possibly torment humanity, however, this theory is not confirmed yet.

Trevor has said that Cartoon Cat and any other cartoon monsters are morally aware of their actions[1] and that they attack with the intent to hurt others, meaning that Cartoon Cat and all other cartoon monsters are morally aware of the damage they cause.


*The following paragraph explains the fate of the trespassers of the dirt mall.

The footsteps, heavy and sounding so much like metal tapping on porcelain, approached us from the darkness of the Dead Malls' full interior. Suddenly, the overhead speakers squeaked and yelped and music started, just as it walked into view.

Moreover, on a “pain scale” of one to ten (with ten being the worst) created by Trevor Henderson, both the Man with the Upside-Down Face and Cartoon Cat are placed on ten, implying that they are both possibly the most evil beings in mythos that has created by far. However, unlike Cartoon Cat, the Man with the Upside-Down Face is far more exceedingly evil than Cartoon Cat, being a clear sadist who loves to feed on negative emotions caused by tragedies. The Man with the Upside-Down Face has also indirectly caused many deaths while Cartoon Cat has not been shown to have killed anybody. Until proven otherwise.

Cartoon Cat is so malevolent he is considered the most evil and malevolent creature in the mythos[2], even topping The Man with The Upside-Down Face, despite his love for misery and negativity and putting his face upside-down only to pervert our expectations of how a human is put together, Cartoon Cat was implied to commit atrocities more heinous than what The Man has done, and he is at the highest rank at the pain/malevolence scale used by Trevor to rank the creatures by malevolence along with The Man, though the latter could be 8 or 9 due to him being less eviler than Cartoon Cat.


In fact that Trevor's considers Cartoon Cat his most dangerous character.[3] Cartoon Cat has many abilities that back up his reputation among all other creatures in the canon. He is able to change his size and the length, presence and absence of his limbs, as he is “malleable”, as Trevor states. And can mimic typical 30's rubber hose cartoons in altering his anatomy. Somehow escaped from being just a cartoon,[4] as he’s able to defy the laws of physics like a typical cartoon would,[4] and could just cause persistent bad luck all the way up to breaking reality and odd physical ailments,[5] and could potentially destroy the world through unknown means.


  • People theorize that Cartoon Cat just might be one of the cruelest and most vile nature/tendencies out of all the creatures Trevor Henderson had made.
  • Trevor has stated a few times that Cartoon Cat is not the only cartoon monster out there, and he has given contradictory information on some pictures of Cartoon Cat, sometimes stating that it is Cartoon Cat, and other times stating that it’s another cartoon entity. It is likely that Trevor is being intentionally vague to keep up the mystery of his works.
  • Its design is based on old cartoons such as Felix the Cat, his body is malleable, due to his physiology as a caricature.
  • One day, Trevor started releasing artworks of many of his monsters as patron saints and Cartoon Cat and Good Boy were one of the many creatures, but compared to the others, they weren't called Patron Saints and didn't have the halo-like symbols behind them. It is unknown why they didn't have these features, although it's possible that they are not unique creatures like the others, but rather just individuals of a species.
    • Some people started theorizing that Cartoon Cat and Good Boy are connected due to both of their "Patron Saint" portraits being unique compared to the others.
  • Despite not actually have been recorded or stated to kill somebody in the lore, a recent photo of Cartoon Cat shows him with entirely bloodstained teeth, which might indicate that Cartoon Cat has actually killed, or accurately, devoured some humans.
  • Trevor confirmed that the Cartoon Cat is a kind of cosmic horror.
    • Cartoon Cat is described as "something cosmic and awful filtered through old media", this might hint that Cartoon Cat is a cosmic entity of some sort that manifests as a retired cartoon mascot.
  • Trevor has stated that Cartoon Cat is more worse than the Man with The Upside-Down Face, it is unknown why, while some take it as a joke, this state is further backed up by Cartoon Cat's patron saint artwork not having a halo or the thin bars, the creatures who don't have it are possibly the evilest creatures in the verse, whereas The Man with The Upside Down face did have the halo symbol and several bars protruding from it.
  • When asked if Cartoon Cat was a patron saint, Trevor said he is "too evil", which gives us a hint on how sinister he is, he could possibly be eviler than The Man with The Upside-Down Face. Trevor has also confirmed that Cartoon Cat is the most malevolent entity in the verse.
  • It is morally aware of what it does, which makes it the evilest creature in the entire verse.
  • There is a possibility that Cartoon Cat is only a nocturnal hunter, this is backed up by Cartoon Cat hunting at times from 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM as stated by several captions.
  • Cartoon Cat and Siren Head come from "the void" and are enemies of Long Horse and the Lamb.[6]
    • Cartoon Cat’s skin has a rubber-like texture.[6]
    • Cartoon Cat apparently tastes like static.[6]
    • Cartoon Cat’s favorite pastime is committing atrocities.[6]
    • His true nature is [REDACTED].[6]
  • The other monsters in the mythos actively avoid Cartoon Cat's mall
  • Trevor also said that the Void isn't a concrete concept in the Mythos, but a way of saying that Cartoon Cat, Siren Head and other Void Enemies are a creature from the "darkness", ideologically.
  • Trevor imagines that if you poked a hole in him, pressure would just push meat through in a long thin stream like raw ground hamburger.
  • Cartoon Cat's footsteps are heavy, like metal tapping on porcelain.
  • The music played during the victims' encounter with Cartoon Cat was implied to be this song.[7]
  • Other songs have also been implied to be leitmotifs of Cartoon Cat such as this version of the Looney Tunes theme slowed down by 800x.[8]
  • It is “something foul and rancid and dripping and ancient that is wearing a cartoon like a stretched out, thread-bare halloween costume”, this implies that Cartoon Cat's appearance is merely a fake physical aspect and his true appearance is an ancient, foul, rancid and dripping, Trevor may uncover more information about his true nature sooner, what we know other than it's appearance is that the entity is a much more powerful aspect.
  • Trevor stated that he is always a funny cat, sometimes the mask just slips off a little. This adds more credibility to the theory that what we see isn't Cartoon Cat's true appearance.
  • His number of fingers varies depending on how he is feeling.


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