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I'm bad at editing and spelling (sometimes) so please not roast me







*Trevor Henderson art (of course)



*Being lazy

*Being in a community

*Undertale aus





*Dirty content

*Getting hacked

*Cuss Words

*Dark humor

*Getting bored

(I don't have a lot of dislikes)


More about me!


Well... Along time ago I had my account on my phone to get a feeling of the fandom and i had no idea about this who Infinity group thing and o though it was a trend and so i wanted to follow this trend but later i found out about that it was not a trend but a group of people with a infinity symbol and i was like "NO WONDER! that makes secen now!" But when i got on a computer it was more easier (in my opinion) to be in the fandom and i love the people here even the ones who were mean! When i returned Little angle eevee was gone (gone of the fandom) and i was sad about that because she was a great person but i still keep my head up as a new member of the Infinity group!

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