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The Slashers are a set of disturbing characters created by horror artist Trevor Henderson. As the name would suggest, these characters are meant to fill the role of the villain of hypothetical Slasher film. As such, they also share many similarities to existing Slasher villains or have many of the same tropes as the usual Slasher villain.

The Fencer, also known as just “Fencer” depicts a disfigured human-like figure adorned in standard fencing uniform. As typical with fencing uniform, the suit is white, and covers the entire body except for the face, which is instead covered by a thin metal mask with many holes to make it see-through.

His gauntlets are white, and it is safe to assume that the protective gear inside the suit is also white. The entire uniform is also coated in fresh and dry blood, the arrangement, state, and quantity of which varies vastly from image-to-image. The Fencer is always seen wielding a fencing sword, (an Epee, to be exact) on his right hand.

The Fencer himself appears to be a regular person, as most of his body is hidden by the suit, except for the head. This head is extremely deformed, to the point of being unrecognizable as a human. It has no skin, leaving nothing but red muscles and tissue exposed. It also lacks a nose, lips, or eyelids. Due to this, his nostril, large eyes, and teeth are always visible. And due to the face being somewhat sunken into the back of the hood, it is frequently difficult to see properly due to the shadows.

It is completely unknown what the rest of his body may look like under the suit, although there is an argument to be made about it being the same as his face, being skinned and heavily disfigured. Although we do know that it still has a human-like shape because it is able to fill most of the suit and the gloves.

Despite his deformed appearance, Fencer is only about as large as a regular person, though he seems to be a bit slimmer and taller than the average male. While there is no confirmation on his exact height, nor do we have anything to compare him to, it is a safe assumption that he is around 6 feet or 1.82 meters tall.


Trevor has given us a surprising amount of information about The Fencer’s origins, at least, compared to the other slashers. He is said to have actually been a human at one point, but unlike other Cryptids who used to be human, Fencer did not undergo any sort of major transformation, nor did he become a ghost.

Instead, Fencer was a student fencing champion that was extremely skilled in the sport. During one particularly intense match, he had suffered a fatal injury; a wealthy rival team had sabotaged him, presumably out of jealousy of his skills and position as a champion. It is assumed that they had actually used a real sword during their match, injuring him. While he was injured, they left him for dead and hid him in a place where people wouldn’t find be able to find his body. They then started a fire that was staged to look like an accident, where he burnt painfully, leading to his grotesque appearance.

However, despite his fatal injury and scorching burns, Fencer refused to die. During the fire, he eventually got up as if he was never injured and then ran off, looking for the people who sabotaged him, and killing anyone who gets in his way.


Due to his wrongful “death” as a human, Fencer became an extremely vengeful and aggressive creature. He is said to be constantly looking for the people who had sabotaged him and will only stop until they are dead. Because of this, one might think that they are not aggressive to other people besides his saboteurs, but Trevor stated that he is blinded by rage and believes that anyone he comes across is one of the people who wronged him. This means that nobody is safe from being targeted by The Fencer when they encounter him.

Based on another comment from Trevor, Fencer is also known to be very violent with his killings, as he prefers to prolong the suffering of his victims. He also likes to invoke fear into them before striking, as he has been seen stalking his soon-to-be victims for anywhere between a few hours or even days. When finally he does attack, he usually does it in unexpectedly, and in somewhat public spaces as well, to make the victim even more afraid. Whenever Fencer targets someone, he usually will not leave them alone until they are dead or go too far away too quickly.

His unparalleled vengefulness and anger lead him to be one of the more harrowing creatures to encounter, as he purposefully makes your death slow, painful, and terrifying. He will typically start by stabbing the victim multiple times in non-vital areas like the arms or legs, slowly following them around as they limp away. It is only when he decides that they have had enough that he will fatally stab them in vital organs.


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