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She was on vacation with her husband and they were scoping out graveyards on the way, as you do, when she saw it. Rising out of the old cemetery, big as an old (macabre) telephone pole. Was this some kind of bizarre art piece the authorities hadn't gotten wise to yet? Even as she stepped out of the car, the megaphones on it's "head" screeched to life. "NINE. EIGHTEEN. ONE. CHILD. SEVENTEEN. REMOVE. VILE.". A buzzing, doubled voice screamed random words at her. At this point, it jerked into motion, striding down the hill towards her.
~ Trevor Henderson, captioning Siren Head.

you see that i was rude for a very long time before, but now i'll do if i want. and also ill stop renaming and vandalizing pages. i will only delete something if its garbage,trash or if it has no effort and has a dumb name. plus i am on anti- vandal team.hello, as you can see im one of the people that was working on this wiki for a long time. i create most of my images on microsoft paint and i also have fall guys. my goal is to make my targets true. i have the most discussion posts and edits in this wiki and i was the first one to get 4,000 edits.

and I’m kinda rude,But not that much anymore. you can see im a bit funny and goofy in this wiki. because i make unfunny or funny jokes to you and everybody. i hate roblox,furries,anime,vandalizers,spammers and cartoon cat and (REDACTED).

My Favorite Pages

Friends and Enemies


  • DSInfinite
  • Surviv.iouserunknown158
  • HeyCanIReadYourWiki
  • IronDiamondCreations
  • Cjxvong (frenemy)
  • Siren Head (best friend forever)
  • Cesar Drawz
  • Anyone that likes siren head
  • Lucario
  • Saturn2B
  • HeyStopAMinute
  • EddyAftermath
  • FreshPancakez


  • Almost everyone in the wiki


  • Cjxvong (frenemy)
  • Ultimate Jonathan
  • Shark Puppet
  • Titanfall 3 leaked
  • Anyone that hates siren head and likes cartoon cat
  • Every fandom user that opposes me
  • FNAFMaddox

Favorite Things

Favorite Games

  • Fall Guys
  • TF2
  • Gmod
  • Happy Wheels
  • Fortnite (just kidding (:)
  • Shell Shockers
  • DDRace Network
  • Google Dinosaur Game

Favorite Apps

  • Youtube
  • Microsoft Paint
  • Steam
  • Soundcloud
  • Google Chrome & this wiki :D


Home Country : Brazil

Age : Why do you expect me to tell that?

Computer Type : Gaming PC

Physical Information

Height : I dont know

Width : I dont know

Skin Color : White

Eye Color : Brown,black and white


Get an russian adidas cloth, visit russia for the first time, try to buy an siren head costume then use it, buy or make an siren head plush, become admin and change my name to dark blue and then ban vandalizers,raiders and spammers, improve my house and then learn to draw better or animate better.

List of Stuff that i hate

  • Clark Titor
  • Cartoon Cat
  • Roblox
  • "gg ez"
  • Among Us
  • My Brain
  • Being Blocked from this wiki
  • Youtube
  • Anime
If you got here this far,then congrats! Get a free video!


To-do List

Vandalization : Try to become an admin and fully control my own anger,ban the kids on the vandalizers board, delete clark titor, help this wiki the most i can and then ban any vandalizer that tries to delete an page in this wiki.

Spam : Delete comments that are very long, or at least edit them.

Raiders : Just revert their/they're edits.

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My Images 

Cursed Images

List of main problems

The vandalizers : They are just a lot in this wiki, if i had admin i could deal with them up.

Fandom Users : They just say offensive things (but not as offensive as me).

Sockpuppets : Whenever a vandalizer comes back, it changes name and profile picture to make people wrong. But sometimes instead it shows again that it was the vandalizer was the person. For example,Sir Meows A Lot Is Best : it acted like shark puppet.


  • Clark titor died
  • I had admin
  • I had a hammer and sickle (get it?)
  • Become older

Edits Leaderboard

1st - Me = 5000

2nd - Aweirdgamer = 3009

3rd - DSInfinite = 2363

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