Trevor Henderson Wiki

People see this as strict reading order, it's not. Paraphrasing Dark, "They're more like guidelines than actual rules".


Trevor Henderson Wiki

This wiki had different rules during it's creation, as of now, the rules of this wiki have been updated and replaced with these new ones to be followed on:


  1. Content - This wiki only supports text regarding Trevor Henderson's work. We only are providing pages which are created by Trevor Henderson. Anything outside from Trevor's work will eventually get deleted off this wiki. Also please just add official information's to the page, don't add any misleading, unverified text. We want to provide text which has been verified. Additionally, theories and assumptions should also be labeled as such in order to avoid confusion.
  2. Leaking - Upcoming creations which haven't been posted released by Trevor Henderson will be removed. Leaking info and content about something which is still being prepared for people to see, isn't allowed. We only publish info which has already been out to the public for everyone to read and get knowledge on it.
  3. Demeanor - Straight out of bet, we are looking for people which know how to improve this wiki. We do not support any kind of trolling, toxic-behavior, rudeness or harassment. If your behavior falls into any of those types, you may get banned for it. We are looking for people which will be polite, and actually put effort into making new pages, and improving the content which we already have presented.
    1. Vandalism - This goes the same as demeanor rule. if you come on this wiki to just vandalize pages, remove content from pages, add misinformation and focus on just creating mess, you will most likely get banned off this wiki.
  4. Language/Grammar - When writing a page, please use proper words. Do not use any kind of swears or otherwise offensive words. This wiki is written only on English, please do not add text in different languages. Regarding grammar, we would like to present our wiki with readable English grammar, so please put effort in writing your page grammar-wise as well. We want our wiki can be readable and reliable.
  5. Fan-Fiction - This is the biggest wiki regarding Trevor Henderson and his creations. We do NOT support any kind of fan-fiction here. Please do not create pages which aren't related to Trevor Henderson's work. This wiki only supports media and characters made by Trevor Henderson; any user-made beings will be eventually deleted. If you want to save your work, please add it to the Trevor Henderson Fanon Wiki, which is for people who want to publish pages about their own similarly styled beings, without Trevor's work being involved. Regardless this wiki is only for work made by Trevor Henderson not anyone else. You can always ask us to re-create a page what you wrote, so you could save your work and publish it somewhere else. As we have mentioned, this is the Trevor Henderson wiki.
    1. Fan-Art - Just like fan-pages, Fan-art isn't allowed either. If you create a drawing of Trevor's work, there just isn't space for it to be added on a page. Fan-art is just fan's appreciation of the creators work, and this is the wiki which is dedicated to Trevor's work, so any fan-art or fan-fictionalized pages aren't allowed here. You may post fan-art in your user profile, the Inspiration Art discussion category, or a blog post, but NOT in actual galleries.
  6. Page Length - If you are making a new page regarding Trevor's creation, we recommend you writing at least five informative sentences regarding the creation. Pages under five sentences will get deleted for not providing enough content regarding it-self. If you write a short-page, it will be classified as a Stub page, meaning the page is considered to be an unfinished or short page, which could use expansion and improvement to meet this wiki's standard.
    1. Gallery - If a page has too many images in it's gallery (20 being the maximum), or the text regarding the creation is long, a new pages will be made called "Gallery”, and the text page will be called "Synopsis", both of which are used to storage more content regarding the creation, to prevent the article from being too large. This is why images and some text may be redirected into it's own page.
  7. Editing - When you edit a page, the maximum time of edits you can make in one day is five (5) times. Spam editing is not allowed here, we aren't looking for people which will make a lot of edits on one page. There are loads of pages on this wiki, which also need to get touched on and improved for the sake of the quality of this wiki.
    1. Categories - Do not make new categories. Simple as it is, if you think we need a new category, it is important contact a Admin before creating one. It is advised not to add categories by multiple editing, which is to say adding categories in separate edits, which creates an unnecessarily big log of editing. To prevent this issue, go into edit-mode and just add all the categories you wish to add that way. Also, the category must have content in it, at least 15 pages need to be inside of it, for the category to be supported. Anything under the number of 15 pages in it, will eventually get deleted off this wiki.
  8. Banning - If you get banned from this wiki, chances are that it's for a good reason. You have failed to follow the rules instructed, and you got yourself locked inside of a hole. If you are banned, you should wait until the ban is finished, and then you can obviously edit again on this wiki. Also making alternative sock-puppet accounts will also get you permanently banned. You have one account, use it as the best you can, instead of trying to go dodge a bullet with a new account.
  9. Recreation - If a page gets removed from this wiki, it was deleted because it fails to meet to this wiki's point and standards. There's no reason for anyone to recreate an already deleted page. The page will most likely get deleted again, and again and you will get in trouble for bringing something up again which was most likely declined to not stay on this wiki. Remember that you can always ask Admins if the page could be brought back up as long as you provide a good reason.
  10. Plagiarism - Do not copy-paste text from other wiki's here. Please take your time and actually put effort in writing a page, if you see another wiki or site which has Trevor's work on it, don't just duplicate the same text here. We only provide original content, which is written by our community.
  11. References - It would be good to add references or sources to pages, so the text we are presenting has it's back-link. Meaning that if someone wants to see where a sentence is coming from, there should be a link that is backing up what's written on the page. This is important in order to verify if what you are adding to the page is correct information or not. As per wiki standards, the references and/or sources should be found at the bottom of the page.