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Someone left a phone with a busted screen in a road-stop toilet stall. I'd pulled in while driving home after making a delivery and I needed coffee. This photo was the only thing on it.
~ A person explaining how they found an image of the creatures.

The Tall Visitors are a pair of strange creatures that were created by the horror artist Trevor Henderson. These creatures are very mysterious, with little-to-no information about them. It is speculated that they might be a part of The Giants species, but they could also be other beings entirely. All that is certain is that they are rather unnerving.


The Tall Visitors depict a pair of freakishly tall, thin humanoid entities standing on the sidelines of a large road in what appears to be a somewhat rural area. The entire area covered in a thick mist which conceals the creatures' finer details. One of them also appears to be attempting to cross the road. It is worth noting that both creatures appear to be identical to one another.

The creatures themselves are humanoid in body structure, with legs, a body, and round head. What the creatures are missing from a normal human body are the arms. Both creatures do not have any visible arms in the image. It is possible that they are hidden or placed next to their bodies in a way that would make it impossible to see them.

The creatures' legs are extremely long, easily being double the length of the torso. They are very thin, and can bend in any way in any direction, but still manage to hold the creature up, much like a bendable wire. They do not have a proper pelvis that connects the legs to the torso. Speaking of which, the torsos are surprisingly human; no abnormalities besides its size. The same could also be said for the heads. They also do not have any visible marks of bones or muscles.

The creatures are covered in wrinkly dark gray skin on their entire bodies; no space given for any sort or orifices or facial features.

Comparing one of them to the car right next to it (which is about 5.8 feet tall). The creature appears to be 10.5 times the height of the car. Based on this, we can figure out that their height is 60.9 Feet or 18.56232 Meters.

Behavior and Origins

Very little has been revealed to us regarding these creatures. The only thing that has been revealed is that the photograph of the creatures was found in an broken and abandoned phone in a road-stop toilet stall. It is very likely that the creatures had caused the photographer to crash, whether by attacking or being distracted, leading to the phone being broken. The photographer must have taken a rest in the road-stop and left their phone. As for the creature's origins, there are two main theories for that.

Giants Theory

This theory states that the Tall Visitors are actually members of the infamous Giants. If this is true, then the creature would have come from another dimension that had overlapped with ours, which was foretold by the appearance of a second Moon, an event that may have been set off by the Moon Worshippers. Evidence of the Tall Visitors being Giants are their height, dark and slender appearance, and the fact that they are surrounded by a thick mist.

If they are really Giants, then they would fall into the second behavior category of Giants, that being the Destruction Giants. This is because they are not tall enough to ascend people nor do they have any sort of tendrils or even arms to grab and collect humans. They are also humanoid, and most humanoid Giants tend to be Destruction Giants rather than the other two behavior types. They would likely cause destruction by kicking or stomping people with their flexible, yet hardened legs.

The only real argument against this theory is that the creatures are considerably smaller than many other Giants, which is true, but there are also other Giants that are only 50 feet tall. It is generally agreed upon that the minimum height for a Giant is 10 meters tall (with the exception of flying Giants, which can be only 3 meters tall). It is also possible that they are younger Giants, and will develop to sizes similar to Breaking News or the Morning Walkers.  

Creature Theory

This theory states that the Tall Visitors are not members of The Giants, and rather their own type of creatures entirely. It is possible that these creatures came from the Void, like Siren Head, which would explain their somewhat similar appearance. It is also possible that the creatures are ghosts that can only be seen through cameras, as only the photographer seems to have noticed them at the time.


  • They are very similar to the Morning Walkers, both in appearance and the fact that they both hunt in groups.
  • Trevor has stated that he almost didn't post the image of the creatures because he was unsatisfied with the final product
  • It is possible that they were inspired by the Cryptids known as the Fresno Nightcrawlers, due to them having similar appearances.


The name for this creature, The Tall Visitors, is not
confirmed and is made up by either the fandom or one of our fellow wiki members, mainly due to the fact that Trevor hasn't given the creature an official name yet. Please do keep in mind that the name (and therefore, the article) is subject to change in the future, and that the name it has right now is unofficial, though it may still be referred to as such if no official name is given.



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