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Followed by a stranger in the empty discount furniture warehouse
~ Trevor Henderson, describing a photo of the creature.

The Stranger is a relatively new and mysterious creature made by horror artist Trevor Henderson. Not much is known about his personality, or even his true appearance, although we have been given clues to such.


The Stranger depicts an unusual humanoid figure with a large, round "head" (later confirmed to possibly be a mask) with pale and wrinkly skin. The skin also appears to be lightly warped and slightly pink. The creature has two cartoonishly large and barely aligned eyes with lone, black pupils on them. Interestingly enough, the eyes appear to be completely drawn-on using what appears to be paint. He also possesses a pair of small, roundish ears similar to those of a human, which also match the texture and appearance of the rest of his head.

The body structure of the creature is observed to be rather thin yet slightly curved, all of which is hidden in a long, black cloak without a hood. In the Patron Saint artwork of the creature, a thin, human-like hand is seems to be coming out from his dress and waving at the camera. In this image, the creature's head also appears to be much more wrinkly, with some bits of it coming off in strands and not flattened to their facial surface.

Trevor has released another image with the same creature, but this time, it is doing something different. Trevor confirmed it to be "one possibility" of its appearance, this possibility depicts the creature's false "face" being taken off from the creature's real face by it's human-like arms, which are now both visible.

The entirety of the face underneath is not revealed yet, but what is revealed under the mask is an extremely wrinkly, leathery and slightly wet face with an enormous frowning mouth, accompanied by a set of many small sharp teeth attached to exposed gums. The other facial features are not revealed just yet, but what we can observe now is the presumably real mouth of the creature.


Not much is really known about The Stranger, but from the caption of the first post with it, it denotes that a person was followed by this creature while they were lost in an empty, discount furniture warehouse, what we can presume is that it follows and possibly stalks people who get lost in empty shopping centers/warehouse. However; the ethic/moral implications of this creature are still vague, it is unknown if it actually just follows the people who got lost there without any meaning, or if it actually kills the target it stalks.

A second portrait of him was revealed, revealing something rather interesting about the creature, being that it is actually a Patron Saint. Though, it is unknown if it is another entity that came from the void, as most Patron Saint creatures. It is also very possible that it's actions are completely alien and incomprehensible, which may even imply that he himself is an alien.

It is described as the Patron Saint of getting lost in sprawling department stores and malls, and of those that would like you to stay that way. This indicates that it is a symbolic Patron Saint representing this odd concept of being lost in sprawling department/shopping centers. It might also have some form of negative aura around it which further disorients people and keeps them lost in the premises, as it has been confirmed to induce vertigo in people, especially near escalators. Given its nature to directly of indirectly influence people to get lost, it may be a creature similar to The Man With The Upside-Down Face, but feeds off of confusion rather than direct suffering.

There is another artwork of the creature which hints at the possibility that the creature's cartoonish face is just a mask, and the real face is much more disturbing. If this is the case, then the mask may be a hunting tactic to lure people in, as most people perceive creatures with large, beady eyes a cute. This, combined with their disorientation will ensure that his victims will come to him.


As previously mentioned, the creature is able to induce feelings of vertigo and other disorientating symptoms in order to confuse people into getting lost or continue being lost within large malls and stores. This may imply that it has some sort of psychic abilities to directly affect his victim's mind, or that he emits some sort of negative aura, comparable to the previously mentioned Man With The Upside-Down Face, who emits a negative aura which causes things to go negatively.

It is also heavily hinted at that his face is merely a mask crafted from papier-mâché. If this is the case, then it would imply that the creature has a high level of intelligence to create such a large mask and paint it with humanoid features, while using a long and difficult process at that.

This high level of intelligence may also help him in hunting prey, as it is a possibility that he is a terrifying monster underneath his mask. This mask may also be used to help to lure people in, because as previously discussed, most people tend to perceive creatures with large, beady eyes as cute and friendly. This, combined with his disorientation abilities ensure that his victims will come to him, making him a truly formidable monster if the possibility is true.



  • It is the first creature in Trevor Henderson's second Patron Saints series.
    • It is possible that he is a canon creature, given that he has multiple images and is referred to as a Patron Saint.
  • Trevor has expressed in this creature's artworks how he finds goofiness important in some of his monster designs, because he said that he loves the balance between some fans saying that The Stranger is terrifying, whereas others say he is cute.
  • The creature is said to move top heavy, clumsily shifting side to side like people in a really tall costume, with shuffling steps, much like Mr. Bag.
    • This may be further proof that the "one possibility" is true, since if the head was a mask, the creature wearing it would not be able to move very well.
  • Trevor has made several quips about the creature when replying to questions about it, to add an air of mystery around it. Such as:
    • When a user on Twitter asked if there are centipedes under the creature's coat, Trevor replied by saying, "Wouldn't you like to know ;)"
    • When a user asked if the creature's head is a mask or not, Trevor simply replied saying, "Yeah!"
    • When another commenter humorously asked "Why does he look like he's about to advertise me credit cards.", Trevor answered "I think you know the answer to that".
  • In a reply to a question, Trevor has stated that his face has a similar texture to papier-mâché (paper mache), and has hinted at the possibility of it actually being made of papier-mâché. This would explain the painted-on eyes.
    • This could also be further proof that the "one possibility" is true.
      • If this is the case, then it is likely that the creature made the mask out of materials in the department stores it has been to.
  • One of its intents is to induce vertigo, especially on top of the escalators, as when a user asked : "Is this the little jerk that would give me deathly vertigo at the tops of escalators?", Trevor confirmed this statement by saying "Oh Absolutely".
  • Trevor has replied to comments saying that he thinks that he is an employee at the establishments he roams.
  • Many people have compared him to the creatures within SCP-3008, due to some similarities.
  • When a user said that they would chuck a bulk can of beans at it, Trevor said that The Stranger will remember that.



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