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Cryptid Overview

A Sister of the Ever-Sharpening Blade called up by a small cult in Massachusetts in the early 1900’s
~ Trevor Henderson, introducing one of the creatures.

The Sisters of the Ever-Sharpening Blade, also known as The Sisters of the Cuts or Sisters Cuts are a mysterious group of grotesque creatures made by horror artist Trevor Henderson. Each of them can be called upon using the moth brooch to perform extremely violent acts on whoever the summoner desires. Their human-like intelligence, love for violence and proficiency in a variety of man-made weapons make them stand out among Trevor’s other monsters, who are typically more akin to animals. They are looked after by the even-more-mysterious Mother Superior.


The Sisters of the Ever-Sharpening Blade are a group of humanoid female figures with pale gray, wrinkly skin and visible black veins. All of the Sisters have very similar appearances, with rather thin body structures and would be slightly shorter than an average woman, if not for their abnormal necks and heads, which make up for this disparity and lead them to actually be taller than an average woman. Their entire bodies (except for the previously mentioned head and neck) are also proportionally the same as a normal human, although slightly smaller.

Each of the Sisters are always seen adorned in long black dresses that reach down to the ground and have long sleeves, which cover most of their arms except their hands. While the general appearance of the dresses they wear is consistent, not all of them are the same, as each Sister’s dresses have been observed to differ slightly.

For example, one sister is observed to wear a heavily creased dress with buttons and polo collars, and another wears a neater dress with a strange design on the collar and much larger sleeve. This particular Sister is also seen with what appears to be a pocket watch in her one of her pockets. She may or not also be wearing gloves, as it's hard to tell due to the quality and circumstances of the images. Another Sister wears a large dress with a bowtie surrounding the waist and white collars. She also seems to be wearing a necklace of some sort, but yet again, it becomes difficult to make out the details due to the quality of the image. Yet another Sister is noted to have slightly more saturated skin and wears a plain black dress with a tied collar; she is the most popular of the Sisters, to the point of being worshipped and confused with the other Sisters.

The most interesting part of these creatures however, is their aforementioned head and neck. Their necks are much longer and veinier than that of a normal human, and their head is absurdly long and thin. Each of the sisters’ heads are covered by a long veil which may vary in color and design, though they always come in black, white or both. They are almost always seen wearing their monochrome veils, concealing their faces. Even more strangely, there are a number of spiky thorn-like protrusions coming from their heads, which are also covered by the veil; these are said to be the blades which they use to kill and mutilate their victims. Each sister also has a different number, variation, and arrangement of blades.

Finally, there have been rumors told of a red “sister” which people have encountered, who is now known as “Mother Superior”. Her veil and dress is said to be dyed red completely in blood.


A surprising amount of lore and story has been given to us about these cryptids. The most important part about the Sisters is that they have a very violent and malicious behavior, as evident by a report which tells of an encounter with a Sister in which the victim was mutilated and had several photographs of the Sister who committed the act stuffed inside of a carving made on the victim. The victim also had several of their teeth removed and scattered around the premises. From this, it’s clear that the Sisters are very keen on violence and possibly even find pleasure or satisfaction from it.

While most Sisters act relatively the same, being extremely violent and aggressive to people that they are tasked/want to kill, each of them have slightly different behaviors than the other, such as one Sister who is a bit more skittish and shy than the rest, hesitating slightly before attacking.

They were frequently called up by numerous small cults and other malicious individuals in order to perform acts of violence for their rituals and other reasons. One such instance is when a Sister was called up by a small cult in Massachusetts back in the early 1900's. This report also means that they have existed for a long-lasting period of time, and are possibly still at large in the modern day. Another case shows a wood carving of one of the Sisters discovered in Germany dating all the way back to 1541, which means two things: that they can be called upon from anywhere in the world, and that they have existed at since least the 1500's.

Trevor has also stated that they are some sort of state of mourning, which could be for the loss of another Sister, or some other affiliated individual. This is the main reason they wear the veil, however they also wear it in order to hide their blades, their weapons of choice. Looking under their veils also somehow guarantee the looker a slow and painful death.

Their love and taking pleasure from violence and causing massive physical damage to her victims, as well as their general malice and demeanor take them very high up on Trevor’s creature Pain Scale, which would be somewhere close to, but not as evil as The Man with The Upside Down Face or Cartoon Cat, which both rank at the maximum of 10.

Their origins are currently unknown, due to the lack of information given to us by Trevor. It is possible that they are entities from The Void.


The Sisters are known to be very proficient and skilled with handling their blades, which would be a given considering that those are their main weapons to quickly inflict severe injuries like slices, stabs, or even other forms of injuries that would be very lethal for a human. This would make an encounter with one very difficult to survive.

A Sister's arsenal would consist of spears, sickles, shears, scythes, and a variety of knives. They would also be able to throw these blades in case a victim would try to get away. It is unknown how the Sisters are able to perfectly conceal and store such weapons underneath their veils, though it's possible that they have some sort of non-euclidean properties.

They also seem to be able to manifest anywhere upon being called up by unknown means, and would presumably use the traits of any entity that needs to be summoned in order to be manifested for violence. A recent post confirms that a brooch made of jagged metal in the shape of a moth is required in order to summon a Sister, though the specifics of what you do with it is unknown.

It is said that looking under or removing a Sister’s veil is a very bad idea, as it would cause you to suffer a guaranteed slow and agonizing death. It unknown if the act of looking under the veil is what directly causes this death, or if viewing the Sister’s face would be what causes this. It may also simply be that the Sister would get aggravated and decide to prolong and intensify the killing process.

Their human-like appearance, concealing clothing, and being able to hide their blades under the veil give them a unique ability to disguise themselves as normal humans. The Sisters have also been observed to occasionally speak, though very rarely. Their voices are described as razors violently keening upon each other to form human words. This would also suggest signs of increased intelligence, which make the Sisters all the more dangerous foes.

it is also possible that they do not have the need to breathe, as they is able to remain alive even when always tightly covered with a veil. This is further backed up by a user on Twitter asking "How does she breathe in that thing?", whom which was responded by Trevor saying "Trust me, she'll be alright".


  • They are currently Trevor’s newest and possibly canon creatures, as there have been a several images and a surplus of lore given of them.
  • They are some of the few creatures by Trevor that can actually speak human languages.
  • There are at least six different members in the group. Four of them have already been shown to us, the fifth is Mother Superior, and the sixth is the Sister with the white and black veil which has yet to be shown.
  • Twitter user @mxxnmoon made a theme song for the Sisters, which Trevor approved and made official.
  • When a Twitter user commented "May her malice never dull", Trevor conveniently replied saying "May her blades be ever keener."
  • It is unknown what happens if the moth brooch is destroyed, and if there is only one of its kind.
  • They are said to accept offerings sometimes, but it is unknown what happens when one is accepted.
    • Their favorite offering would be your favorite limb. Blood, meat, and other limbs would also be accepted as a good offerings.
  • It is unknown if they have a place of hiding that they return to when they are not being called upon.
  • The Sisters are willing participants in the violence their summoners have them do, and if anything, demand horrible violence from their summoners.
  • They are some of Trevor’s confirmed oldest creatures, as they have been around for 500 years, though they pale in comparison to Siren Head and Long Horse, who have been estimated to have existed since the Stone Age.
  • It is currently unknown who or what the Ever-Sharpening Blade actually even is, as it has been referred to as both a weapon and a male entity by Trevor. It has also been described as hiding beneath the Sisters’ veils, which could be what causes the slow and painful death of the person who looks under them.
  • Trevor stated that one Sister in particular was worshiped by certain turn of the century New England cults.
  • The moth brooch made of jagged sharp metal that was included in the wooden carving portrait art is used to summon any of The Sisters.
    • What you do with it to summon them, however is unknown.
  • It is unknown if the Sisters operate under an individual of higher power or if they operate independently.
  • It is unknown what their place in the creature Pain Scale is, however we can assume that it must be quite high, considering their love for violence. It’s possible that they may even rank at a 10, as they seem to go out of their way to inflict even more pain to their victims than necessary.
    • If this is the case, then they would share their ranking with The Man With The Upside-Down Face and Cartoon Cat.
      • Coincidentally, all three creatures were most prominent in the early 1900’s and continue to remain at large in the modern day, making it possible that they know about each other’s existence.


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