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It was already coming apart as it slipped into the old water, eager to be near them.
~ Trevor Henderson

The Sewer Monster is a disturbing creature made by artist Trevor Henderson.


This Sewer Monster is a heavily deformed, skeletal humanoid creature that crawls using it’s hands. Despite it’s skeletal form, it has a relatively large body structure.

It’s face resembles a distorted human face, with it’s mouth open wide, lacking nostrils, and it’s eye sockets empty. It’s possible that this creature cannot move it’s face due to calcification. The thin layer of skin it has left is said to be coming apart and is tinted yellowish-green due to it living the the dirty sewers.

The creature’s right arm and lower half of it’s body is not visible in the image, so it’s possible that it does not possess them at all. Although due to it’s habitat, it’s legs may have mutated and/or adapted to the waters of the sewer and became something like a tail or fin

Behavior and Origins

In the image, we can see it exit a non-submerged crawlspace meaning that it is likely a creature that behaves similarly to a crocodile or an alligator, able to maneuver both on land and in water. And much like a crocodile or an alligator, the monster appears to be hostile, or at least wants to be near people, judging from the caption provided. Due to it’s lack of teeth, we can assume that it’s method of killing is by blunt force, drowning or crushing it’s victims

As for it’s origins, it may be a human who was mutated and transformed by unknown means. It could have been from a viral or fungal infection or some sort of dangerous, mutagenic chemicals in the sewer water, or perhaps a combination of the three.


Due to the creature’s enlarged humanoid proportions and bony body, it’s safe to say that this monstrosity would be able to overpower a human, especially if they are unarmed and unprepared. It’s ability to swiftly maneuver and submerge itself in the murky water, coupled with the dark and enclosed spaces of the sewer would make it a very stealthy and hard-to-avoid threat.

It may also have a form of echolocation or a strong sense of smell, since it is able to properly navigate the sewer systems without eyes and in complete darkness. This would make the previous statement more true, as hiding from it would be less useful, as it can simply hear or smell your location.

It would also be a very resilient threat, given the fact that it is deceased yet, despite being extremely malnourished and coming apart. This could imply some sort of powerful regeneration factor at play, keeping the being alive despite it’s physical trauma.

Due to it’s possible origins, it could also have the ability to infect or mutate other living organisms around it, whether via contact or otherwise (granted that it hasn’t already caught and eaten you).


  • The way it exits out of the crawlspace is similar to the Wall Bender and Subway Creeper, as well as a few other creatures.
  • It could possibly be related to the Night Dog, given their similarities.
  • The name “Sewer Monster” is a fan-given name, but it should still be used when referring to this creature due to a lack of a proper name.



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