Trevor Henderson Wiki

He sat down in front of the window overlooking the empty lot, the lone streetlight humming, marking a place in the darkness. It was there again, and it had another piece this time. Every night it came back, each time it was more...complete. It looked up and met his gaze.
~ Trevor Henderson.


This creature only has a head, a torso, and 1 long arm. The head has 2 holes for eyes and no mouth or nose.

It gains more limbs every night. It smells like rotten cheese


Usually you would see this thing at 3:30 am in the empty streets. You will hear a voice saying "Guess the word", and then giant brackets will appear in the sky, it's like hangman, but deadly. You get 6 chances, on the first mistake, the head appears, on the second one, the torso appears, and so on, if get it wrong for the sixth time, the reverse hangman will appear, and will kill you without leaving a single trace that anyone died there, not even blood. If you win, you will be free, the hangman disappears, and you will forget that ever happened, but you will be able to recall a few things though.

Scare Factor 7/10

Overall Appearance: 7.8/10