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He always had the worst paranoia whenever they were forced to park at a rest stop.
~ Trevor Henderson, explaining the effect of the creature on a victim.

The Nervous Houseguest is a disturbing and mysterious creature created by the horror artist Trevor Henderson. Very little is known about this particular creature, but as its name would suggest, it is a very shy and nervous creature that also likes to return the favor by stalking people and making them feel uncomfortable. This makes it unique, as it does not attack people physically, but prefers to watch from a distance as it mentally distresses its victims.


The Nervous Houseguest depicts a massive and vaguely humanoid creature, peering over what appears to be a small disheveled house in the middle of a large field. The way it is peering down at whatever it may be also implies that it is actually resting on top of the building. It is covered all over with a light gray skin,

The torso of the creature, or at least what we can see of it, appears to be a very plump and wide piece that is in the shape of an oval. The skin on the torso seems to be quite thick and wrinkly, and also have a large number of visible veins. The way it is textured suggests that the creature's skeletal system on the torso is also shaped like an oval, with web-like patterns of jointed bones near the exterior (like a puffer fish), and other spine-like bones in the middle for structural support. This leaves the skin to lightly concave at the areas with no bones behind them, and also makes the creature's muscle and body fat visible.

The Houseguest's arms are considerably thin and short when compared to its body, however they do still look like somewhat resemble normal human arms. The main oddity about the arms are the fact that there appears to be only a single forearm on each one, which are also connected halfway down the torso instead of near the top of the torso at the shoulders, which it does not seem to possess. The hands of the creature are the most normal parts, having the usual five fingers, although the index finger does seem to be the longest, getting lower until the pinky.

Finally, we move on to the most unnerving part of the creature, which is its head. The large head seems to be nothing but its strangely smooth skin covering a skull, which may actually be the skull of a very young child. What really emphasizes this comparison are its eerily large cartoonish eyes. These eyes are looking in different directions and have purely white sclerae and completely black large pupils, giving them the appearance of googly eyes. The creature also has a nose and a chin, but no nostrils or mouth to accompany them. The head itself is connected to the body by a thick neck with many veins.

Due to its position in the image, it is impossible to determine what its lower half may look like, as well as measuring its height. It is assumed that it is about 45 Feet or 13.71 Meters tall, which is around the same height as the infamous Siren Head.

Behavior and Origins

Very little is actually confirmed in regards to this particular creature's behavior and origins, and most of what we know about it comes from pure speculation. The caption of the image states that an unspecified person seems to always feel paranoid and watched whenever he and his companions would park at rest stops.

If it wasn't obvious enough, the cause of this intense feeling of paranoia is very likely the Nervous Houseguest itself. It also seems to be constantly watching and following the person wherever he goes, as the caption denotes that he always feels this way when they stop at any rest stop, and not just a particular one. This may also suggest that the creature is invisible to the naked eye, as something that large and strange would have certainly caught the eye of someone by now.

The somewhat confused and childish look on the creature's face could also hint at it being nervous and paranoid as well, and is constantly looking for people to latch on to and make paranoid in order to let them experience what it is feeling. In a way, it almost acts like a sort of disease that can infect people for a long time, constantly making them feel watched until it finds another victim. It could also be some sort of physical representation for paranoia.

Its origins are unclear, but it could have been created as the overwhelming feeling paranoia and nervousness felt by humans manifesting into a single being of made as an embodiment of this emotion, spreading this feeling to as many people as it can, as well as experiencing it. The creature's distinctly human-like face, could also induce some sort of uncanny valley feeling in whoever managed to catch a glimpse of it, allowing it to induce the most amount of paranoia and anxiety in people. This makes it very similar in concept to The Old Detective.


One of the main abilities of the Houseguest is its complete invisibility to the naked eye, possibly requiring a camera in order to see it, much like The Man With The Upside-Down Face. This allows it to stalk and watch people without their knowledge, and prevents them from fighting back. It's other main ability directly complements this, which is its ability to induce intense paranoia and anxiety to other people by making them feel watched. Feeling this enough times would cause severe mental distress to the victim, leading to them to behave unusually. The creature can also very likely teleport, which is how it is able to keep up with its victims, despite them moving constantly. It is probably unable to move on its own without this ability, as it seems to be too large for its limbs to fully support.

The Houseguest's large size also means that it is very capable of defending itself if a physical confrontation does occur. This size and destructive capability could almost be compared to some of The Giants, although it obviously doesn't prefer to cause a ruckus since this risks being found. Its thick and bony skin would also make it difficult to severely damage. Finally, it also seems to show signs of intelligence and has very good eyesight, making it more efficient at tracking and terrorizing victims.



  • The name "Nervous Houseguest" is a fan-made name, but should still be used when referring to this creature until an official name is given.
  • It is the with he second creature with the main ability of inflicting paranoia onto people, the first one being The Old Detective, which was made only a month prior.
    • They may even be related to one another, given their behavioral similarities.
  • Due to its massive size, it was originally thought to be a member of The Giants.


The name for this creature, The Nervous Houseguest, is not
confirmed and is made up by either the fandom or one of our fellow wiki members, mainly due to the fact that Trevor hasn't given the creature an official name yet. Please do keep in mind that the name (and therefore, the article) is subject to change in the future, and that the name it has right now is unofficial, though it may still be referred to as such if no official name is given.



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