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First there was the siren, cutting through the mist, then the crowd arrived. As they ambled towards us, the shadow of the sickly giant heaved above them.
~ A person describing their encounter with the Giant.

The Misty Giant is a creature made by horror artist Trevor Henderson. Being a member of the infamous Giants, it is able to cause mass destruction using its massive size. However, this Giant in particular possesses strange properties that give it an advantage when it comes to killing or otherwise causing destruction to humans.


The Misty Giant depicts a massive quadrupedal mammal-like creature looming over a large crowd of people. As the name of the creature suggests, the beast and the people surrounding it are partially obscured under a thick mist that is present throughout the image.

The body of the creature is akin to some sort of strange mammal, somewhat resembling Big Charlie, although it also resembles the body of a human, albeit extremely hunched over where the stomach should be.It also appears to have a strange large hump near its waist. It is possible that this is where the stomach is actually located.

The creature overall appears to be extremely thin and skeletal, as if the creature had been severely malnourished, which is in line with its description in the caption. Due to this condition, the ribs and the spine of the beast are rather prominent, being easily visible as it presses against its skin. There are also large patches of what is possibly hair, dangling down from all over its torso and even its head. This indicates that it may be a furred or hairy creature, whose hair has become loose and messy due to the body shrinking due to undernourishment.

The head of the giant is extremely smooth and circular, almost as if only the skull of the creature is making the shape of the head, as skull of an animal do tend to be smoother and rounder than its head. Finally, its legs (which are also thin and bony) are structured similarly to a horse, as its hind legs extend backwards, then forwards, while its forelegs extend in the opposite order.

Another thing to mention is that the creature appears to have amassed a crowd of people at its feet. They appear to be dressed in dark, concealing clothing and are staring at the camera.

As for the height of the creature, we can use the parking lot lights near it to make an estimate of its height. The average parking lot light is about 12-15 feet. We assume that the ones seen in the image are on the low end, as some of the people do appear to be about half as tall as them. Accounting for distance, the creature appears to be 5 and 2/3 the height of the lights. This makes the creature 68 Feet or 20.7 Meters, making it one of the shortest Giants.


Not much has been confirmed about the Misty Giant's behavior, although we did get some interesting information that may give us a clue as to how it operates.

First and foremost, the creature is definitely a member of the infamous Giants. Aside from its massive size and being referred to as a giant in the caption, it is also seen surrounded by mist and bad weather, an occurence that typically indicates that a Giant is nearby. All of this more or less confirms its status as a member of the Giants.

Secondly, the type of Giant the creature belongs to is most likely the Destruction Giants. This is evident by the fact that it is one of the smallest Giants in the Mythos, only being beaten out by the Fire Giant and That Bat in terms of shortness. The height of a Giant is a good way to tell what behavior type it follows, as there is no way that a Giant that small could be a Collection Giant. It also does not posses any eyes, so the possibility of it being an Observing Giant is ruled out.

This Giant would likely go around cities and towns causing destruction. Despite its sickly state, it may still have some power left in it to destroy buildings or kill people deemed unworthy. It would likely leave those who are worthy to be collected by the other Giants.

Another detail to note is that this is the only Giant we have seen that possibly requires food and other sustenance to survive, unlike other Giants who only need to rest to regain energy. Its malnourished and sickly appearance indicates that it has likely not eaten in quite some time. It is unknown what he eats though, as he does not seem to care that much about eating people.


As for abilities, the Giants massive size would easily allow it to crush people and cars, tear down medium-sized buildings and just generally wreak havoc. Like all Giants, this one likely has some sort of supernatural sense that allows it to know where to go and what to do, despite being eyeless.

The most interesting ability of this Giant is its strange power to seemingly mind-control people. As evident by the large crowd beneath it, the creature seems to attract massive hordes of people that seeming follow it around anywhere it goes, as the caption states that the crowd arrives after the Giant.

This is practically confirmed by Trevor when he said that the creature is "always 'making' new friends", with the word 'making' being in quotation marks, it likely forces people to follow it against their will. It is unknown how it does this, though. It is reasonable to believe that it can command its minions around to chase after unturned individuals, coming after them in places where the Giant can't normally reach and eventually overpowering the victim.

The combined forces of the massive horde of people attacking, along with the Giant beast makes it a truly formidable creature to encounter.


  • This creature may be closely related to the Misty Guests.
  • It has a somewhat similar appearance to Big Charlie, but it is unlikely that they are related because they are from different universes.
  • Trevor has stated that this creature in particular was heavily inspired by the movie "The Mist", more specifically, the shot showing a giant six-legged creature walking on a road.
    • Trevor has also stated that this movie is what inspired him in making many of the other Giants.
  • When asked if it is a friend, Trevor replied with "This friend has lots of his own small friends, and he's ALWAYS 'making' new friends."
    • This confirms both the creature's ability and its gender.



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