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Cryptid Overview

More appearances of the Man with the Upside-Down Face. A New Year’s Eve party at an Air Force base in 1943 where a man was fatally injured, a car accident in 1948, and a disastrous train accident in 1951. It’s interesting to note that no matter how close he gets to other bystanders, no one has ever recalled seeing him at the time. It’s only in the photos after the fact that he’s seen.

The Man with the Upside-Down Face is an unnerving creature created by horror artist Trevor Henderson. His ability to sneak around unseen to feed off of people's negativity makes him one of the eeriest creatures in Trevor's long list of monsters. He is also able to cause disasters, make people violent, levitate, teleport, and to top it all off, he is one of the most intelligent creatures that Trevor has made. All of these perks makes him one of the most feared and dangerous cryptids in the Mythos.


The Man With The Upside-Down Face, as his name implies, depicts an adult human male with fair skin with his head turned completely upside-down. He is almost always seen eerily smiling, with his eyes looking downwards (upwards, from his perspective) or right at the camera. The top of his head is connected to his neck. He has strangely thin and bony limbs, especially his fingers.

He is often seen wearing a black suit with a white button-up shirt with visible collars. On certain instances, he is also seen wearing a black tie. His clothes may also differ from photo-to-photo, as he can be seen wearing different outfits such as jackets, coats, and mechanic suits, among other things.

First Sightings

In the first photo where people are surrounded by a car which had an accident, the Man is seen in the middle, smiling at the event. The second photo appears to be a similar case, except the Man is inside of the car smiling directly at the photographer. The third photo appears to be a normal photo of a marketplace at first glance, but the Man is actually standing in the background, grinning. Taking a closer look at the third photo, it is notable that names the stores in the image are in Hungarian, which may suggest that the location of the picture is in Budapest, Hungary. This could mean that The Man With The Upside-Down Face resides in or originates from Hungary, though it is most likely that the Man is an international entity, given that he seemingly appears in different countries in later photos. He first started appearing during the 1910’s and was most prominent during the 1920’s to the 1960’s, where his appearances stopped. However, there is evidence to suggest that he has stayed around at least up until the 1980’s and is possibly still at large during modern day, though there are no images of him so far that confirm this.


Considered as one of the most evil being Trevor Henderson has made, The Man with The Upside-Down Face is almost always seen near disastrous events, usually car crashes or other incidents involving some sort of vehicle. He has also been captured in other areas during events of great misery or distress, like in a Millsbury Savings Bank during the Great Depression.

It is believed that the Man is close to or possibly just as evil as the infamous Cartoon Cat, appearing to be a most malevolent being. He causes and feeds upon human pain, suffering, and death without any remorse, he leeches off the suffering of his victims, during their terrifying and painful events, literally and figuratively sucking the life out of them for his own twisted pleasure and satisfaction.

Trevor has revealed more information on the Man with the Upside-Down Face that only further supports his status as a sadistic and evil creature who loves torture, said to be timeless and that his physical form exists only to torment humanity. This suggests that he could be some sort of being from a different dimension, or possibly even the Void, who decided to manifest in a physical body in order to feed on humanity’s suffering. This is further supported by Trevor stating that his body and upside-down face is just for show and intentionally meant to invoke unease, implying that the Man takes on this form in order to further frighten those who merely take a photograph of the incident.

Trevor has called the Man a sort of “bottom feeder,” as he is drawn to tragic events, but he is not usually able to directly cause them. However he is known to be able to cause more minor inconveniences or increase influences that may lead into upsetting disasters, such as causing a tire of a car to pop, or causing an argument to become violent.


The Man With The Upside-Down Face is a particularly stealthy creature, on account of the fact that he is completely invisible to the naked eye and requires some sort of camera or other recording device in order to be seen. He is also seemingly able to instantly teleport between different locations, mostly those where his preferred negative occurrences can occur or have recently occurred. Another, more recent image shows the Man levitating upside-down, making his head appear normal, which means that the Man is able to defy gravity.

In order to increase the chance of suffering and misery to happen, the Man is able to move or disrupt certain objects, such as tires in order to cause different possible disasters, suggesting that he may have some sort of light telekinetic abilities.

He may also have some sort of negative aura surrounding him, given that food appears to spoil around him, as well as the fact that he can influence people to make arguments and become violent without actually even being seen or heard. This supposed negative aura is so strong that it can directly physically affect people, causing them to experience convulsions and causing people to dance as if they were dancing with thin air to exhaust and potentially collapse.

On multiple occasions, he is also able to cause groups of people to mysteriously disappear, which may imply that he is also capable of killing people directly, though it’s more likely that the people were killed in an accident caused by The Man and their bodies were just never found.

Due to his innately inhuman nature, he does not need to eat food, breathe, sleep, and cannot feel pain or remorse. He can, however still do the former three if so desired.


  • The Man with The Upside Down Face is the Patron Saint of “Car Wrecks, Natural Disasters, Misery and Bloody Pavement."
  • In Trevor Henderson's Patron Saints series of images, The Man with the Upside-Down Face (like other creatures) has a sun-like symbol behind him while Cartoon Cat doesn't. In fact, Cartoon Cat isn't even called a Patron Saint while the Man is.
    • This implies he is less evil than the cat, a fact that was later confirmed by Trevor.
  • When asked "Who is worse? Cartoon Cat or The Man With The Upside Down Face?" Trevor replied by saying "Cartoon Cat.” This leads us to believe that Cartoon Cat is much more dangerous and powerful than the Man. And if not more powerful, possibly the evilest.
    • While the Man has shown to be the worst, pettiest, and most negative creature of the bunch, Cartoon Cat might have worse intents or crimes to his name, though no such crimes have been witnessed or confirmed yet.
  • The Man with the Upside-Down Face does not need to breathe, as he is stated to let rain water pour down his nostrils without ill effect.
  • Humorously and confusingly, The Man with the Upside-Down Face cannot frown.
  • Trevor has confirmed that out of all of his creatures, the Man is, "the pettiest asshole of the bunch."[1]
  • Trevor has hinted at the Man with the Upside-Down Face not being able to feel pain by making a small quip that he imagines the Man drinking a bowl of soup by just shoving the bowl into his face even if it’s scalding hot and slurping it up while the hot soup pours into his eyes.
  • Interestingly enough, in his very first appearance, the Man was described to only have appeared after or during the time the tragedies had occurred. However, more recent images of the Man show him in photographs taken before the incidents, usually with the victims alive and well, with some photos even being taken months before the tragedies occur.
    • It is unknown if this was Trevor knowingly retconning the Man’s behavior, or he simply forgot about this detail.
    • The most likely answer is that no one had taken any photographs of places a month prior to tragedies during the 1910’s to the 1960’s due to there being no reason to do so, which lead people to believe that the Man did not appear prior to his doings.
  • Despite what Trevor said, The Man with the Upside-Down Face may still be the evilest creation that Trevor Henderson has ever created. While Cartoon Cat attacks mostly when people are in/around his lair and, if his possible origin of being an abandoned 1930’s cartoon is true, only attacks people for revenge and he possibly hasn't killed anyone at all (as there he does not have any confirmed or visible kills). In contrast, The Man seems to do everything just for fun, causing the fatal incidents and then feeding off the grief and misery that he causes others for his own sickening pleasure.
    • This makes Cartoon Cat more of a sympathetic anti-villain while the Man is an outright sadomasochist. However this does not change the fact the Cartoon Cat is the strongest and most dangerous creature, since even other dangerous cryptids like Country Road Creature and even Siren Head tend to never disturb it's lair.
  • He and Cartoon Cat are both ranked at a 10 (which is the highest ranking) in Trevor’s cryptid “Pain Scale”.
    • Coincidentally, both creatures had started appearing in the early 1900’s, with Cartoon Cat being theorized to have appeared in the 1930’s, while the Man had started appearing in the 1910’s and becoming the most active between the 1920’s-1960’s.
      • This makes it possible that the two creatures know about each other’s existence.
  • Since he is able to cause people to have convulsions and dance until collapse when in his presence, it is possible that in the Trevor Henderson Mythos, The Man may have been the cause of the 1518 Dancing Plague.
  • Trevor has stated that he is timeless and his physical form only represents a cruel joke on humanity, this may imply he is immune to time/causality, much like Siren Head, which makes them immortal in some way.



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