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The Man In The Blue Room, abbreviated as TMITBR, is a creature made by Trevor Henderson.


The Man In The Blue Room ressembles an Humanoid being, but it haves an blue/blu-ish skin, as you can see in the image on the infobox. The creature haves an semi-skeletal/mummified skin, which means the creature seems possibly dead, or, doesn't drinks water. It has some skeletal/mummified details around all of his body also, like lil'spots, scratchs, stains, bones, flesh, etc. as you can see. it has skeletal/mummified limbs, with the same skeletal/mummified body details i said before. Also, it only haves hands on its arms, and not on legs. Any hand haves 4-5 fingers, like an normal human, but pointed, and without fingernails. It doesn't haves feets, having only probably stakes as ''feet''(legs in-case). It haves an human-like neck, doesn't haves hair, and appears to have an Semi-rounded head possibly. It has an mouth possibly without an tongue at all. It haves human/humanoid-like teeths, which are grey/white-ish, and appears to have some vines/veins on its face-skin (which are connected to its full skin, or, specifically, flesh) and does not appears to have an nose and ears, judging by the infobox details, that i will fix soon or people may fix soon. It haves Black-ish eyes, without Pupils or any other Eye Details. It haves an small/tiny hole on the Northeast Direction/Point of its head as we can see in one of the gallery image. Also, he appears to possess horns on its head, but the creature is not an demon or anything else. It does not haves an genital as seen on the second gallery image. More info will be added soon.

Behavior / Personality

Well, the caption does not says anything about the creature's behavior or personality, so, we need to theorize this.

Probably, the creature may be hostile if provoked or threatened, if not hungry, or angry. Yes, the creature is hostile, but needs to eat. It likes to enter/stay in bathrooms for some reason, probably to wait their victims/preys enter up and kill/eat them. It kills them by Impalement, which means the creature kick them brutally, and then after weakening them, it eats them. Also, it can kill their victims/preys by Strangling them, that is, it may smother them agressively and brutally to death, making them die of Asphixyation. Or it may kill them by beating them, beating them to death. It haves many ways of Torture and Execution, through physical actions. But it can be neutral sometimes. Also, the creature may be hostile because it is Scopophobic, which means the creature was formerly friendly/neutral and wasn't an home invader, but with the fact of always being observed, hated, threatened and sometimes even tried to be killed, the creature generated an hatred by humans, and started opting to hunt they to survive. But this may be only an theory. It is an home-invader entity, that is, invade the house of their victims/preys through the main door through incredibly stealthy, and go to the bathroom... And wait... or find a way to enter the house, specifically, an entrance to the bathroom. More info will be added soon.


Little is known about this being. That's why we, fellow wiki members of this wikia, are trying our best to catch any information, including _yReaper. He'll try to explain this creature's origin's.

Experiment Theory

This theory suggests it could be a defective experiment, which has arrived from a laboratory, in which today it is abandoned and destroyed, almost resembling ruins. The experiment could be focusing on the ''futuristic'', ''advanced'' and ''technological'' evolution of the human being. The experiment could have started many decades ago, like in the 1990s, 1980s or anything else, and remembering that the probability of the experiment failing in those times was very high, due of the lack of resources, knowledge, and everything else. Well, the experiment started. Please note radiation haves nothing to do with those theories. Well, they used the resources in a specific human, and it turned out that they used Mutation Nucleotide Particles, the human suffered a lot of mutations until he reached the point where his appearance and everything is, and then, genocided(killed almost every single scientist and person that was working there on that lab.) and just escaped. And since the human liked a lot the Blue-Color, it choosed to roam around Blue-ish places, not really but, still.

Ghost/Spectrum Theory

This another theory suggests he isn't really an Failed Experiment, but an Ghost, or an Spectrum/Wraith of a dead person in which died on his own house, or maybe on somewhere's bathroom. Let me explain more well, it could be an human that was hated by many people because he made really bad things, in which called Assassin's attention. Really, he could be an Very Sinful Person, that mistreated, beat, beat and even tortured his own mother(It sounds a little bit exaggerated but lets just keep going...), killed people, made high crimes and misdemeanors, etc. But of course, he firstly could have an very bad, way bad than another people's bad childhood, when he was a young child or whatever, and related to his horrible childhood, he could have suffered a trauma which caused him to go crazy and start acting this way not normal... very strangely presumably. And then he could have been killed by Assassins sent by anonymous persons in which wanted that he died alot, and when he died, get back as an Vengeful Ghost, and started haunting people as well and kill them, killing them and eating their meats. It also may have back as an Physical Being, well, Half-Ghost/Spectrum AKA Wraith, Half-Physical Being, presumably.


  • The creature isn't really blue, as we can see on the caption, the creature may be probably Blue/White-ish, which means the creature may not have an blu-ish skin color. (Theory)
  • It isn't really in a room, it is in the possibly bathroom of the victim's house. But there's many different bathrooms on many different houses. So, possibly the bathroom walls may be blue, that's why the name. (Theory)
  • He maybe just wanna use the bathroom, if u understand me. (DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY IT IS JUST AN JOKE!)
  • If it is not hungry or angry, it still invade people's house, but just invades anyways. If he does it, just sight it for a long time or force it to leave out the house. But this may be impossible because it is an semi-powerful being.
  • It sometimes hunt animals if does not haves any human prey/victim to kill and eat, including Stray-Dogs(NO), Bunnies, rats, reptiles, etc.
  • When i saw the creature's image first time, i though its face was an crown... (It was many time ago in 2020)
  • This page just got remaked because of grammar and effort.
  • More info will be added soon!


Ya know? Hollow Head Is Pretty Similar to The Man in The Blue Room

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