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People see this as strict reading order, it's not. Paraphrasing Dark, "They're more like guidelines than actual rules".


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The Patient is a legend in 1914 that gained popularity due to people debunking it.


first appearance: a patient with white skin, white shirt with bloodstains.

second appearance: black-skinned human with short legs and a tall body.


It is a log made by an unknown medic during WW1-

LOG 1: Private John was a......Let's say a man kept to him self. He would usually pace back and forth along the trenches, Muttering " Will this end?" as if asking something. He would usually get on the the bad side of Commander Crowley, to quote him "Why the F@#$ are tearing up the maps in the office!?". Yeah, hope i get proper sleep tonight.

LOG 2: We got hit real bad last night. We were on the wrong side of a howitzer. Then f@#$ing chlorine gas. We had enough gas masks, but i heard a familiar scream. Running towards the scream, i saw.....the thing that will scar my memory. John, he was turning green. The f@#$ing chlorine gas. He got hit by shrapnel real bad. Gotta take him to field hospital.

LOG 3: We took the wounded men to the field hospital. I was fixing up Crowley's wounds, Then i heard shouts on agony. Finishing wrapping up the officer, i saw john, having both arms amputated, dead. We didn't have body bags. So we simply loaded him up on a ship. When we saw the Chalk white mountains of Dover. We took him to the hospital. Long time no see Britan. Sleep

LOG 4: I heard orders going through my ear. Waking up, i saw.......John? F@#$ it! am i dreaming? I saw him, running with no f@#$ing arms, biting every f@#$er in sight. I managed to escape with a bunch of officers and medics. I had to go under a psychological test. I was discharged due to extreme PTSD. I am working at Cambridge as a school doctor. But i can't forget that......thing.

We never know what happens to the medic, but to many speculations he might have lived a normal life. But as for the patient, he still haunts the hospital grounds. The Lost Patient looks like Yoyo except for the face, could this be the true identity of Yoyo?

Scare Factor

First post: 2.3/10

Second post: 4.5/10


Inspired by patients.

He is lost, please help him find the doctor's office.

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