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The article below contains this photo of the notorious Long Lady, an entity which supposedly haunts a street in South London. Whatever you do, don't look at her face.
~ Trevor Henderson, introducing the creature.

The Long Lady is terrifying creature created by horror artist Trevor Henderson, set to be the main antagonist for an upcoming horror game called "GHOSTS". The game is currently still in development and set to release on February 22, 2022. Trevor is not actually directly involved with the creation of the project, rather only being the character designer for the Long Lady, and possibly other characters.

Trevor has made multiple found-footage style images of the Long Lady in order to tease and promote the game. These images have been posted on Twitter by not only Trevor, but also @Jedsheperd, who is one of the people involved in the making of the game.


The Long Lady a disturbingly tall, disfigured creature which has the form of a human female. She is usually seen outdoors in a small town environment, more specifically in London, UK. Her appearance remains relatively the same throughout most of the images.

She is always seen wearing a long plain black dress which extends all the way to her feet, obscuring and tightly covering most of her body, which we see to be extremely thin and slender. The dress perfectly accommodates her size, not being too long to the point of folding on the ground, but not short enough to have any visible space between it and the ground. The dress also has short sleeves (in comparison to her, at least) which only reach down to just above her elbow.

Her arms are always visible in the images, not being obscured by the long dress she sports due to the shorter sleeves. They are very thin, but about proportional to her as normal human, reaching down to about her knees. They are also almost always dangling downwards, not grabbing onto anything. Her hands have eerily long and thin fingers, with the thumbs being slightly dislocated and facing upwards.

The most disturbing part of this creature however, is her ever-gazing and disfigured head. Her face is severely misshapen, with a very large gaping mouth and eye holes. The eyes are misaligned and appear almost like large broken holes in her face. Her mouth is also slightly tilted. She has long black hair covering the top and sides of her head, eventually blending in with her dress in the darkness. In other more up-close images, her hair is placed to perfectly cover her horrific face. Her hair is also neatly going straight down along her body in all images except for one.

While all known images of her are shot in black-and-white, it is safe to assume that she has very pale skin due to it appearing at a much lighter shade of white than should be normal for a living human.

Finally, her towering height is what led the people of the town to giving her the nickname, "The Long Lady". This nickname is very much justified by the fact that she is almost as tall as a full two-story house. Houses like these are normally about 20 Feet. From this, we can assume her height is around 18 Feet or 5.48 Meters, a height which makes her one of the tallest non-Giant creatures that Trevor has ever made.

Behavior and Origins

Both Trevor and Jed have given a surprising amount of information about her in their posts, which is to be expected from a creature which will be in a game. There are also some more interesting things to note in the posts' captions.

First and foremost, it very obvious and clearly established that she is a ghost of a woman who had perished somewhere near the street which she haunts. Her unique and grotesque appearance is a byproduct of her condition, as Trevor Henderson is known for drawing ghosts in a much more disturbing and twisted appearance than when they were alive. This also likely done to make the game more unique

Due to her status as a ghost, she is said to haunt the street in South London where she presumably died, where she then became a local urban legend as stories and sightings of her increased. Hauntings of her have also been frequently reported in the area.

While her origins are unknown, the posts' captions imply that she has been around since at least the year 1987. The captions also make mentions of a person known as "Miss Cottingley" (likely a character which will appear in the game), whom two of the images were said to have come from. Trevor has stated that Miss Cottingley grew up terrified looking out of her window, which, combined with the image that this was stated on, imply that she was haunted by the Long Lady as a child, as the creature would appear standing outside of her window.

Miss Cottingley has apparently sent the images to an investigation team (which Trevor and Jed are implied to be a part of, in-universe) for further examination. The investigation team is very likely the same team which you play as in the game.


The most noticeable perk of the creature is the very namesake of her, being her imposing height. This height would allow her to see people practically wherever they are (as long as they are in an open area), move very fast, as well as be able to easily pick people up to drop them (the latter of which we actually see her do in the game's Kickstarter trailer).

She also has other supernatural abilities as well. Being a ghost, she is likely able to phase through walls, and she can also become invisible, which we also see in the trailer. It is also heavily implied that people who personally manage to catch a good glimpse of her face past her hair will die sooner than later, much like The Sisters of the Ever-Sharpening Blade in the Trevor Henderson Mythos.


This article contains most of the information we know so far about the Long Lady alone. This is not a page explaining the game in which she will appear in. The information in the article about may also be inaccurate, incomplete, or subject to change until the game is released.



  • The Long Lady is the first and only creature created by Trevor to be made specifically for a game.
    • This also makes her the second creature which Trevor has made that is officially used for an entirely different project, with the first being the Weird Boy used in MILKBLOOD's music video.
  • She is the first creature to have official images posted by a different person.
  • She is the fourth tallest non-Giant creature that Trevor has made, next to Mr. Bag, The Man With Four Arms, and the one and only Siren Head.
  • She is the second creature made by Trevor that has an official theme song, which was composed by @mxxnmoon. The first one was The Sisters of the Ever-Sharpening Blade, whose theme song was also made by the same person.
  • Her name is rather strange, as she should be called "The Tall Lady" rather than "The Long Lady", as her length is just about that of an average person.
    • This may have been done intentionally for alliteration.




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