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The grey thing is a creature with grey skin, no hair and a wicked smile. It's body can hardly be seen in the photo. but we can assume it's humanoid. The grey thing is always found wearing a black robe.

Behavior and backstory

The grey thing was a man about to die of old age but right before he could die he had a vision of a strange entity who offered a new life as a monster. The man decided to take the deal since he didnt want to die, but the entity didn't mention that as a monster the man would gain a new evil personality. So the entity made him into the grey thing. All the grey thing wants to do is kill people. It goes around the world using its abilities to decieve and kill.


the grey thing can hover, force people to laugh using magic, create magical darkness, go invisible, teleport, create illusionary duplicates of itself, cause fear, slow people down, detect humans, go into people's dreams, and cause psychic damage using its smile