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The Drool Eel (commonly known as E E L, all caps and spaced out) is a species of eel closely related to the green moray eel.


Not much is known about the E E L. The E E L is a Worm-like creature with an eerie human face that has one eye missing, a smiling mouth and ear holes. Out of every orifice, except the nose, flows a black fluid, presumably blood. He has a very long neck, and he is an evil eel-like monster. The background is pitch black except the eel itself.


when the drool eel is resting, it's body is in a vertical position, and it turns it's head so it's looking forward and not directly up. this is known as the "hunch position". when it is not in the hunch position, it is either moving to a new position, or most likely, hunting. when the drool eel is hunting, it will swim at remarkable speeds. when it finds it's prey (pretty much anything edible that it can fit in it's mouth), it will begin to leak it's black liquid, which is to fish as cyanide is humans. when the fish comes in contact with the black viscera, it will begin to "burn" rapidly, revealing the flesh and bone, in which the drool eel consumes. the viscera contains a strong concentration of acid.

the drool eel mates like the green moray eel, but it's eggs are encased in a pale green, scale-like "skin" which is thick and protects the eggs from predators. when the babies are ready to be born, the eggs pop. on average, a female produces 2 to 5 eggs. one egg is about the size of a baseball.


most are located in freshwater, but there are two that are currently in captivity in an aquarium in florida.


  • the E E L was worshiped by almost every ancient civilization that lived near the Mediterranean, suggesting that a long time ago (but long after the fertile crescent ancient civilizations diminished), all drool eels mass-migrated to freshwater. the reason for this is unknown.
  • the longest-living drool eel is still alive, which was tagged at the age of 7 and was recently found 45 years later, at the age of 52-year old drool eel. it was 9 feet