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northwest camera, 3:04 am

~ Trevor Henderson

The Crawler Creature is a mysterious and very little know creature made by Trevor Henderson. That is also the reason why this page is very short.

The Crawler Creature walking in some sort of tunnel.

The Crawler Creature wandering in some sort of tunnel.


The Crawler Creature appears to be a big creature presumably standing on four legs with a big, bulbous head, with no eyes, with a gaping mouth with teeth. He is seemingly grey, but since the camera is black and white, it might be not his true color. It seems like it is 2 meters (~6.6 feet) in height, 3.5 meters (~11.5 feet) in length and 1.3 meter (~4.26 feet) in width.


The crawler creature likes to go into buildings that have security cameras so it can break them as people watch. After it breaks the cameras, it will go through-out the building and start killing people one by one. There has been discovered only one crawler creature, so it is unknown if the creature reproduces.


The crawler creature has a good bit more strength then the average adult human. It has a bite attack and a claw attack.