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They had breached the circle, and he could see them coming from all sides now. it was only a matter of time til they got in.
~ Trevor Henderson

The Breachers are a group of creatures made by artist Trevor Henderson.


The Breachers depict 4 different creatures.

The first one, shown at the top left camera, depicts a creature with a total of 7-8 legs, walking next to a tree, likely located at the front yard or the backyard.

The second creature, shown on the top right camera, depicts a creature running on all fours next to the garage of the house.

The third creature, shown at the middle camera, depicts a creature with long arms, about to enter the porch of the house.

The fourth and final creature, shown at the bottom middle camera, depicts a creature with a very human-like face. However, it has a very wide mouth and lack of eyes. The creature is shown behind a fence.

All 4 creatures are shown invading someone's house, as they "breached the circle", trying to find a way to get in and kill their victim.