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That isn't the moon or That Isn’t A Solar Eclipse - creature by Michael Ramstead that was redrawn by Trevor Henderson.

Creation Date

The image with him was released on October 12, 2018, on the artist's instagram account under the nickname Michael Ramstead with the caption "Fall Forever: That Isn’t the Moon". The image was dedicated to Halloween. And on November 13, 2020, Trevor releases an image of this creature with the caption "That isn't the moon. Had to try my hand at drawing this guy for @michaelramstead! Thanks for making an ingenious monster! This guy is the creation of @ michaelramstead, this is just a fan tribute!"


That isn't the moon looks like a fairly tall humanoid creature with a black body color. The most important feature of this creature is its head, large, white with an ideal circle shape with a cunningly smiling face. As shown in the various depictions of him, during the night his head glows with moonlight, but in the daytime his head turns completely black, leaving only the outline of a sly smiling faceand his name in this case turns into That Isn’t A Solar Eclipse.


Night time

In the images themselves from Michael Ramstead, it can be said that the creature loves to follow people. However, it is not clear why, maybe he hunts like this and kills his victims, maybe he just does it for the sake of entertainment, we do not yet have answers. His dark skin with a large moon-like head allows him to disguise himself in the surrounding darkness to stalk his victims, the only thing that can betray him is his face. Its estimated height is about 8 meters, but in a recent depiction of this creature, it appears to be larger. Therefore, some people began to make theories that it could change its size, starting at 8 meters and ending all the way to the sky. However, these are just theories.

Day time

Sometimes this creature can be seen in the daytime, extending along its path. And the behavior is similar.


Camouflage - With his black body color and round glowing head, he is excellent at disguising himself at night. The only drawback is that the victim can see his face, but judging that tired people usually walk at night, they may not notice that there is a face on the moon.

Size changes? - Judging by the latest image of this creature from michaelramstead today, it is possible that this creature can change its height. But it is not exactly.


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