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Star Gazing
~ Trevor Henderson, describing what the creature is doing.

Star Gazer is a strange, but admirable creature created by horror artist Trevor Henderson. This creature in particular is different from most of the other in Trevor's long list of deadly monsters, as it appears to be both intelligent and non-hostile.


Star Gazer depicts an emaciated and somewhat humanoid figure, clinging on to what appears to be a metal pillar of a gas station in the middle of nowhere. As the name would suggest, the creature is gazing out at the night sky, looking at different stars. The creature is also being filmed through a wildfire camera.

The torso of the creature resembles that of a normal human's, except it appears to be very tough and bony. The chest region shows little signs of visible any shapely muscle or fat, with mostly only a thick layer of skin and some other tissue. The gut portion seems to shrink down from the chest by a considerable amount, almost as if it was mummified. The neck is surprisingly thick and fleshy compared to the rest of its body.

While the limbs do still resemble human limbs, there are noticeable differences. Just as the torso appeared emaciated and mummified, the same could be said for the thin limbs of the creature, which are also covered in thick skin. There are still two joints in the arms, but the upper parts are much shorter than the lower parts. The hands also seem to have claws but only four fingers. The legs are a bit more normal, but the feet seem to only have two toes and have claws as well.

Finally, the most notable part of this creature, the head. The head of this Cryptid greatly resembles the head of a crocodile, albeit much more exaggerated and cartoonish. It has very large eyes with no pupils, seemingly no ears, small nostrils at the front of its head, and a long snout with gaping mouth. This mouth contains many small but sharp teeth, again resembling those of the aforementioned animal. It does not seem to posses any scales.

While it is very difficult to tell the size of the creature due to the quality and location of the image, we assume that it is around 7 Feet or 2.1 Meters.

Behavior and Origins

Very little is actually known about the behavior of this particular creature, as we only have the image and the short caption to go off of. The creature in the image is supposedly gazing at the night stars, which may suggest that it has some level of intelligence to comprehend what stars are, and to make it a hobby to look at them.

This could imply that the creature may actually be sapient, or at least sentient. The fact that it appears to be so mesmerized with the stars could also mean that this is the first time it has seen them. This theory is further solidified by a comment on the original post saying, "This doesn't feel creepy... but it feels nice and calming, like you watched something see stars for the first time, watching them go 'wow' and look at them happily and semi-entranced", to which Trevor himself replied with "That was the goal, thank you!". And in another comment saying "I hope I'm not misinterpreting it! But this evoked the same feeling I had when watching the finale of The Outsider, when the creature lamented about whether or not there were others like it and how some nights they feel they sense another out there", Trevor responded with "No, absolutely! Thank you!"

If these are true, and the creature really has not seen the stars until now, then it would likely have originated in a secluded or underground place. It is possible that this creature was actually species of unknown animal that originated underground, which would explain their sharp teeth and proficiency in climbing. They would have evolved to become intelligent and eventually go up to the surface to be entranced by what they saw. Of course, nothing is confirmed. It is also strange that there has only been one sighting of them if they were truly a species, but they may also prefer to stay alone.

What is also not clear is the creature's intentions towards humans. While its animalistic origins likely mean that it is hostile to its natural prey, how it would react to a more intelligent being is unknown. They may try to communicate and even ally with humans, as they may have been searching for other intelligent life. They might even just avoid humans altogether, and only like admire their work from a good distance. But an encounter with humans and these creatures would not be avoidable forever, as they have already caught video footage of one, which has likely made people curious about it.


As previously stated, this creature's main strength is its presumed intelligence, which allows it to form thoughts, plan its actions, and even create tools. It also allows it to perceive and conceptualize things that other animals can't, like beauty or peace. It also allows it to easily communicate with other members of its kind.

As for its physical advantages, it also has an offensive tool in the form of its claws, which can be found on both its hands and feet. These claws seem sharp enough to deal tear through skin and cause serious damage. Its sharp crocodile-like teeth would also do much the same, except it would get even more of a grip on the target. When it comes to defense or escape, the thick skin on it would help resist some damage, while its fast speed and ability to climb would also give it a relatively easy escape plan. It is very likely that it also has good senses, which it needed to live and survive underground.

This creature would certainly be a formidable foe for an unarmed individual who manages to provoke one into attacking. However, it does not seem that much more difficult to terminate that an average person.



  • The creature was originally thought to be one of the Wildfire Giants, as it was caught on a wildfire camera, and was posted at around the same time. It has since been found that it is far too small to be a Giant.
  • While the theory of it being an intelligent being has not been confirmed, it has been somewhat implied.
  • The Star Gazer may be the one of the few creatures that are not aggressive to humans.




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