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“I know it sounds crazy,

but once you go hazy, you'll understand I'm your soft, fuzzy man”

~ Caption by Trevor Henderson
Soft Fuzzy Man.jpg

Soft Fuzzy Man is a creature by Trevor Henderson, it appears to be a glowing pink ghost, it has stringy arms and legs, and his head is bursting, the creature was based off of the song Soft Fuzzy Man by Lemon Demon, the words SOFT FUZZY MAN can be seen on the bottom.


Soft Fuzzy Man appears as a pinkish, glowing humanoid that’s possibly around at 7-8 feet tall and stands in a reddish, misty fog. His face and his facial features are blurred out with a whitish-glow that rises up in the image.


Currently Unknown, Add info.


SFMsoft.png and the original song: