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She was on vacation with her husband and they were scoping out graveyards on the way, as you do, when she saw it. Rising out of the old cemetery, big as an old (macabre) telephone pole. Was this some kind of bizarre art piece the authorities hadn't gotten wise to yet? Even as she stepped out of the car, the megaphones on it's "head" screeched to life. "NINE. EIGHTEEN. ONE. CHILD. SEVENTEEN. REMOVE. VILE.". A buzzing, doubled voice screamed random words at her. At this point, it jerked into motion, striding down the hill towards her.
~ Trevor Henderson[2]

Siren Head is a fictional-being created by the Canadian artist respectfully known as Trevor Henderson. It is a 30 meter tall humanoid creature with a heavily emaciated, near-skeletal frame covered in dried, mummified flesh with a color similar to rusted metal. emaciated being with a pair of sirens. Capable of emitting various noises both natural and man-made, including sirens, radio broadcasts, white noise, and human voices.


The Past

Siren Head was firstly introduced to the world in 2018, when Trevor Henderson created a Tumblr and Twitter posts, in which he published Siren Head for the first time. On October 31st, 2018, a group of game developers which are known as Modus Interactive, released a horror game for Siren Head, boosting it's popularity even further, and On December 7, 2019, a developer known as Thuleanpaneton, created his own Siren Head horror game too. The video-games highly influenced Siren Head's gain in popularity, it was even proposed to the SCP Foundation, to become a SCP of it's own, but it was declined by the Foundation, stating that Siren Head is it's own thing.

In Popular Culture

On April 30th, 2020, a film-creator and a Tik-Tok persona known as Alex Howard, created a video of Siren Head moving around in a background, while at the same time police and gun-fires can be heard. The video got popular very quickly, gaining over 20 million views in one week. The video escalated to the point of getting video-edited. The original background sound got replaces by numerous different songs and audio-clips, making it look like Siren Head is blasting music from it's horns. A good example is the video "Siren Head Gangnam Style" by Largetrap, where Siren Head is seen dancing and playing the infamous song Gangnam Style by PSY.


Its limbs are disproportionately long and thin, with arms almost as long as its entire body that ends in huge, bony hands. Where a human's head and neck would be is a thin pole of flesh with two sirens attached to them facing in opposite directions (hence its name), and several black wires snaking around its "neck" and into its upper shoulders, pressed against its abdomen. The speakers are fused to the neck by tendrils of skin and capable of swiveling around, much like the head of an owl. Some images depict Siren Head's speakers with toothy, lip-less human-like jaws and a long, retractable thin snake-like tongue, though Henderson has said that the teeth are only visible on a certain radio-frequency.

Hunting Tactics

  • Siren Head hunts by silently standing at Siren Head does to the victims once caught. And it’s hunting tactic can also be throwing shingles into the air Though multiple games were created, and to show off the fact Siren Head was in fact in the environment with the player, one or more corpses are normally found, which may show that Siren Head doesn't always kill for sustenance, even though none of the games were created by Trevor Henderson himself, nor proven to be fact over fiction. Other theories include eating them, or adding them to the roster of voices used by it.

It has brown mummified skin matching the pattern of rusty metal or tree bark, which it uses for camouflage. Siren Head is also very fast, while on 2 feet, its assumed maximum speed is around 24.3 MPH. While on all fours, its speed is assumed to be a maximum of around 258.2 MPH, making it much faster than the average car. Some people believe Siren Head to use echolocation like bats do to get around in the dark, as seen, Siren Head has no eyes.

Records of Siren Head

Recorded June 20th, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. Multiple witnesses called in the CPD as a tornado siren in Willow Springs Woods started up unexpectedly at exactly midnight. When the CPD arrived at the scene, the sound had stopped and the source could not be located.

Recorded August 28th, 2018, in Weyer, Austria between 03:24 and 03:26. The sound originated from a forest on the outskirts of the town. When investigated in the afternoon, authorities found an empty tent and two wallets. Both wallets still had their contents in them, along with IDs: one belonging to Joachim Müller, and the other to Bruno Koffler. Both were residents of Weyer, and have since been reported missing.


July 16th, 1995 - Chad Gewecke is found wandering the woods of Tanyard Creek in North West Arkansas. He is admitted with minor injuries and when questioned, he claims his friends were taken or killed by “something huge striding through the trees” that mimicked their voices.
~ Chad Gewecke about Siren Head on July 16th, 1995.[3]

-Family of four missing from their suburban home this Thursday night, with no signs of a break-in. Neighbours reported the disappearance when they saw the backyard patio door was left open and no one answered the front door when they—
~ A quote describing what happened with a family after Siren Head came to them.[4]

The rash of disappearances had two commonalities: It was always people walking the side streets on their way home from work, from some social outing and it was always dark by the time people started wondering where they were. It was always past when the street lights come on.
~ The description of Siren Head with a lamp for its head, nicknamed Lamp Head.[5]

They’re still here. They’ve always been here.
~ The description of the picture which shows that Siren Head and Long Horse have existed since ancient times.[6]

Photo recovered from an abandoned cell phone by father and son hikers in Yellowstone National Park, July 14th, 2016.
~ The description of another Siren Head photo.[7]

-Visitors to the motel that night dismissed the item as a piece of “grotesque statue art,” according to “Goodnight Inn” manager Ann Garnicke, not knowing its appearance preceded a grim-
~ The description of yet another Siren Head photo, with him next to a motel.[8]

For the– where am– next thirty– I ple– seconds,– ase I need– this– help– station will conduct a test of the emergency– can anyo– broadcast syst– ne hear me– em. This is only a– let me out– test. This is only a– out– test.
~ The description of what Siren Head possibly put through his sirens.
-Many residents were woken in the late hours the night before the incident, complaining of “sirens and garbled announcements” echoing across the lake—
~ The description of a picture of Siren Head next to a lake.[9]

When I turned back, there was an empty…space, where the trees had been. Something had moved while my back was turned.
~ The description of a photo of Siren Head in the woods.[10]


  • Siren Head is not a real life being, and it's not a SCP character. (Fans Of SCP Call Him SCP-6789).
  • When awake, Siren Head will emit snippets of music, emergency alert messages, air raid sirens, imitations of people's voices, and radio chatter, like a siren would, though it is as of yet unknown whether or not this entity is capable of imitating sounds from other sources.
  • Siren Head may be able to imitate the sounds of local fauna in order to lull prey into a false sense of security by providing ambient background noise. The creator of this entity, Trevor Henderson, stated in a post on Tumblr that Siren Head would use any trick to its advantage if "hungry" enough. This quote also supports the idea that Siren Head may kill out of hunger, not for sport.
  • An image created by the artist behind creations such as Siren Head posted an image with the caption "Siren Head(s)". The photo depicts several different Siren Head-looking creatures in different colors. Despite the implications of this image, the creator, Trevor Henderson, has stated that there is only one Siren Head entity.
  • When asleep, Siren Head will emit white noise.
  • It has been previously stated that Siren Head would be left unharmed by an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) due to the fact that the majority of its body is organic. It is currently unclear whether or not the presence of an electromagnetic pulse would hinder its ability to vocalize.
  • A group of multiple Siren Heads is called a static.
  • Although Siren Head can be in hazardous weathers such as rain, fog etc... it is not spotted in or near holy places , that means it has its own stable environments and wont be sighted in warm\hot\humid places such as deserts, seaside country's and a land with deep holy presence (Israel, Egypt and a lot more country's mainly in the middle east)
  • Siren Head is capable of evolving into different forms of itself. It is unknown if this creature evolves to adapt to it's location, or for it to improve on it's hunting.
  • Interestingly, The Blood, Wood, and Ice Siren Head do not possess teeth for unknown reasons.
  • It possibly can use its siren to morph human remains into mummified corpses, and then used to spread the species.
  • Siren Head is trevor's most famous creation of all time in 2020.
  • Some people believe he was created by Slender Man this is false
  • Siren Head is a creation by Trevor Henderson, a Canadian artist with a penchant for the scary and surreal. Please credit him if using Siren Head, or any of his other creations, for your own use.
  • There is a game about Siren Head, created by Trevor's himself.
  • Trevor mentioned that Siren Head can change his height, which can be seen in the photographs, where his height changes from the size of a lamp to the size of a huge building. The average height is 12-30 meters and the maximum height is 95 meters.
  • Junji Ito review various horror artist including an artwork depicted by Junji Ito.




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