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Explanation: The creature's genitalia are visible. Rawhead is depicted as an evil embodiment of the male sex drive, symbolized with his silhouette resembling a massive erect penis. The article also discusses sensitive topics such as misogyny, sex and rape.

"It was huge, like the harvest moon. Huge and amber. But this moon had eyes that burned in it's pallid, pitted face. They were for all the world like wounds, those eyes, as though someone had gouged them in the flesh of Rawhead's face then set two candles to flicker in the holes"
~ Clive Barker

Rawhead Rex is a creature originally created by Clive Barker and later painted by Trevor Henderson.


Rawhead Rex is pale, gaunt humanoid creature standing 8-9 feet tall, with long arms ending in massive, clawed hands. His head is covered with long black hair and is disproportionately massive compared to his body, almost as wide as his shoulders. His face is only somewhat human in shape, with beady black eyes, a wide mouth full of needle-like teeth stretching across his whole head, and an unremarkably human-looking nose. His genitals are on full display and are also human-like, with a pale penis and scrotum hanging from his groin.


Rawhead Rex, or simply "Rawhead", is the original creation of Clive Barker, featured in the short story of the same title in the third volume of his horror anthology series, Books of Blood, later adapted into both a graphic novel and a live-action film. In all of his appearances, Rawhead is depicted as a sadistic, cruel, and extremely violent monster and an evil embodiment of the male sex drive, symbolized with his silhouette resembling a massive erect penis. In the novel, Rawhead kills many innocent people, taking special delight in devouring children, as well as torturing and raping women. Though he shrugs off bullets and other weapons, Rawhead Rex was shown to be repelled by the sight of pregnant women and menstruation, the antithesis of his masculine sexual perversion.



  • The base photograph was taken by Michael Bukowski.