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The Numbered Humanoids depict four severely deformed human-like creatures, created and drawn by horror artist Trevor Henderson. Very little is actually known about these peculiar creatures. The only information we have about them are the images themselves, which don't show much besides the creatures themselves.

Humanoid #1 - Holeface


Holeface depicts a human-like creature peeking from the upstairs area of an unknown house. The creature appears to be standing or hanging completely upside-down. Its body is facing forwards, but its head is adjusted to face the camera.

This creature is the most human-looking of all four of the humanoids, with the same main body parts and similar proportions. Its entire body is covered in a sort of wrinkly and twisted skin, which is pale white in color, but appears to be slightly red on a number of small patches. Only the shoulders and the parts above it (technically below it due to the position of the creature) are visible from the creature, leaving the head as the focal point of the creature's appearance.

Speaking of which, the head of the humanoid is completely bald and has two large ears near the temple of the head. The entirety of the thing's face has been replaced with a single, permanently-open hole, which is presumably its mouth, although it could also be interpreted as eyes.

As previously mentioned, most of the creature's body is hidden behind the lower level's ceiling, so we cannot make any measurements on the creature's height, weight and length. We also cannot see if the creature has any more abnormal body parts.

Behavior Assumptions

Almost nothing is known about this creature and the rest of the numbered humanoids, as they do not have any significant visual clues to their behavior or association, and do not have actual captions. We can only make assumptions based on the location, position and appearance of the creature.

The way the creature appears to hang upside-down like a bat may indicate that it is used to this position and stays on it very often, as it does not seem to be discomforted or troubled by this position. The bat comparison also makes sense in the fact that the creature appears to be nocturnal, as we can see that it is indeed night time in the image.

It is unknown how the creature is able to travel or find sustenance, but the location of it may imply that it travels between houses and stays on ceilings, attempting to catch people off guard and possibly eat them, though how it would kill is unknown, as it does not seem to posses anything to do so.

The creature may also have some sort of ability to perform echolocation, further solidifying the bat comparison. This is evident by the fact that it only appears to have large ears and a mouth, which are the only necessary facial organs for echolocation. It likely evolved or mutated to get rid of its eyes, as they would be useless in the dark.

Although, it is possible that it is not carnivorous, as it did not seem to want to attack the cameraman. It may be a passive herbivore creature, which would explain the lack of any ways for it to kill anything.

Humanoid #2 - Forest Strider


The Forest Strider depicts a vaguely humanoid quadrupedal creature, caught standing aimlessly near a small trail in an unknown forest.

Being a quadruped, its torso is more akin to an animal such as a deer than it is to a human. It is also very thin and bony, especially in this region, as we can see many outlines and shapes on the skin left by the bones of the creature. The spine in particular is the most visible. It does not posses a tail.

Its neck is rather thick and large. It is also very bony like the rest of its body. This would also explain why it appears to be very stiff, as the creature's head does not seem to be able to bend its head up and down. It almost appears as if the head, shoulders and neck are forced to be facing to the right, while the body face forwards.

The legs of the creature are extremely thin and long, reaching about a meter in length. While they are just as bony as the rest of the body, some of the upper thigh does have some meat on it. The legs get thinner and thinner the lower down they go, eventually ending in mere points rather than feet.

The head of the creature is the most human part of this particular creature. It has the shape and proportions of a normal human head, except is has either missing or distorted facial features. It only seems to have a mouth and eye holes. The eye holes are fairly small and are merely empty sockets. They also do not seem to be able to blink. The dry mouth of the beast is eerily very similar to a person's, with human teeth and gums, only it seems to lack any lips and are stretched out if a very wide and open that would resemble smile. The mouth covers most of its cheeks.

The creature in the image is seen facing to its left (our right), using only its head, neck and shoulders. It is covered all over with a sickly yellow-ish skin tone, except for the legs which become darker in color as they go down, eventually turning completely black at the legs.

Behavior Assumptions

Like the previous creature, nothing is confirmed about the behavior of the Forest Strider. The only clues we have to go off of are its design and habitat.

First of all, the creature most likely lives in the forest that it was photographed in. It would most likely act similarly to a wild animal, based on its quadrupedal appearance, and the fact that it does not seem to pay any mind to photographer or recognize them.It is unknown if the creature is aggressive or not, as there is no visual indicator that it is. It is very likely that it is not an aggressive monster, as it seems to be peacefully disregarding the photographer. The body structure of the creature also resembles that of a deer, which may mean that it behaves like one as well.

Other than that, nothing else is known about the behavior of this creature, even speculation leads to dead ends when it comes to this mysterious Cryptid.

Humanoid #3 - Headless Basement Dweller


The Headless Basement Dweller depicts an oddly-shaped human-like figure moving in the corner of a disheveled, and possibly flooded basement (the quality of the image makes it difficult to discern).

The Headless Basement Dweller is more humanoid than the previous creature, as it is actually a biped rather than a quadruped, although it appears to be severely hunched over, to the point where it would be able to walker around on all fours as a quadruped, if not for its short arms.

It is covered all over with many stringy and thin strands of muscles, tendons and flesh. This flesh is so thin in fact, that the creature's bones are visible through it. Covering this flesh is also what appears to be some sort of translucent skin or fluid that seems to keep the creature's flesh together intact. The torso of the creature, while somewhat human, is more akin to an animal due to its many small ribs and sideways position. As previously mentioned, due to the thickness of the skin and muscles, the ribs are fully visible on the monster, revealing there to be 6 ribs on each side.

The legs of the creature are greatly resemble those of a human's, although they posses the same stringiness and thin flesh as the rest of its body. The knee is where the bones are most visible. It is unknown what the feet look like, if it has any. The thighs of the creature are also somewhat connected to the lower part of the torso by more thin strands of flesh.

The arms of the creature are similar in composition to the legs, which is covered  by many thin strands of flesh and muscle, leaving the bones visible. Unlike the legs however, arms seem to be much shorter than they should be. The most interesting thing about its arms are the noticeable lack of any hands. They also seem to have been ripped off, with only the jagged edges of the Ulna and Radius remaining.

Finally, there is the creature's head, or rather lack-there-of. The creature appears to be missing a proper head, and instead only has a stump of a neck, which surprisingly has a bit more muscle than the rest of its body. It does not posses any other visible sensory organs besides its skin.

Behavior Assumptions

Like the other creatures, there is nothing to really go off of regarding its behavior. This one is even more mysterious than the previous ones, as it appears to be in some sort of strange passive state and does not seem to have a defined habitat.

It is also unknown what it is doing in the image. It could possibly be grasping at the wall, crying, performing a running motion or maybe even dancing. As previously stated, there is not enough information given to even form a theory.

Humanoid #4 - Double-Mouth


Double-Mouth depicts a strange humanoid creature standing behind a distorted doorway in a very dimly-lit room. The only source of illumination in the image appears to be coming from either a flashlight or a camera that is held by the photographer, or a ceiling light in the room that they are in. Other than that, there is nothing else in the image's background, besides a strange green object in the top-right side.

The creature itself is likely of the most human-like of the four. Only its head and neck are visible, peering through the darkness. It has fair skin covering it, although the colors are a bit distorted due to the lighting. The neck of the creature is similar to that of a human, although the same cannot be said for the head.

The head of the creature is taller and skinnier than that of the average person, which is to accompany its disturbing face. As the name would suggest, it does not have most of its regular facial features of a person, rather only having two vertically-open mouths take their place. The mouths are placed in the middle of each horizontal half of the face, with the bottom one being where the mouth normally would be, and the other being near the forehead and slightly moved to the right (its right). It also appears to posses short hair on its head which go down the sides, and large ears.


Much like everything else about these creatures, information about their origins is scarce, although we can make some theories regarding such, based on the images.

Human Experiment Theory

This theory suggests that the Numbered Humanoids are actually a group of human experiments that were subsequently released into the wild. This would explain their disfigured human-like appearances.

It is likely that the experiment was to create human-animal hybrids or humans that function as animals. This is evident by the fact that that all creatures (except Double-Mouth) are animal-like in appearance or behavior, with Holeface acting like a bat, the Forest Strider acting and looking like a deer, and the Headless Basement Dweller looking like a featherless chicken. Interestingly enough, there have been a few instances where a chicken was able to survive without a head, much like the aforementioned creature.

It is unknown why or where this experiment was done, and whether or not this was the intended outcome for the subjects. Perhaps the creatures are being kept as pets, which is why we see some of them inside a house. The most likely culprits for the experiment is the same meat plant which was responsible for the creation of Big Charlie, and a few other creatures, as they seem to have some sort of interest in creating animal hybrids, such as previously mention Big Charlie, although this would mean that the Numbered Humanoids are canon, a statement that has yet to be confirmed.

Extraterrestrial Theory

This theory suggests that the Numbered Humanoids are actually extraterrestrial aliens which somehow made their way to Earth. This might explain their strange physiology that is not seen anywhere else on the planet. This would also give an explanation to why they are being photographed, as the person taking these pictures may be hunting for paranormal or supernatural activity.


The name for this creature, Numbered Humanoids, is not
confirmed and is made up by either the fandom or one of our fellow wiki members, mainly due to the fact that Trevor hasn't given the creature an official name yet. Please do keep in mind that the name (and therefore, the article) is subject to change in the future, and that the name it has right now is unofficial, though it may still be referred to as such if no official name is given.



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