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People see this as strict reading order, it's not. Paraphrasing Dark, "They're more like guidelines than actual rules".


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He realized much too late that it wasn’t a statue at all, the pedestal standing empty when he looked back over his shoulder.
~ Description of the event

Not a Statue is a mysterious creature made by Trevor Henderson. There is very little information available about living things, and very little is known about living things.


The creature is wearing a long skirt with short sleeves. His body is in a state of bending, leaning back. One of his arms hangs down naturally and the other extends forward, seemingly pointing in a certain direction, or pretending to hold something in his hand. He seems to have long hair. In addition, the creature seems to be in a barefoot state. Because the creature is far away from the photographer, we can't see the specific appearance of the creature.

We can get a general idea of the approximate height of the creature from the picture. The pedestal of the statue in the picture is taller than the car, and the height of the creature is nearly two-thirds higher than the pedestal of the statue. Therefore, we can know that the height of the creature is about 8 feet, which is 2.4 meters.

The picture seems to be taken in a parking lot in a community on the outskirts of the city. The creature is far away from the photographer and the body of the creature is facing away from the photographer. He disguised himself as a statue.


The title already gives some of the information The title describes what happens to a victim when he encounters the creature, which suggests that the creature disguises itself as a statue in order to trick the victim into thinking that he is a statue. Since the creature has a relatively tall body, it makes people even less suspicious that he is not a statue.

The title says that when the victim turned back, the creature was gone. We can know that creatures may use this to deceive people and cause panic to people. The purpose of the creature's behavior may be to facilitate the killing of the victim, and the creature seems to aim to kill.

Like the last one, the creature disappears when seen by the victim, suggesting that the creature may like to quietly follow his target. It also says more about the creature's behavior: he would disguise himself as a statue until the victim turned his back on him, and he would quietly stalk the victim and then kill the victim. Similar to hide-and-seek.


As mentioned earlier, creatures can disguise themselves as a statue and deceive people. In addition, creatures move quickly and hide himself. Creatures can ensure that they track people undetected, indicating that creatures can move quietly. And biological tall body, can let his defense, attack power is higher, this shows that the creature does not seem to be easy to deal with.



  • The form of action of the creature is somewhat similar to that of SCP173.