Night Dog

Night Dog.jpg

a night dog in the park off the greenwood cul-de-sacTrevor Henderson


Night Dog is a humanoid creature with it’s back and head bent backwards, allowing it to presumably walk like a dog. It has four short legs that look more like arms, hands that have 4 fingers and the rest of it’s body is obscured by darkness. It’s face is skeletal in appearance, having empty sunken-in eye sockets, deeply sunken-in nose and a wide-open mouth from which a very long tentacle (most likely it’s tongue) protrudes upwards.


Trevor’s post does not give us much information about this creature except for it’s appearance, location and name. However, we can see from the caption that whoever wrote it is oblivious to it’s disturbing appearance and refers to it as a dog, meaning that it may be able to disguise itself as a regular dog somehow. It likely uses this to lure in prey, like humans or other dogs. It’s method of killing is likely it’s long tongue, which can easily reach and strangle a person or animal to unconsciousness or death.


  • This is the first monster to have "Dog" in it's name, the second is Anxious Dog because the first image of Night Dog came out in 2018, the first image of Anxious Dog came out in 2019.
    • Both creatures are also similar, being humanoid creature with large mouths and deformed backs that walk like a dog.


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