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Sometimes they were almost beautiful, if you didn't think about the repercussions of their collective presence, about how they were just one big walking signpost that read "it has all gone to shit, and nothing can be good again".
~ The photographer describing how The Giants affected humanity.

The Mushroom Crab is an enormous creature created by horror artist Trevor Henderson. It is one of the members of The Giants, which are some of the most powerful entities in the Trevor Henderson Mythos. This creature in particular is one of the largest members of the group, and also has special abilities to boot.


The Mushroom Crab depicts a truly titanic enneapodal (nine-legged) entity, standing upon a mountainous area at sunset. Even when the creature is several kilometres away, it still appears as massive as most other other Giants when seen from nearby. The sheer magnitude of this creature's size is only rivaled by that of Behemoth.

The main torso region of the creature is rather plump, being a large oval-shape with a less-curved but more saggy underside. The torso overall is shaped like a body of a crab combined a mushroom cap.The entirety of the creature is also covered in a strange white fur, similar to those seen on Watchtower. This fur, combined with the creature's mushroom-like shape also gives it an appearance similar to a Lion's Mane Mushroom.

As previously mentioned, the creature has nine legs supporting its large body. These legs, although sturdy enough to support the titan's weight, also seem to be able to bend up to three times and in many different ways, which implies that the creature may have soft bones, or that it lacks bones altogether. Interestingly enough, there is also a large gap in between the seventh and eighth legs, and in this gap is a lump on the underside of the torso. This could suggest that the creature actually had another leg in between the seventh and the eighth at some point, but was somehow removed.

On the very top side of the giant, there also appears to be six or more arms protruding upwards. These arms are similar to the legs in structure and appearance, except for the fact that they have large crab-like pincers at the end of them. There are also smaller protrusions near the wrist area, similar to the additional toe of a dog.

The creature overall resembles a deformed crab, fused with a Lion's Mane Mushroom and some strange mammal. The way its fluffy torso is suspended in the sky by its legs also gives the appearance of a cloud.

Behavior and Origins

The Mushroom Crab, being a Giant, is a force that has been situated on Earth via the appearance of a second Moon, as described in the caption of the Tendril Giant. While we don't know what this creature in particular does, it would likely behave similarly to the other Giants. Like most Giants, its true purpose is beyond human comprehension.

What behavior type of Giant the creature belongs to though, is unknown. The massive size of the creature and the many tentacle-like arms grasping upwards may denote its role as a Collection Giant, although it may also be a force of destruction and killing humans deemed not worthy by its standards. Perhaps it belongs to both behavior types.

Whatever is the case, we can see that it likes to roam around mountainous rural areas, slowly making its way to human civilization. This is in line with what we know about the Giants, as all of the largest Giants we know of (Behemoth and The Wandering Faith, for example) tend to roam in more rural areas. The size and body structure of the titan does not lend itself to be a fast mover though, so it would take quite some time to get there. It may also move sideways like a crab.


Being one of, if not the biggest Giants in the mythos, its body alone is larger than several small mountains, and even other Giants. This sheer size would be able to cause mass destruction with ease, especially using its many crab-like pincers to cut and grab anything that gets in its way. It may also use these to collect and ascend humans.

Due to its massive size, it may be able to create small to powerful earthquakes with its footsteps, which can be felt from at least a few kilometres away, further adding to the damage it causes. If it is able to make noise, it would likely be powerful enough to rupture eardrums.

Being a member of The Giants, this creature is able to function properly despite not possessing any eyes or other normal senses except for touch, so it is possible that it also has some sort of additional supernatural or enhanced tactile senses. Another perk of being a Giant is it does not follow our normal laws of physics, as its sheer size alone is physically impossible for a living creature. It may also have a special sense that allows it to know if a human is worthy or not. Finally, it is also capable of creating mist that surrounds the area, like other Giants such as the Morning Walkers or Misty Guests.


  • The Mushroom Crab is one of, if not the biggest Giant, and creatures overall in the Trevor Henderson Mythos.
  • It is the first creature that was inspired by a crab
  • The way it is depicted is similar to the Misty Guests.
  • Despite being somewhat of a force of good, the person who took the image views the presence of The Giants negatively due to the damage and casualties brought upon by them.


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