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Cryptid Overview

Mr.Bag aka mr trash bag
~ Trevor Henderson introducing the creature

Mr. Bag, also known as Mr. Trash Bag is a disturbing creature made by artist Trevor Henderson. His emotional attachments that can quickly turn sour and unique abilities make him stand out in the long list of one-note characters in Trevor's catalogue.


Mr. Bag or Mr. Trash Bag depicts an unusually tall figure standing in a dark building. It has a very pale human-like head with a large nose, squinted eyes, light purple lips and eyelids, and a relaxed expression. It’s face is the only truly visible part of it’s body, as the rest of the visible creature is covered in a black, moist trash bag or possibly a body bag. It’s lower half is completely shrouded in darkness, save for some reflection on the sides.


Behind the creature, we can clearly see two chalk or crayon drawings, most likely that of a child’s. These drawings show two depictions of what we can only assume is the same creature.

The first one shows a full-body representation of it, which reveals that the body/trash bag that the creature is wearing also has two dark, long, arms and legs.

The second drawing towards the bottom also shows the creature; albeit in less detail. This time, it is seen observing a person from a house in the middle of the woods. The details are hard to make out due to the size and quality of the drawing.

Detailed Drawing

A third image of the creature has been released, showing a relatively detailed full-body crayon drawing of it. Here, we can see that the creature’s body/trash bag is taking on the shape of a human-like figure and is ripped on the tips of the limbs, sagging and dripping wet.

We also see that there is actually a dead body of a person wrapped up inside of the body/trash bag; almost appearing like a mummy, which would explain the creature’s pale face and relaxed expression. The corpse itself also barely takes up the space inside the bag, being about 1/3 the size of the actual bag.

Finally this third drawings allows us to compare the creature’s height to a little girl next to it, though it may be a bit inaccurate due to being a child’s drawing. An average height of a 5-year-old girl is about 3.54 Feet or 107.5 centimetres. We can see that Mr. Bag is about four times as tall as the girl, meaning he is a whopping 14.1 Feet/4.3 Meters tall.

Recent Images

Dec. 14, 2020

This image depicts Mr. Bag eerily standing in a basement. His appearance remains relatively the same, except for the fact that he has grown slightly taller than he was in the previous images. Here, he appears to be about 16 Feet/4.87 Meters tall.

January 27, 2021

A fourth image of Mr. Bag has been posted by Trevor, this time finally showing us an unobstructed, detailed view of the creature in a gas station. We can see that the plastic bags it uses appears to be quite moist and strangely fleshy, suggesting that it may not be entirely made of plastic (though this does contradict the much more plastic-like appearance of his bag in the first few images). It seems to have a few tears and loose strands of “plastic” being moved by the wind.

An interesting detail to note here is that Mr. Bag has yet again grown even taller, this time being much more drastic and noticeable than the previous image, as he is about the same height as the streetlights behind him. The average streetlight is anywhere between 8 to 50 feet. Given the original height of Mr. Bag, we can estimate Mr. Bag and the streetlights to be around 20 Feet/6.09 Meters, which is half the average height of the infamous Siren Head.

Trevor has not made an image of Mr. Bag with noticeable appearance changes since.


Trevor has given us much lore about Mr. Bag, to the point where we can try to theorize about his true behavior, motives and origins. To start, the first image introduces us to the creature, where we can see from the drawings that it has encountered people beforehand,

Then, the second image shows us a child’s drawing of the creature standing next to a little girl, which when combined with our knowledge of the child-like drawings and the second depiction, we may assume that this creature has some sort connection with children, or one child in particular. It is currently unknown what this connection is.

The third post of the creature tells us that he has appeared in a person’s basement while they were cleaning their house. From the caption, we can understand that the person talking is about to move out of their house, mistaking Mr. Bag’s noise for some animals, suggesting that they have not encountered him yet, or had forgotten about their encounter. It is unknown if the person talking is the same girl from the drawings, though it is quite likely that this is the case, given their close relationship during her childhood.

The fourth and most recent image of Mr. Bag show him in a gas station, taller than ever. The caption of the image is likely a continuation of the previous one, as it describes the girl and her group being followed by Mr. Bag after they had supposedly fled the house, which lines up with the events of the previous post where the person may have likely encountered Mr. Bag in the basement and left the house much quicker than anticipated due to him. They are currently being followed and stalked by Mr. Bag, even when driving causing her to become paranoid and afraid of stopping the car, even for gas (which is likely when the image was taken).

Behavior and Abilities

The intentions of Mr. Bag are clearly and confirmed to be malicious. This is further solidified by a user who had not seen the previous images of the creature commented “for some reason i believe the face in it comes from a corpse, which serves as the host of the creature, and it kills ppl just to wrap itself around them”, to which Trevor says that he “nailed it!”. This directly tells us that Mr. Bag is currently a malevolent creature that wraps itself around people, suffocating them and making them a part of him, which could be how he is getting taller each time we see him. Perhaps he is planning to do the same to the girl and her group. He is also not aggressive to people who are friendly towards him and give him attention, as he does not attack the girl when she was a child that gave him attention as her supposedly imaginary friend. A polaroid image of Mr. Bag also shows us that he has been around since at least the 1993, so it is possible that he has been in a continuous cycle of friendship and anger with multiple people beforehand. Interestingly enough, Mr. Bag is able to follow the girl and is described as being “always close”, despite them traveling in a large vehicle. This could suggest that he has the ability to teleport and manifest, or move at extreme speeds.


The true origins of Mr. Bag have not been confirmed, but we can form theories about what they could be from the information that has currently been given to us.

Manifestation Theory

This theory posits that the first victim of Mr. Bag had experienced a traumatic experience with a body/trash bag as a child, possibly finding a dead body inside it due to curiosity. The assumption is that Mr. Bag was actually manifested into existence as an actual living creature by the intense imagination and trauma of his first victim when they were a child. While this theory may seem far-fetched, different emotions and imaginations have actually been theorized to be manifested as living creatures before, such as Good Boy (Fear and Death), Chicken Ghost (Sorrow and Pain) and The Old Detective (Anxiety and Paranoia).

Creature Theory

This theory states that Mr. Bag is just another existing supernatural creature in the Trevor Henderson Universe that just happened to befriend people, and acts as a sort of benevolent guardian. And over time, the people grow less and less interested in him, believing him to be just an imaginary friend they had in their childhood and leave him alone up until they encounter him once again, this time seeking vengeance as he believes they had abandoned and betrayed him. It is unknown what type of creature Mr. Bag could be, perhaps a creature from the Void like Siren Head or Big Charlie, or maybe a ghost that is possessing a trash/body bag, trying to live their former life of friendship, but failing due to his form.


  • At the time of writing, it is one of Trevor’s more recent recurring (and most likely canon) character.
  • Mr. Bag moves around as if he is gliding on the floor, but also moves quite wobbly, constantly ducking and twisting his bag.
    • In addition to this, he also makes crinkling sounds like that of an old garbage bag.
  • In a reply to a comment on the original post saying “I just do not trust him.”, Trevor said “For the best!”
    • In a reply to another comment in a different post, Trevor outright confirms that Mr. Bag is not friendly and is hostile towards people.
  • A now-suspended Twitter account asked if he is wearing a body bag or a trash bag, to which Trevor simply replied with a winking emoji.
  • It is possible that the creature itself was the one that made the drawings seen in the first image.
    • This is further backed up by a recent image of Mr. Bag, in which Trevor commented that he has been “drawing lots of monsters that are artists lately”.
  • Mr. Bag likes to wander around basements, attics and kitchens very late at night.
    • This gives us the impression that Mr. Bag is a very mobile and stealthy creature, able to between people’s houses unnoticed.
  • Trevor has hinted at the fact that encounters with Mr. Bag have been dated all the way back to the 70’s, and confirmed that his encounters to have started at least during the 90's.
    • This implies that the girl in the story is not the only victim of Mr. Bag, and is just the one he is currently attached to.
  • When asked what rating Mr. Bag had in his pain scale, Trevor replied “We just don’t know! He’s a wild card.”

(The pain scale describes how malevolent and cruel a creature is, with 10 being the highest, where Cartoon Cat and TMWTU-DF are ranked)



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