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People see this as strict reading order, it's not. Paraphrasing Dark, "They're more like guidelines than actual rules".


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Recovered image from a discarded cell phone currently in police evidence, held due to its connection to a missing teenager. This has been kept from the media, but the recovered items were covered in a clear organic material not unlike saliva.
~ Trevor Henderson

The Mouthroof Is a mysterious creature created by canadian artist Trevor Henderson. It may be a Subspecies of the Smile Room(Maybe even the creature itself, however with some minor differences), or a different creature, since the Smile Room is placed on Doors and Horizontal positions, while Mouthroof is placed on a possible Hatchway.


The creature full appearance is unknown; If the full creature itself is just the mouth, tongue and its interior, or if the mouth is a facial part of a likely giant, (possibly)humanoid or horrendous creature with an unknown appearance, or even a shapeshifting creature, somehow.

In the image, the creature's appearance is described as a Giant Human-Like mouth, and with a nearly-large amount of oversized teeth with a extremely long tongue that likely ressembles a pink rope with stripe-like textures, if you look carefully. A dark abyss can be seen inside the creature, in which could possibly be the interior of a normal human-like mouth, a void inside it or just a really dark room anyway in which it didn't fully transformed into flesh or related.


The creature is extremely aggresive and possibly territorial. In the caption, apparently, the creature has sighted a poor teenager, and then, presumably killed/eated him, or taken him to somewhere far away from us humans. This may mean anyone who passes under it, or get closer to it, will be grabbed with his tongue, killed(Mostly by Strangulating,) and then eaten or taken to a alternative reality/place. After that, its unknown what happens; if the victim is either fully consumed and digested; if the victim just get consumed without digesting, or chewed to death and then spat-out. (Or transformed into a monster) According to the caption, it may emit a considerable amount of a Spittle-Like Liquid Material while attacking its prey.


Like always, very little is known about this entity. It cant be considered a failed experiment for alot of reasons; look carefully at the image.

Extradimensional Theory

A dark abyss can be seen inside it. While it could be either only a really dark room, this is a theory about a Extradimensional Creature, maybe even from the void, in which it could be keeping a portal to its certain universe; And then, instead of ''eating'' them, it takes victims to the Mysterious Reality, and then its unknown if they either turn into mutated aberrations, or if they are forced to get used living in there. The creature could even inhabit this Dimension.


  • This is one of the few creatures that are mouths and appear in doors, tunnels, roofs(Such as hatchways or others) etc.
  • The name “Mouthroof” is a fan-given name, however it is still used when referring to this creature to avoid it from being confused with the Smile Room.
  • Its unknown if the creature actually kills its target while grabbing it using its tongue; Maybe yes, maybe not.
  • It is slightly different than The Smile Room, because Mouthroof's a bit smaller than The Smile Room, TSR Teeth is more white/grayish, and while the Smile room does not contains a tongue, this creature features a long one. By the way, The Smile Room's located at a door, and Mouthroof, at a Roof.
  • Its unknown if the Mouthroof is just the mouth of a Entity hiding in the such darkness, or if the creature is actually hiding something inside it.
  • It may feel hunger, being forced to eat anyone who approaches it, unfortunately.
  • There is a chance it can be A SUBSPECIE OR VARIANT Of the well-known Smile Room.