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They didn't bother anyone. They only came out on nights the moon was full and bright, did their worship. Just some property damage. We only found out much later what they were talking to, what they were bringing towards us, like a light on the shore shining through choppy seas.
~ Trevor Henderson

The Moon Worshippers are a group of strange humanoid creatures drawn by horror artist Trevor Henderson. Despite their menacing appearance, these creatures are actually relatively harmless. What isn't harmless, however, are the titans they brought with them.


The Moon Worshippers are a group of creatures, although they have the same general appearance. They are thin, gangling, bipedal humanoids in appearance, with a thick and wrinkly brown skin covering their entire bodies. They are often seen in a certain neighborhood, climbing on top of buildings to worship during full moons.

Their torsos are thin and bony, much like the rest of their bodies. Many of their ribs are visibly making an impression through their skin. They also have large pelvises and very thick necks. Their stomach and intestinal region are completely dried and looks as if they have been mummified.

They have two short arms that get darker in color as they extend. Instead of hands, their arms seem to branch out just after the elbow, into smaller, stiff appendages, resembling the end branches of a tree. Their legs are thin and bony, but do posses large bones inside, keeping it balanced. The limbs in general are proportionate to the body.

Their heads are quite small compared to the rest of their bodies. It is similar to a human's head, except more dried and sunken-in, still covered with the same thick skin. They have a large bottom jaw that can extend outwards when opening their mouths. They do not have ear, and it is unknown if they have eyes or noses.

In the image, one is seen standing atop an average two-story house. We can also see that it is about as tall as this house that it is standing on. Since two-story houses are usually around 20 Feet or 6.09 Meters tall, it is safe to assume that they are just around the same height.


Based on the caption provided, the Moon Worshippers are surprisingly harmless creatures, as they were supposedly to busy performing their worshipping rituals to attack or even notice humans. But a downside to this is that they show little regard to their environment, as they seem to try to get as high up as possible in order to do their worship.

The fact that the creatures are even capable of performing worship would likely mean that they are rather intelligent, which is further evident by their humanoid bodies. Perhaps they are actually much more powerful than humans, which is another reason why they don't usually mind them.

It is unknown if the creatures require any sustenance to survive, and whether or not they are carnivorous. It is very much possible that they feed via photosynthesis, which is why their arms are similar in appearance to plant. This would also explain how they are so active at night, as they would probably spend the daylight hours taking in nutrients and energy.


The large size of the Moon Worshippers would definitely make them a formidable foe if ever they decide to engage in combat, allowing them to easily overpower and crush opponents. Their sharp, branch-like arms would also able to impale people with little effort. It is likely that they would also employ the use of weapons and use their environment to their advantage. Finally, they would also be very speedy, on account of their long legs and bipedal stance.

Their Masters

While the Moon Worshippers are mysterious creatures on their own, what is even more mysterious is what they are actually worshipping on the Moon. From the caption, we can tell that what they were worshipping eventually came to Earth and is implied to be very dangerous or destructive.

It is possible that they are worshipping the Moon itself, but this is unlikely, since it does not provide anything for them, even metaphorically, which is what warrants worship in the first place. The Moon itself also wouldn't be able to suddenly come down to Earth, like described in the caption.

Another, more likely theory has been hinted at by Trevor himself. In CuriousCat (a website for people to ask internet creators questions), Trevor was asked when the image took place and what they were worshipping. Trevor responded by saying that it was "taken during the culminating event in an apocalyptic scenario where they called down their master."

This so-called master is presumably another existing creature in the Trevor Henderson Mythos. The most popular theory at the moment is that the Moon Worshippers had called down The Giants, or perhaps the leader of The Giants. This then prompted the "apocalyptic scenario" that Trevor mentioned, which was actually the arrival of The Giants. This is further backed up by the fact that The Giants supposedly appeared with a second Moon, which could've been summoned by the Moon Worshippers.



  • Trevor has stated that some people had reported seeing some Moon Worshippers, even before they started performing their worship.
  • It is not confirmed if they were are actually communicating with The Giants, as Trevor said that they called upon their "master", instead of "masters".
    • However, there is the argument that they were talking to who or whatever is the leader of The Giants.
  • Despite the Giants being listed in the Canon Creatures List, the Moon Worshippers are not, which may mean that they are not related at all.
    • It may also mean that Trevor forgot to add them to the list, as he did with a few other creatures.
  • Their origins are currently unknown.


The original Twitter post about the creatures.



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