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Meat Moose is a giant, meaty, red, moose-like creature.

Behavior & Backstory:

Meat Moose wanders snowy forests becoming hostile to anyone who gets too close to it. Meat Moose likes to investigate camp sites and eat any food or sleeping people inside tents. Meat Moose may have once been a normal moose who was killed by some hunters and skinned, but right before the hunters cut the moose corpse up, it came to life and killed the hunters. Meat Moose came to life because the black deer (another Trevor Henderson monster) used his magic to reanimate it. On rare occasions Meat Moose and the black deer will team up and work together.


Meat Moose can see in the dark and has a lot of strength.


The Campsite Creature (Trevor Henderson Explained)

Video explaining the monster.

The Meat Moose, AKA the campsite creature is a creature by Trevor Henderson

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