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Cryptid Overview

Every night, it curved into his dreams, folding into view from around impossible corners, one gaping socket always on him as it silently glided. He thought putting some distance between the thing he'd found in the attic and himself might help, but no, it met him on the road.
~ It is a quote recounted in instagram elsewhere and the seemingly vague feels an extricable part of the nature of his longings[1]

Long Horse is a benevolent entity that appearance is similar to that of a horse, created by Trevor Henderson in 2018, and is considered the "heroic" Internet urban legend.


Long Horse appears to be a creature with a horse-like skull (that lacks a jaw) connected to a seemingly inexhaustible neck. A few strands of black hair are sparsely attached to its continuous 'body', which is apparently like that of elastic. It also creates cracking noises when bending its neck, similar to a human finger, which allows it to create as few or as many joints as deemed possible. Interestingly, Long Horse is known to smell like cinnamon.[2]

Long Horse was established as a legend when a picture of the creature started spreading over the Internet on the 24th of August 2018, when a user named Trevor Henderson published a picture showing Long Horse, with the description that the user had a dream of the horse beforehand.

Further on, another picture has been released of the creature by Trevor, where it appears to be in the suburbs, and he named the creature Long Horse. An ancient cave painting has also been found of the Long Horse around three humans, and in the description, it is revealed that Long Horse has been around since ancient times.

Interestingly enough, the ancient drawing depicts that Long Horse is the humans' protectors. He is purely harmless, and his goal is to warn humans of upcoming dangers. If a human hears a neck crack or sees the long neck of the creature, the message is that a disaster will occur, not because of Long Horse, but because of what will happen later on.

One more picture of Long Horse has been posted. It simply says, “new sighting. he’s on the move”,[3] meaning Long Horse is most likely going somewhere to warn the people in that area of an upcoming disaster.


Despite being pure, crystalized horror, immeasurably long and bathed in black stains, Long Horse is quite friendly and seems to have a curious nature[4], but it is unknown how it displays this curiosity. It is considered as a protector of humans and warns them about future disasters.[5] According to Trevor, Long Horse also enjoys treats, such as apples, and loves affection. If someone were to offer Long Horse an apple, the apple would wither and blacken, a sign that Long Horse had accepted the offering. It is implied to know about future events and only appearing when they are nearby, meaning that it knows about it play a certain role in order to protect humans,[4] also should be noted that it is very caring towards humans. However, as the pieces of testimony said, we couldn't stand here and saying that Long Horse is either tries to warn people of disasters or possible accidently causes them.[excerpt 2] And, of course, the consequences were so horrendous, there are no words to describe it.


Long Horse is able to foretell disasters and teleport, and it uses these abilities to warn others. It is able to break physics due to the infinite nature of its neck.[6] It can defy gravity and seemingly levitate. It can also contort its body and adjust the number of joints in its neck without having to connect in linear space.[4]

Long Horse can enter people’s dreams, sometimes can altering them, and Trevor once mentioned that if someone were to stare at Long Horse’s neck for a while without looking away, it would eventually crumble into dust,[7][excerpt 3] but it would most likely not affect Long Horse due to its paranormal nature.

If we're gonna wade through that subjunctive about the physical body of Long Horse. It can survive being fluctuated through existence and non-existence,[8] possibly exists in pocket dimension, as well as being described by Trevor as a "needle threading between the layers of reality"

It is also implied that Long Horse culminates[excerpt 4] above the many dimensional layers in the mythos, exists on a higher dimension where many dimensional layers meet and that it cannot be pictured or comprehended by our dimension,[6] his true body if he has one cannot be comprehended by humans.[6] It is likely able to cross itself between up to an infinity of dimensions, were all realities connect, the fact, and do so without any debatably negative, it is one of the strongest entities in the entire mythos[citation needed], and therefore rather than paraphrasing Trevor's post, it is appended in its entirety to this decision.


  • Trevor Henderson has noted that when you see this creature it is a sign of misfortune or disaster that is soon to happen.[2] He has said that Long Horse is curious in nature, smells like cinnamon, its skin is like wax[4], and that its neck is infinite and it can create new joints at will.[4]
  • In Trevor Henderson's patron saint series, it’s implied that Siren Head is their enemy, as well as Cartoon Cat due to their differing views on humanity.[9]
  • Although its appearance often precedes a disaster, it means well and does not want to hurt anyone.
  • It was notable for the fact that it was not from this universe, but rather, it had a weird hyperbolic phenomena happening on a regular basis, and ought to be persistent bad luck all the way up to causing a break in reality and odd physical ailments. Able to reach other universes via dimensional travel abilities to travel across them. However, Long Horse's body is so large to the point it traverses several universes.
  • Its neck is infinitely long, in such a way that it's impossible to find.
  • Trevor once stated that “he doesn’t have a body that we could see, it’s always just more neck, even when it breaks the laws of physics, like an optical illusion. If he has a true body, it’s in a form we can’t really picture and not in our dimension. Maybe at the culminating point in the center of where many dimensional layers meet, like a nucleus with the neck and head projecting out”.[6]
  • Long Horse was confirmed to not be able to sing, but enjoys most music.[citation needed]
  • Trevor has stated on his CuriousCat profile that Long Horse is technically rideable, but that would be disrespectful for a being with it's sentience and stature.
  • It usually avoids being near people because its existence kind of pokes a hole in reality that peoples' brains cannot understand.
  • Also, his neck does not connect to the space line.
  • Trevor has revealed in a recent post that any and all pronouns can be used when referring to Long Horse.
    • This is useful in case you don't want to misgender the creature.
  • It is speculated by some that Long Horse is an angel sent by God.
  • He, along with The Moth Bringer, The Previous Tenant, Bio-Luminescence, Stick Bug, and The Headless Basement Dweller are listed in the "100% Friendly" section of Trevor Henderson's Creature Tierlist.

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