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It’s Lil’ Nugget! He’s here!
~ Trevor Henderson, introducing the creature
Cryptid Overview

Lil' Nugget is an adorable and docile creature drawn by artist Trevor Henderson. They are the incidental offspring of Big Charlie, being the flesh that falls off from him. They come in all different shapes, colors and sizes, but will eventually grow up to be the not-so-friendly Lamb.


Lil’ Nugget depicts small, fleshy, four-legged creature with a disproportionately large oval-shaped head and two large googly ‘eyes’ that are almost always mismatched in area, with one being much bigger than the other. These fake eyes frequently fall off, as the creatures themselves don’t actually have eyes. It’s skin appears to have the consistency or texture of a moist slab of meat, yet it is very thin and malleable. Most Lil’ Nuggets appear to be smaller than about the size of a jar of (Kraft) Peanut Butter as seen to the left of the first image of the creature. It’s legs are merely little nubs that it uses to walk around with.

Multiple Appearances

Due to there being numerous Lil’ Nuggets being produced every day, each one of them have a unique shape, size and facial feature. Some Nuggets have longer legs than others, some are slimier in appearance. There are also certain Nuggets that have different head shapes or having different sloping lopsided heads. Certain Nuggets have glossy eyes and wrinklier skin, some have redder skin than others. Some Nuggets also appear to have additional body parts, like extra eyes or a human-like mouth.

Behavior and Origins

A lot of information has been given to us by Trevor in the many images of this creature. First of all, they originate from Big Charlie’s flesh, which constantly and frequently falls off then regenerates. Detached flesh and skin from Big Charlie soon regenerate into separate creatures, being the Lil’ Nuggets. From this, we can surmise that there are many different Lil’ Nuggets roaming around. After consuming enough food, certain Lil’ Nuggets can evolve into The Lamb within a certain period of time, though this is a very rare occurrence and has only happened two or three times in history. There are also multiple kinds of Lil’ Nuggets that Big Charlie can produce, being Void Nuggets and Meat Nuggets, which have different abilities and properties from regular Lil’ Nuggets.

Their behavior is said to be relatively friendly and harmless. They are also curious creatures, frequently observing and interacting with their environment. On multiple occasion, Trevor has called a them “a friend” and have been spotted multiple times in people’s homes, eating food from their pantries and kitchens. This could suggest that Lil’ Nuggets are similar to House Rats, and have adapted to living in areas with human settlements. It has also been suggested that Lil’ Nuggets can be tamed or domesticated like most animals by giving them food and caring for them. However, once they start to transform into The Lamb, it is ill-advised to keep it in your home.


Lil’ Nuggets are not very fast nor strong, meaning that they are easy to neutralize or outrun if they become hostile. They can, however, lose and regenerate body parts to create more Lil’ Nuggets, an ability inherited from Big Charlie. They can also be quite destructive in large numbers, easily being able to swarm humans or raid their homes for food if not prepared. Trevor has also hinted at the possibility of Lil’ Nuggets having the ability to speak.


  • It is confirmed to be a relative of Big Charlie, Void Nugget and The Lamb.
  • It is unknown how a Lil’ Nuggets gets it’s googly eyes, as they don’t naturally have eyes upon birth.
    • In a reply to a comment on one post, Trevor said that the eyes were “eggs”, which contradicts his other statement of them being “literally just googly eyes”.
      • Since they have the ability to lose their “eyes” at will, it’s possible that they can grow from inside their body to reproduce, similarly to Big Charlie.
  • They have been confirmed to not have any internal organs.
  • Trevor has stated that Lil' Nugget is a "fanciful lad”.
  • Trevor has specifically stated to not eat or cook Lil’ Nugget.
    • This could possibly imply that it has a bad taste or harmful effects when eaten.
      • It could also simply be Trevor being humorous and trying to “protect” the Nugget.
    • He has also said that when cooked, it turns red like a lobster and cracks open with nothing inside, which could be why he does not advise cooking and eating it.
  • They are of made materials similar to pink slime meat.
  • It can eat a whole supply of food while a household sleeps, so it can turn into The Lamb.
  • Constant exposure can have dramatic side effects.


(See Trevor’s comments and replies on the posts for more information)



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