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People see this as strict reading order, it's not. Paraphrasing Dark, "They're more like guidelines than actual rules".


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Form 1 Appearance

It looks like a big spider that only has 2 human facial features like the eyes and the mouth with no teeth. It's height over like 5 feet tall I think

Form 2 Appearance


This looks like the spider has elongated legs though we can only see them and not other body parts because it was nighttime and it was too big to take the photo of the whole creature. It is also night like the last one. This ones height is over 10 feet tall

Form 3

The image is night, as the second creature, we can see a face, and hands coming out of the spied as well as 2 legs. We can't see the rest because it might be too big. This really big one is over 30 feet tall