When I woke up, there was a tight little cluster of holes in the wall above my bed. They seemed deeper than should have been possible. That was the start of it.
~ Trevor Henderson

Hole Man is a creature by Canadian horror artist Trevor Henderson. Trevor Henderson confirmed its name was the Hole House and the being residing inside is the hole man.


It looks like to be a greyish white, bald humanoid but with black, seemingly oozing holes all over its body. the face is covered in dark holes like the rest of its body, however it lacks any facial features as i it never had any and seemingly doesn't have any ears. the creature itself stands on two pointy stubs and seems to not have any hands. its left arm appears to have a large hole in it, resulting in the upper left arm to seemingly float in place where it should be, seemingly as if a part of its arm is invisible. we can see what is most likely a form of liquid dripping out some of its holes, primarily on its chest and face. its gender has been unconfirmed but is presumed male due to the name it was given "the hole man".He has several weak points, he is very slow although he can teleport. so far there are 20+ holes and gaps on its body that have been counted and if anything it most likely has many more holes all over its body.

A hole man is considered an immortal being and cannot die, and can survive fluctuations in existence and non-existence. It can create black holes (of any size) and tear apart space and time. The "hole man" violates gravity and the laws of physics. This creature can teleport and has telekinesis.

Scare Factor

Overall Appearance: 7.6/10

Scare Factor: 6.5/10

Power levels: ???


holes and presumably trypophobia (possibly)

Interesting Facts

  • Trevor said that "Hole Man" is so strong that he can kill himself.
  • Which makes him very strong.
  • "Hole Man" and has another name, namely "Man Black Hole".
  • It is also known that this creature is capable of such crazy things that we can not even imagine.
  • Hole man is considered to be a creature that is located in both 3-dimensional and 5-dimensional worlds.


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