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~ A Tumblr caption about a Giant which was possibly a Bridge Worm.

The Highway Worm (current nickname, also known as leather worm, human worm, or giant worm) is a species of unknown origin, but is theorized to be an unprecedented mutation of some sort of large worm species. It is also rumored to be the fully matured variant of the Bridge Worm.


Highway Worms are large, worm-like creatures with glowing yellow eyes and a human-like mouth. Their body is like that of a worm, but heavily uneven, with very rugged and bumpy skin, like that of the roads they hunt beside. The average Highway Worm is around 65 feet long. Its skin is a mix between dark brown, dark green, dull yellow, and appears leathery in texture. Although most of the Highway Worms' body resembles an enlarged worm, its back-end is like that of a snake's tail, being more pointed rather than rounded. They can also bend and twist itself up to 360° and can squeeze itself down to half its size in tight spaces making them hard to spot. The Highway Worms have two tiny glowing eyes on their heads, which are theorized to give them remarkable nocturnal sight. The creatures themselves are theorized to be mainly nocturnal due to the fact that they are rarely seen before the sunset begins or after dawn is finished.


Highway Worms are mostly solitary creatures, and are often found hiding in places close to highways, for example, bushes, behind signs, etc., curled up and out of view. When a lone car passes by, a Highway Worm hiding nearby will lunge out simply for the fact to not let its prey escape. If it lunges out at the right time, it will swiftly charge into the car with great force and tear into the vehicle, grabbing onto the driver with it's mouth and slinking back into it's hiding spot. If it lunges out at the wrong time, it will miss and get minor injuries by the car. These minor injuries heal rather quickly. Other than humans, Highway Worms are known to feed on anything that surrounds their territory including birds, snakes, large rodents, and deer, especially if they decide to run into their hunting grounds. While consuming it's prey in it’s hiding spot, the Highway Worm will wriggle around and violently tear at it's prey, much like sharks and crocodiles to break their targets' bones and kill them. The only things that Highway Worms are known to flee from are large vehicles, as Highway Worms can get run over by large vehicles if they don't lunge high enough, and larger Highway Worms.

In the event that Highway Worms exist in an area with no highways, they simply wait and hide by any roads or paths that are nearby, and feed on anything they can fit in their mouths. Some may even use all of their strength and effort search for a highway to live beside but this fails most of the time.

Highway Worms reproduces extra-light spores once every 2 and a half years. The spores travel in unpredictable patterns, and the unpredictable movements of these spores lands on a surface attaching itself to any nearby surface at a safe and secure place near a highway. They will grow and eventually turn into tiny eggs which will hatch over a period of 2-3 months. They will gradually learn to hunt and hide and become an adult, that's when they will start reproducing. They will die if a vehicle hits hard enough, due to starvation or old age. The cycle repeats itself. This is what led to Highway Worms existing in other parts of the world.


Highway Worms are known to exist in the US in parts of Florida, Alabama, Georgia, etc. They also have been spotted near multiple small cities in the UK, France, Germany, Denmark and Italy. Some people say they have spotted them in Asia but this is not confirmed.


  • The first Highway Worm was only found in 2015, although ever since then, they have been common. It is unknown how they simply popped into existence, or evaded human discovery for this long.
  • It is confirmed to be an adult bridge worm, although there is no connection currently evident.
  • Universe Theory - It is theorized that the Highway Worm might not be part of The Giants and belong to a whole other group.
  • Giant Theory - It is theorized that the Highway Worm might be part of The Giants.



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