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"Hey, wait up!" "H̴̨͎̤͔̻́̃̐̇͐́̚Ȩ̵͖̻̈͌̋͂̐̿͑͒̾̚̚͝Ẏ̸̞̹͍͚̼̲̣͎͇͈̖̥͕͜ ̴̨̤̗̪̞̙̭̮̬̗̭̣̣̃͊͘͝͝ͅẀ̵̳̤͇͙̣̲̣͖̯̞͔͙̞ͅA̶̼̹͓̥̗̪͇͈̰͙͉͐̄̀I̴̭̪̖̫͇̗̟̤̹͍̜̝̜̰̋̽T̵͍̝͕̖͚͑̅͐̐̍ ̵̮̰͚͕̝̍̈̓̇͆̆͘͝ͅU̴̩͌̽̏́̈́́̀̍̿̃̂̎̀͛͠P̵̙͕̭̣̯̳͖͔̹̹͐͐̈́̏"
~ The creature, presumably.

Is it a legitimately non-hostile being and you're making assumptions because he looks different, or is he a predator using learned behaviour and repetitive phrases and gestures to draw in potentially sympathetic prey for both meat and nesting materials? Only one way to find out.
~ Trevor Henderson, asking what people think the creature's intentions are.


Hey Wait Up depicts a tall, but girthy humanoid figure, standing in the middle of a road at night, waving. The creature's body is disproportionately thick compared to its scrawny limbs. It appears very meaty, like a sack of twisting, slimy muscles covered only by a layer of translucent skin. It resembles something like a hive. The torso seems to be getting thinner the lower it goes, so it would be very top-heavy. Speaking of which, its head seems to have no real muscle control or features to speak of. It consists of a single large hole on its face, as it droops down to the back right of the body, like a sack being carried over the shoulders.

It has two short, and extremely thin arms, with the right hand being much thinner than the other. The right hand possesses only three joined fingers, but the other has a more human hand with five fingers and proper movement. The legs are joined to the joined to the torso by clumps of skin and stringy flesh. They are thicker than the hands, but are quite crooked as the upper legs bend inward, and the lower legs bend to the left. They end in pointy stumps instead of any kind of feet.


It is similar in appearance to The Lamb. due to it being similar in appearance to the lamb, it isn't difficult to imagine what abilities it may possess. as seen in the image, it may very well be hostile, only luring people in with a false sense of security then striking out of sight, possibly being extremely hostile like the lamb, however since the lamb doesn't have arms, hey wait up may be able to stretch its arms like cartoon cat and dismember or disembowel its prey with inhumane speed before scurrying away with them. what it does with victims is unknown, however many speculate it rushes into any forest or suburban basement and eats the body, or if its not hungry, it will simply toss it into the forest or basement, albeit the hole in the mouth says otherwise, but its supernatural abilities would help it anyways.

despite the crooked head its shown to have in the image, it can unlike a human twist or bend it in uneven lengths or stretch it to infinite lenghts, similar to long horse. the stocky appearance can give off the impression that its slow, but it may be able to outrun the peregrine falcon which is insanely fast, meaning no human upon fleeing would be able to escape.

people who look out their windows and see this creature patrolling the streets should immediately lock their doors and hide as once the creature is on patrol, it will be looking for prey. albeit most of the time it will knock on the doors of random houses and say in a distorted voice "hey, wait up!", family members know better than to open the door as doing so could cost their lives at the expense of the creatures satisfaction.

In the comments of his Twitter post, there is two theories:

  1. It is non-hostile and it just looks different, or
  2. It is a predator that draws in pray by saying it’s phrase.

Trevor replies to someone saying that they would just stay still, saying that it would stay still to and repeat its phrase and wave.

Someone says that it would feel safe with it, and Trevor says that it could kill muggers by smashing them with its upper torso, which could mean that it is protective of good people.

By these, it could mean that it is a good creature.



  • It is one of the few creatures that is able to talk to people.
  • It could possibly be related to The Lamb, as their heads seem somewhat similar, and they also have the same notable fleshy and stringy body types.
  • It has the same tactic of luring people as Hey Stop A Minute. It's possible that the two creatures have a connection.
  • This is the 2nd Trevor Henderson creature that starts with hey, The first being Hey Stop A Minute.



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