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Hand-prints layered up the old pale bark of the trees, standing out In viscous oozing black, higher than the tallest man could reach. They mark the borders of her territory, and if you’re wise, you’ll turn back when you see them.

- Trevor Henderson's caption on the creature

Hand Prints is a creature created by Trevor Henderson.


The creature looks like a quadrepedal animal of some sort, rather emmaciated, but the creature lacks facial features, due to the entire head being up to 5 hands, most likely used for marking territory.


  • The caption tells us a lot about the creature, and about how territorial it is.
  • The creature likely is nocturnal.
  • It's a female.
  • It is stated to use it's "hands" to make hand prints on old tree barks, thus marking it's territory.
  • It is stated to be "higher than the tallest man could ever reach"
  • Trevor stated that anyone who encounters it should preferrably turn back, tor else any trespassers will stumble upon an unknown fate, probably getting consumed or killed by the creature.
  • The name "Hand Print" is a fanmade name, based on it's multi-handed head.