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Often seen late at night in back alleys. It often goes through garbage cans and spreads trash and filth around. When it moves, it lopes like an ape. It’s face is unmoving, but it’s constantly mumbling and humming to itself. If you leave it rotten food it’ll bring you gifts.
~ The caption provided by Trevor about The Gift Ape.

The Gift Ape is a peculiar but friendly creature made by Trevor Henderson.


The Gift Ape depicts a stubby, rather small quadruped walking around a back alley at night. It seems to possess long strands of some sort of jet-black fur, if not its real skin, covering its body. It has rather short, long legs that end in almost disproportionately long feet. The chest of the creature is rather short, it quickly links to a red face with two black, dotted eyes and a wide open black mouth that seems to be sort of deformed and inconsistent in structure, without a visible neck, unless it does have one, and it blends in with the chest of the creature due to the stature and color of the body.

The creature appears to have some sort of tail judging from the large protrusion that extends from its lower half, this may be just a fourth leg, but we are not certain due to the lower half of the creature's body being covered behind some sort of wall or fence.


The Gift Ape is most known in The Mythos for being one of the few fully friendly creatures in the verse. It's an animalistic being, both judging from physical build and behavior that has kind and appreciative motives. As evidenced by the caption, it is a creature that is often seen around back alleys late at night[1], giving us a hint that it may be a nocturnal creature. It often goes through garbage cans and spreads trash and filth around[1], indicating that despite how friendly it is, it may be slightly troublesome, like a raccoon, it may do this presumably in search of food, which mainly consists of rotten leftovers, filth, and other garbage.

Hence its name, "Gift Ape", when it moves, it lopes like an ape[1], giving it more animal-like characteristics per se. Despite its face being completely static it has been stated to be able to hum and mumble to itself[1], possibly as a sort of ambient noise indicating that its there, or otherwise unknown reasons.

The most noteworthy and interesting detail which pinpoints this creature's morality is that if you bring it rotten food, it will give you gifts[1], possibly as a sort of repaying or thanking. These gifts include[2] :

  • Shiny rocks (may include diamonds, but the creature doesn't know what they are so it will be random)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Fruit peels arranged in pleasing ways
  • Sea shells (regardless of how far from water you are)
  • Bones
  • Feathers
  • Bottle caps
  • A single glove (It should be noted that for this element, Trevor stated on Instagram that if you do bring it enough food, it can bring you two gloves, but they won't match)

Trevor stated that it is basically a certified friend, but instructed not to cross it, however.[3]


If it even has one, its digestive system seems to be exclusively adapted to consume filth, trash and rotten food, this is further evidenced by Trevor stating that it doesn't like fresh food simply because it is too fresh.[4]

Another interesting ability is that it seems to somehow be able to bring gifts that would mainly exist in only specific areas, but somehow does end up bringing them no matter how far you are from said area, this has been proven by Trevor in the gift list the creature would bring, where it was stated it can bring seashells no matter how far away from water you are.[2]

It seems to have some sort of minor defiance of physics, as it is able to constantly hum and mumble to itself despite its face not moving, this may be a natural trait, but it is still noteworthy and quite interesting.


  • Trevor stated that it does not like hugs.[5]
  • It is one of the few friendly creatures in The Mythos.
    • Despite this, the creature isn't seen in the creature tier list recently made by Trevor. This may just be Trevor forgetting about the creature, though.




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