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Four more found footage images that I'm happy with! ! 📹 👻
~ Trevor Henderson

The found footage creatures are four different cryptids made by horror artist Trevor Henderson. Each of them have been posted in separate occasions, but they have been compiled by Trevor, claiming that he is satisfied with the outcome of his work. Note that each of these creatures are separate entities that have no relation to each other. Each of them are different types of creatures with their own set of abilities, story and images.

The VHS Figure

A VHS tape of "The Get Fit Quick Workout!, a popular late 80's exercise show, was purchased in an Etobicoke, Canada "Good Will" thrift store location in 2014 by one Joesphine Lynn. Around minute 4 of the video, the screen cuts to black and this face is seen for 2.3 seconds.
~ A report detailing the contents and history an anomalous VHS tape containing the creature.

Ms. Lynn was found dead in her apartment, in bed and facing her TV/VCR combo on the nightstand. The tv was still on and this tape was in the VCR, rewound. It came to our attention when the landlord was reviewing her valuables for possible sale..
~ The second part of the report, explaining how the woman who had viewed the tape died.

Still frame from the salvageable seconds of footage on a water damaged tape, found by the north west water company "United Utilities" in an english sewer. The camera it was found in was covered in an unknown black mold, and bore the logo for a company named "Phantom Trackers".
~ A short report detailing how a new tape that the creature was caught on had been found.


The VHS Figure depicts a large, burly humanoid creature with a misshapen face positioned right in front of the camera. This face is completely covered in smooth dark gray skin and is in a constant shocked expression. The creature also appears to lack any hair. The facial features are distorted and drooping in a single direction. Nothing else is seen of the creature past its neck and some of its shoulders.

The face has a large mouth that is wide-agape and covers most of the lower half of the face. The creature also has large dry lips, with the top being larger than the bottom. The nose of the creature almost resembles that of a pig, but structured to be a human's, it also has rather small nostrils. The creature has strange half-closed eyes, if any. The eye holes are completely plunged in darkness, so it may actually be missing eyes or just has completely black eyes.

Second Image

Another possible image of the creature was posted 40 days prior to the image seen in the compilation. This time, the full body of the creature is seen running towards the night-vision camera, almost grabbing it. The location appears to be in a strange tunnel of some kind.

From what we can see, the rest of the body of the creature is still humanoid, with the correct proportions, only slightly bigger. The head remains relatively the same, although it seems to be drooping to the other direction this time. The facial features may seem smaller at first glance, but they are actually more-or-less the same as the previous image but is harder to see due to the glitching effects.

The torso of the figure, while quite muscular, also seems to be rather malnourished or at least thin. The neck that connects it to the head is also very flabby and short. The shoulders of the creature are broad and make the creature appear brutish. It also seems to have some wounds or other strange injuries on large portions of its torso, but these could simply be strange skin marks, as we cannot properly see the colors of the creature.

It also has surprisingly long arms and legs, able to reach one or two more feet than an average person. The limbs are also proportionally thin for a creature of this size and body structure. The hands of the monster are large, but have very thin and twisted fingers. It has five digits in total.


Much of what we know about the cryptid comes from the caption of the second image. In it, the monster was caught in a video tape which shows it chasing after the cameraman in the English sewers. The cameraman was a member of a a group called the "Phantom Trackers", which is presumably a group of urban explorers.

It is presumed that the creature was chasing after the person wielding the camera in order to kill them, and possibly eat them. This means that the creature is likely a territorial carnivore that only stalks the sewer systems, as there were no sightings of such a creature beforehand.

The beast most likely relies mostly on animal-like instincts rather than actual thought, as it seemingly mindlessly chased the group around the dark sewers. The creature, being as agile as it is, likely moves around very often in the sewers to hunt for food. It would likely feed on rats and other small animals.

As for the origins of this cryptid, there is a good chance that it is actually a severely mutated human who got lost in the sewers. This is evident by the creature's appearance, which resembles what a person would look like after adapting and evolving in the disgusting environment that it resides in. There is also the detail of the unknown black mold that was found on the tape, which may have come from the creature itself, as the fungus inside the mold may have infected and taken control of the once-human host.

Interestingly enough though, a paranormal side of this creature may also be at play, as seen from the caption of the first image. When a woman bought and watched an exercise VHS tape, the face of the creature was said to have briefly appeared 4 minutes into the video. The woman was later found dead, with the video still on her TV, rewound and not playing. It is unknown how the tape is connected to the creature or how viewing it causes the person to die, though it is possible that a curse may have been placed on the tape or the creature itself. It is also unknown how a short clip of the creature's face made it onto a seemingly normal exercise VHS tape.


The creature's bulky build and larger-than-average size would allow it to easily overpower an unarmed or unprepared target. Despite living in the tight sewers, the creature's hunting lifestyle have allowed it to stay surprisingly fit and agile, able to keep up and outrun an average person, making it extremely difficult to escape from. The mold that seems to be a part of it may also give it some additional ability, possibly a from of heightened regeneration or sense of touch.

It may also have some form of echolocation and heightened sense of smell that it uses in order to hunt, as it does not appear to have any eyes, and even if it did, it still lives in complete darkness. This would make it an excellent hunter; able to track down anyone from practically anywhere in the sewer. These senses would be further heightened by the tunnel-like design of the sewers. It would truly be a difficult creature to escape, let alone defeat.

The most interesting ability of this creature, however is that it is able to kill you without even being anywhere near you. As seen from the caption of the other image, a woman was somehow killed supernaturally just by viewing a tape containing the creature's face. There was no signs of violence of a struggle, so how she died was unknown. Its possible that the VHS tape was somehow cursed, or that just generally viewing the creature's face through a VHS tape can kill you. The fate of the team who discovered the water-damaged tape is also unknown, so this is not fully deconfirmed yet. It is also possible that Josephine Lynn had simply died from a heart attack from the shock of seeing a disturbing face suddenly appear in a seemingly normal VHS tape.


Deer Impostor

Another still from the Centennial Ridges Trail in the Algonquin provincial park in Ontario, Canada. On October 2nd, 2005, at 4:01 AM a large grazing pack of deer was captured on the cam. At 4:30, the pack, en masse, runs off camera, as if from a predator. At 4:38, this animal is briefly seen. The temperature drops 8 degrees in a matter of minutes. The animal shown then wanders off frame and is not seen again.
~ A report log about the creature.

10/14/05 - A third anomaly spotted on the Centennial Ridges Trail in the Algonquin park in Ontario, this time in a clearing further down the trail. The tape shows a large stag wander into the clearing, turning to face the hidden trail cam, before standing on it's hind legs. It's face is obscured by what is assumed to be a shadow thrown by a nearby tree, and a coincidental camera anomaly
~ Another report log, this time the person seems to be trying to find a logical explanation for the creature.


The Deer Impostor depicts a strange creature caught in a glitched trail camera, which resembles an average deer, however it possesses a severely deformed and grotesque head, to the point of being unrecognizable as a deer head.

The torso and limbs of the creature are relatively normal, resembling what seems to be a male deer (buck). It does not have any spots or marks on its body except for a strange black line making a separation between the neck and the torso. It also seems to be slightly thinner than an average deer.

Now we get to the interesting part, which is the head. The entire head appears to have been split open in multiple areas, with additional pieces of flesh forming a strange web-like pattern of meat. Between the lines of flesh and bone, there are four visible eyes staring directly at the camera, tucked slightly deeper inside sunken parts of the fleshy organ (the color shifting effect of the camera makes it look like there are double the amount of eyes).

Protruding from the grotesque meaty head are a number of bones which seem to form deer antlers of some kind. There are 6 total antlers, 5 of which point upwards like normal, and one of them points downward, located near the bottom of the head. Each of these antlers branch off numerous times in different directions, getting thinner as they go.

Second Image

A second image of the creature was released a few days later, this time showing what appears to be the same creature, or at least another similar creature. This image takes place 9 days after the first sighting, on a different camera further down the trail.

Like the previous image, the cryptid depicted in the image is a deer, only with its head severely malformed and twisted. The creature is now standing on its hind legs, facing the camera directly.

The head in question is smaller and less deformed than the previous one, as it is a normal deer head facing upwards with a large gaping hole on its face. The hole appears to be bleeding and contains a single large eye, akin to the eyes seen in the last image. Strangely, the ears are located at the neck rather than the head. There are also only 4 antlers now, instead of the previous six.


Very little is confirmed about the behavior of this particular creature, but we can make good assumptions based on what we currently know. What we know is that the creature is not actually a deer that has been mutated, but rather a creature that is likely pretending to be a deer.

This is evident by that caption which shows a report saying that the creature scared away a pack of deer as if they were running from a predator. If the creature really was a formerly normal deer, then the pack would have likely not reacted as greatly as they did.

This report also tells us that the creature is likely a predator pretending to be a deer. The creature in this case would be a carnivore, which has developed hunting tactics in the form of disguise. The it is possible that the creature is acquainted with disguising as other organisms but is unfamiliar with how to properly disguise itself as a deer.

As for its origins, the creature is most likely some sort of extraterrestrial that somehow found itself on Earth, and is currently hunting deer in the forest in order to get used to disguising as other Earthly creatures, possibly even humans. It may also be a creature from the Void.


As previously mentioned, the creature has the disturbing ability to almost perfectly disguise itself as whatever living organism it has come across. This would make it an extremely dangerous and stealthy creature. Any people or animals you encounter may actually be an impostor, and before you know it, you’ve already been devoured.

The creature can also somehow change the temperature of its surroundings, as seen in the report in the caption. The creature is said to have decreased the local temperature to 8 degrees (presumably in Celsius) within a few minutes.

This could cause some complications for the creature’s victims who are sensitive to cold environments. Though, it may also be one of the creature’s weaknesses, as it can be easily tracked down by following the areas which have had sudden temperature decreases.


The Upstairs Man

(1/2) On September 3rd, 2014, John Reigler is found unresponsive in an abandoned house near the University of Kentucky, where he was attending. He had gone missing two days prior, and was found by police after neighbours reported signs of a break-in.
~ A news report detailing what had happened to John Reigler, one of the creature's possible victims.

(2/2) John is currently in hospital in a near-catatonic state. His last words to date were to the paramedics on the ride to the hospital, and were reported to be: "He comes down the stairs to meet you."
~ The second part of the report, which shows John's last words.


The Upstairs Man depicts a strange humanoid creature peeking down the top of a staircase in an old decrepit house. Only the head, a possible torso and the hands of the creature is visible.

The creature’s head is human-like enough, although it is missing a few facial features, while some are exaggerated. The mouth is in an extremely large smile, wide agape. It covers a large chunk of the face and appears to be permanently fixed in that position, as there does not appear to be any sort of jaw or muscles to move it; it almost looks as if it was just a hole in its face.

The mouth is also completely empty, leaving an eerie black void within. The eyes and nose of the creature also share the same properties, being static and empty holes in the face rather than actual organs.

The arms of the creature resemble those of a malnourished human. It is quite thin and bony, getting thinner the closer it is to the arm. The hands have five digits, with four fingers and a thumb, though these digits are slightly longer than those of an average person.

Finally, we can actually faintly see some sort of body part connected to the head. Due to the quality of the image, it is difficult to discern whether or not is is an extremely long neck, a plump bug-like torso, or something else entirely.


The Upstairs Man is easily the most mysterious creature of the four, and as such, we do not have much to go off of on his behavior and origins. Our only source of information is the caption of the image.

From the caption, it would appear that the creature only seems to stay in one place, that place being the upstairs of a specific abandoned house. It is implied that he likes to wait up there until a person happens to wander inside the house. According to the victim of the creature, the Upstairs Man “comes down the stairs to visit you”.

It is unknown what happens next after the Upstairs Man comes to visit his victims, however it can be assumed that it will result in a similar incident to that of John Reigler, his first victim. When John was found, he was unresponsive and in a near-catatonic state.

What the creature’s motives and intentions in doing this are unknown. There is no information that tells us whether or not the creature is even malicious, as the incident with John Reigler may have just been an accident, and John did not seem to talk about the creature negatively.

Thing In The Stairs Theory

There is a theory that suggests that the Upstairs Man and The Thing In The Stairs are actually the same creature. This is due to a few similarities between their appearance and behavior. Both creatures are pale, have large mouths, empty eyes and noses, and both seem to wait upstairs in abandoned houses. Both creatures even seem to go downstairs the same way, with their head first and right arm peeking in the light.

However, besides those few similarities, this theory is not confirmed and has no substantial evidence backing it up. The two creatures are simply  way too different, both in appearance and location. We also just don’t know enough about either creatures to link them directly to each other.


As there is a scarcity of information regarding the creature, what its abilities even are are currently unknown. The only distinct ability that the Upstairs Man seems to have is putting people into a strange near-catatonic state. How he does this is unknown; perhaps he may have some sort of mental manipulation abilities. It is also possible that the creature did not even cause the state that John was found in, and rather John may have been shocked or scared by the sight of the creature to the point of having some sort of mental or physical attack.


Passerby At Night

“Waiting for the bus on a country road, just outside of town. He almost didn’t see it, just a shape, black on blue, swiftly passing him on the road before sliding away into the bordering woods. It never made a single sound and paid him no mind, just another night-time traveler.”
~ Trevor Henderson, describing someone's encounter with the creature.

A still from a VHS tape found in a yard sale in Guelph, Ontario. Tape is labelled with masking tape as follows: "- the passerby at night -"
~ A description of the tape that the creature was documented on.


The Passerby at Night depicts a massive hexapodal (six-limbed) entity walking on a dimly-lit road, with the cameraman following closely. It appears to be a physical combination of different types of animals.

The creature's torso is rather plump and oval-shaped, though it is somewhat small and short in proportion to what you may expect form the creature's body structure. The torso also somewhat resembles that of a flea or a small mammal. The entirety of the torso is fully covered in large black fur or hairs, or maybe even spines. These strange protrusions are pressed closely to the torso and are facing towards the back of the creature. On the torso's rear end, there is what appears to be a very small and bony tail that almost looks like the tail of a rabbit, but without hair.

The head of the creature is directly connected to the torso with no neck in between to separate them. The head itself is quite long, seemingly has no fur and has a large, partially opened mouth. This mouth is lined with massive razor-sharp teeth, resembling those of a shark's. It also possesses seemingly extremely reflective glowing eyes; but upon closer inspection, it appears to be actually producing the bright glowing light from its eyes. The ears of the creature are located much farther back and resemble that of a canine's. The head overall resembles that of an alligator.

Finally, the creature's six legs are structurally and numerically similar to those of an insect, specifically a grasshopper. They are extremely long, have one bending joint, have jagged knees and get thinner in the middle. Some of the legs also appears to have a few sharp spines or hair on them, much like the torso. Interestingly enough, these legs actually have the same texture and color to the legs of a bird. They are yellow and are comprised of bones, though thees bones do seem more human-like. The feet of the creature are also similar to that of a bird, having only two large toes with black talon claws on them.


The true origins and behavior of the Passerby is unknown, however the caption does give us information which we can use to make assumptions. The first and most important assumption we can make is that the creature is in fact a member of The Giants. This is evident by the creature's massive size, and the caption which states that the creature is "just another night-time traveler”, which implies that there are other similar creatures that exist (i.e. the other Giants), and also that such a sight like this is a regular occurrence to the person seeing it.

Since this is the case, we can now make theories about its behavior. First of all, the creature is almost certainly not a collection Giant. It is either a a Destruction Giant or Observing Giant. The beast is not nearly tall enough to ascend humans, nor does it posses any tendrils to grab them. This is further backed up by the creature's sharp teeth, which is indicative of an aggressive and possibly carnivorous behavior. It would merely wander around, presumably at night in order to find human settlements with medium to large populations and attack people that are deemed unworthy or do not believe, leaving those who are worthy to be collected by other Giants. It is also possible that the creature is an Observing Giant, though this is very unlikely.

Like most other Giants, the Passerby likely does not need any sustenance like food or water, but it may still consume humans and other organic matter in order to kill it. The creature also does not need to sleep, as it is very much wide-awake late at night, unlike Breaking news who is theorized to sleep during nighttime.


Like all Giants, the massive size of this beast gives it great destructive capabilities. It would be able to easily crush homes and people using its six massive legs, and claw up buildings and cars with its talons. This is all without mentioning the creature's massive mouth with extremely sharp teeth, which easily allows it to devour and destroy many people at a time. It is possible that it can create a roar that would be powerful enough to shatter eardrums, similar to Behemoth, but in a much smaller scale.

This is also the first Giant to actually have all of the normal sensory organs on its body. This means it is one of the few Giants that can actually hear, see and smell at the same time. This gives it an edge over the other Giants who only appear to have senses of touch, location, as well as a separate supernatural sense that somehow allows them to recognize if a person is worthy or not. It is assumed that the Passerby also has this supernatural sense.



VHS Figure

  • It is possible that the creature in the sewers and in the fitness VHS tape are actually two different beings, as one account seems more paranormal than the other, but their appearance and presentation seems very similar to one another.
  • The name "VHS Figure" comes from Trevor's Canon Creatures List, making it one of the two canon creatures in the compilation.
    • However, it is unknown if this creature in particular is truly the "VHS Figure" that Trevor was referring to, as Trevor has many creatures in the VHS style throughout his social media.
  • It is possible that the creature is not a mutated human at all, but the body seems way too close to a human's.
  • It may be related to The Sewer Monster, as both share a number of similarities.
    • Both are large humanoid creatures that are carnivorous, live in the sewers, have no sense of sight, and may have been former humans at some point.
      • Both creatures may even be one and the same, with the Sewer Monster being a more damaged and malnourished version of the VHS Figure.

Deer Impostor

  • The concept and appearance of the creature may have been inspired by the monsters from The Thing, a movie that Trevor is expressly fond of.
  • The creature may have some abilities to lightly warp reality, as it can somehow cause nearby temperatures to drop without a discernible cause.
  • Trevor has confirmed that there is some connection between it and the Veins Deer.
    • More specifically, the Veins Deer is said to be a "follower" of the Deer Impostor. What Trevor means by this is unknown.
  • The name of the creature, "Deer Impostor" comes from the fact that it is an extraterrestrial imitating a deer. This name is currently unconfirmed, but it should still be used when referring to this creature until Trevor gives it an official name.

Upstairs Man

  • The way the creature is presented is similar to the Thing In The Stairs.
  • The creature may actually simply be a ghost, and that John's supposed attack was actually just him having a strong reaction to seeing it.
  • The creature is confirmed to be a male, judging by Trevor's decision of making John describe the creature using the pronoun "he" instead of "it".
  • The name of the creature, "The Upstairs Man" is a fan-made name which is inspired by the creature's habit of staying upstairs unless a person visits him. Although the name is currently unconfirmed, but it should still be used when referring to this creature until Trevor gives it an official name.

Passerby At Night

  • The Passerby may have been one of the first Giants to arrive on Earth, next to Sky Tentacles. This is evident by the fact that the creature was first caught on a VHS tape, which was only frequently used back in the 80's to 90's.
  • The Passerby is the first ever Giant that Trevor made, just barely beating out Precursor of the First War by a few month.
  • It is possible that the creature is not a Giant at all, but there is no evidence to suggest this.
  • It may be related to Misty Guest 3, as both Giants walk on six legs and appear to be some sort of combination of different organisms.
  • The first image of the creature was the same as the second image, only had a different caption and was not in a VHS style.
    • Unfortunately, Trevor did not seem to post this image anywhere else besides his Tumblr account, which has since become defunct. Luckily, people had already saved the image and the caption before Trevor deleted his Tumblr account.


Note that most of the posts have extensions to their captions in their respective comment sections.


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